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Quickbooks Desktop Pro

QuickBooks Error OL-221

How to Resolve QuickBooks Bank Feeds Error OL-221

QuickBooks is a leading account management software developed by Intuit® that helps small and mid-sized businesses manage their accounts. You can efficiently manage your bank account, credit cards, investments, and loans in one place. While performing online banking using QuickBooks, you might get some errors and glitches that can degrade the application’s performance. There are many variations of OL errors that a user can encounter. Every different error triggers a different issue in the application. Today, in this article, the error that we are going to examine is QuickBooks Error OL-221 that affects the connectivity of QuickBooks with the Internet.

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Verify your Subscription QuickBooks

[FIXED] Sorry We Need To Verify Your Subscription QuickBooks

QuickBooks Enterprise solutions is the most powerful and flexible version for QuickBooks. Just like other software needs, QuickBooks Enterprise requires timely updates. While the user tries to install or update QuickBooks Enterprise solutions, the user might receive an error “QuickBooks Sorry We Need To Verify Your Subscription.” The issue obstructs the QuickBooks processes and can either occur on a single workstation or all workstations in the network. When the error is concentrated on a single PC, it might come from third-party firewall or issues with the administration rights. To help you work your way out of “QuickBooks sorry we need to verify your subscription” issue, we have listed the troubleshooting steps further in this article. Follow the solutions as they appear for the best outcome.

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QuickBooks 502 Bad Gateway Error

How to Get Rid of QuickBooks 502 Bad Gateway Error Message

Error 502 Bad Gateway is one of the common browser errors that affect QuickBooks and negatively impact other web applications running on browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox. In most of the applications, error 502 arises because of an invalid response from the server, but in the case of QuickBooks, this happens when the browser’s cache memory is full, or it is infected with trojan infection. 502 Bad Gateway error can appear in QuickBooks Online and its Desktop application while running payroll or logging into the QuickBooks Online account. Some instances have been reported where users have lost their entire QuickBooks data because of this simple but dreaded error.  Follow the troubleshooting steps mentioned in this article to get rid of the 502 Bad Gateway in the QuickBooks Online App.

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QuickBooks Error 1310

How to Fix QuickBooks Desktop Writing to File Error 1310

If you have run into an error while installing or updating QuickBooks Desktop to a later version, then it might be the Error 1310 that you have encountered. Error 1310 is one of the most common errors that a QuickBooks Desktop user faces while applying an update or installing a newer version of the Desktop app. Error message “Error writing to file C:\Config.Msi\5f60cd6.rbf. Verify that you have access to the directory” or “Error writing to file C:\Program Files\Intuit\QuickBooks 2018\BusinessObjectProvider.dll” pops up on the user’s screen when error 1310 is triggered in the QB Desktop app. With this article, you will learn how to troubleshoot 1310 error in QuickBooks. Follow the complete article for detailed troubleshooting instructions.

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QuickBooks Administrator Permission

Understanding – QuickBooks Administrator Permission Needed Message

For QuickBooks users, it could be necessary to run the Desktop app using the Windows Administrator account. Failure to comply with this requirement may result in errors and performance issues. This affects the QuickBooks Desktop Pro and impacts the QuickBooks Point of Sale application. There could be several reasons QuickBooks utility asks for admin password and displays “Administrator Permission Needed. This Action Requires Windows Administrator Permissions.” If you are also stuck in a situation where QuickBooks is displaying error messages like “QuickBooks Administrator Permission Required” or “QuickBooks Windows Administrator Required,” then follow the instructions mentioned in this article to run QuickBooks as administrator.

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QuickBooks Black and White Screen on Windows

How to Fix QuickBooks Black and White Screen on Windows?

Software display issues are quite common on both Windows and Mac operating systems and QuickBooks is also not untouched from such issues. After using QuickBooks for a longer period certain errors with the display can be encountered by the user. One such issue is Black and White Screen in QuickBooks Desktop. What actually happens is, some of the fields in QuickBooks Desktop are displayed in black instead of white. If QuickBooks desktop is black and white, you can go through multiple symptoms along with it. From QuickBooks gray screen to missing icons, multiple similar cases are reported. We got you covered with our blog here. Look at the steps to solve QuickBooks black boxes to QuickBooks black screen, i.e., display issues in general.

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QuickBooks Outlook is Not Responding

QuickBooks Outlook is Not Responding! Here’s How to Fix it

Outlook is a part of Microsoft Office and is used as an email manager. It is not just limited to sending emails; it can also be integrated with several third-party Windows and online apps to provide email functionality. Once integrated with QuickBooks Desktop, a user can quickly send emails using Outlook as the primary email client from the Desktop app. Users start facing issues when a misconfiguration in Windows settings or interoperability issues are found. In such situations, outlook starts freezing while sending emails. This article is a deliberate attempt to help all those facing the “QuickBooks Outlook is not responding” error while sending emails from the QB Desktop app. Follow the article until the end for causes and solutions to the “QuickBooks Sending Email through Outlook is not Responding” error.

The steps listed in this blog are easy to follow. But, it won’t always guarantee resolution. To top this up, we cannot stress enough that QuickBooks Outlook not Responding while Sending Emails error is linked to internal data. Therefore, any mistake on your part can lead to data being swiped away. A wiser step lies with calling support at 1.855.738.2784Read More »QuickBooks Outlook is Not Responding! Here’s How to Fix it