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How to Fix QuickBooks Error 6123, 0 with Expert’s Guide

QuickBooks Error 6123, 0

The infamous QuickBooks Error 6123, 0 starts when a user tries to restore the backup of the company file. The error appears out of the blue without any prior indications and interrupts QuickBooks company file operations. Certain factors and technical glitches responsible for QuickBooks Desktop error 6123 can get resolved effortlessly by implementing the troubleshooting steps mentioned in this article. Identifying the error-causing reasons can save you a lot of time, so we have also listed the most common reasons that provoke QuickBooks error messages 6123, 0. Read out the entire tutorial for complete troubleshooting instructions.

QuickBooks error 6123 must be taken seriously as it is related to the company data and can cause permanent data loss. Get Direct Assistance from Certified QuickBooks Experts by dialing our Support Number +1- 855 738 2784

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What is QuickBooks Error Code 6123, 0?

Once the QuickBooks 2023 error 6123 is triggered in the QuickBooks Desktop application, QuickBooks displays an error message “Error: -6123, 0 We’re Sorry, QuickBooks can’t open the company file.” This error generally appears when users attempt to open, upgrade, or restore their company files. It can also show up while accessing files on a network. However, no matter the problem, users face significant troubles operating their company files. So, it’s crucial to address this problem to continue using it as usual.

Users are also instructed to follow the standard troubleshooting procedure to resolve company file errors that include running QuickBooks File Doctor and Updating QuickBooks Database Server Manager. Shutting down some programs and modifying the company file can help resolve the issue. Unfortunately, basic troubleshooting alone isn’t always enough to eliminate error 6123 0 QuickBooks, and you will require additional troubleshooting to fix the issue. The error description as it appears in QuickBooks is given below.

QuickBooks Error Code 6123 0

QuickBooks Error 6123, 0

Problem Connecting to Server

Error: -6123, 0

We’re sorry, but QuickBooks can’t open your company file. Here are a couple of ways to fix the problem:

  1. Run the QuickBooks File Doctor.
  2. Make sure your server is set up for the QuickBooks Database manager.

IMPORTANT: Before troubleshooting the error, make sure to Update QuickBooks and take a backup of your company file manually to a safe storage location to avoid data loss due to any mishap while troubleshooting .

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What Causes QuickBooks Company File Error 6123, 0?

Following are the reasons responsible for provoking QuickBooks error 6123 0.

  1. Utilizing an outdated QuickBooks Desktop application is one of the prominent reasons QuickBooks displays error message 6123.
  2. Damaged QuickBooks company file not only triggers error 6123 in QuickBooks but also accounts for several other 6000 series errors.
  3. If you are trying to restore the backup from an online or an external storage service like Dropbox, a flash drive, etc., then also you might face error 6123 in QuickBooks.
  4. If QuickBooks Database Server Manager is not running on Windows. QuickBooks error -6123 may emerge.
  5. The network connection on the server computer is pretty poor.
  6. The firewall network might be blocking the connection to the server hosting the company file, leading to QuickBooks error code 6123.
  7. If Windows OS is damaged or outdated, it may cause this problem.
  8. Changing the system name of the PC while hosting the company file can lead to this error.
  9. If QuickBooks installation files are damaged or corrupted, it can lead to various errors, including QuickBooks -6123 error.
  10. This error is sure to appear when people have multiple QuickBooks servers running on their systems.
  11. While using McAfee antivirus, if the Block Web Bugs filter is disabled, it can lead to error code 6123 in QuickBooks Desktop.
  12. Opening the same company file on any other QB version can also lead to this error.
  13. Inadequate or faulty user permissions to access, edit, or delete the company file folder may contribute to error -6123 QuickBooks.

NOTE: QuickBooks company file can only be accessed from QuickBooks Desktop application and if you try to open it using the Windows explorer by directly double-clicking the file, then QuickBooks will throw error code 6123. Make sure you are accessing the file from within the QuickBooks Desktop application.

Due to these reasons, users need to learn how to fix QuickBooks error 6123.

Signs of QuickBooks Error 6123

QuickBooks Error 6123 can manifest with various symptoms that indicate an issue with accessing or working with your QuickBooks company file. Some common signs of QuickBooks Error 6123 include:

Error Message

When trying to open a company file, you might see an error message that explicitly states “Error -6123” or “Connection to the QuickBooks company file has been lost.”

Inability to unlock the Company File

Inability to unlock the Company File

Inability to unlock the Company File

You might experience difficulty extending the QuickBooks company file altogether due to QuickBooks error -6123.0. The file may not load, or you may encounter a freeze or crash while attempting to open it.

Slow Performance

If you manage to open the company file, you might notice that QuickBooks runs unusually slowly or becomes unresponsive during certain operations.

Company File Corruption

The company file may become corrupted or damaged, resulting in missing or incorrect data, transactions, or reports within QuickBooks.

Backup and Restore Issues

When endeavoring to restore a company file backup, the process may fail, or you might confront errors during the restoration process.

Multi-User Mode Problems

If you’re using QuickBooks in multi-user mode, you might undergo issues when other users try to access the company file simultaneously.

Unable to Switch to Multi-User Mode

You may have trouble switching QuickBooks to multi-user mode, and the application may throw an error when attempting to do so.

Error While Launching Sample Company Files

The QuickBooks error -6123 0 might also occur when opening QuickBooks sample company files, not just your company file.

Connection Issues

Connection Issues

Connection Issues

QuickBooks may suddenly disconnect from the server or the network drive where the company file is stored, resulting in QuickBooks Error -6123, 0

Error While Updating QuickBooks

You may encounter Error 6123 when revamping QuickBooks to a newer version or applying a software update.

System Crashes

In severe cases, attempting to open the company file could cause QuickBooks or the entire system to crash.

System Crashes

System Crashes

Error 6123 in QB leads to problems opening the company file, restoring it, or upgrading it. So, the following troubleshooting solutions can help fix the issue. But first, let’s investigate the outcomes of QuickBooks error -6123, 0.

Consequences of QuickBooks Error 6123 0

QuickBooks Error 6123 can have several negative consequences for your business operations and financial management, with the potential to hamper the following:

Inaccessible Company File

The most immediate impact of QuickBooks Error 6123 is the inability to access your company file. It means you won’t be able to view or edit your financial data, customer information, transactions, and other critical business information stored in QuickBooks.

Disrupted Workflows

Disrupted Workflows

Disrupted Workflows

Getting QuickBooks error -6123 can disrupt your daily workflows and business processes. Without access to accurate financial data, you may confront delays in invoicing, bill payments, payroll processing, and other essential tasks.

Data Loss or Corruption

Data Loss

Data Loss

Sometimes, the error 6123 may lead to data loss or corruption within your company file. It can yield missing transactions, incorrect balances, and other inaccuracies in your financial records.

Financial Reporting Issues

QuickBooks Error 6123 can affect the precision of your financial reports. If the error goes unresolved, it might lead to discrepancies in balance sheets, income statements, and other financial accounts you rely on for decision-making.

Time and Productivity Loss

The troubleshooting task for the 6123 error can exhume considerable time and resources. The opportunity cost of staying associated with the glitch and being unable to resolve it can be immense.

IT Costs and Support

Learning how to fix QuickBooks Error -6123 might require assistance from IT professionals or QuickBooks support, leading to additional costs for your business.

Potential Legal and Compliance Risks

Untrue financial data and reporting can lead to legal and compliance issues. For example, incorrect tax calculations or financial statements could result in fines or penalties from tax authorities or regulatory agencies.

Customer and Vendor Relationships

If the error affects your capacity to handle customer orders, payments, or vendor invoices, it can potentially stress your relationships with customers and vendors. Delays in payments or billing inconsistencies could negatively influence your business’s reputation.

Loss of Trust

It may erode trust and confidence in your business if you cannot provide accurate financial information to stakeholders such as investors, lenders, or business partners.

Impact on Business Growth

Inaccuracies and delays in financial recordings and reportings can hinder your ability to make educated business choices. This situation, in turn, could slow down your business growth and expansion plans.

Thus, it becomes apparent why I am getting QuickBooks error -6123 and how quickly I should resolve it. So let’s delve into the rectification section of QuickBooks Error -6123, 0

Requirements To Fulfill Before Resolution of Error 6123

Here are your top considerations to meet before rectifying QuickBooks error -6123:

Backup Company File

Prior to making any alterations or trying to resolve the error, execute a backup of your QuickBooks company file. It guarantees the availability of a secure duplicate of your data in the event that any issues arise during the process of resolving the problem.

Update QuickBooks

Update QuickBooks

Update QuickBooks

Confirm that your QuickBooks software is updated with the latest patches and updates, commonly encompassing fixes for bugs and enhancements. These updates are instrumental in addressing prevalent issues like Error 6123.

Administrative Access

Ascertain, you possess administrative rights and authorization on the computer where QuickBooks is set up and on the network or server hosting the company file.

Internet Connection

Confirm the presence of a dependable and steady internet connection, particularly if you require downloads of updates or utilization of online sources for addressing issues.

Disable Third-Party Security Software

Briefly deactivate any third-party security software, antivirus applications, or firewalls that could disrupt QuickBooks’ ability to access or modify files.

Check Network Connectivity

Ensure that the computer running QuickBooks is correctly linked to the network and that the server or the location of the company file can be reached without any issues, especially when I am getting QuickBooks error -6123,0.

Have Relevant Information Handy

Collect details regarding your version of QuickBooks, the exact error message you are facing, and any recent alterations or incidents that could have prompted the error. This information can prove valuable when seeking aid or detecting possible solutions for error 6123.

Local Copy of Company File

If you are working with a company file stored on a network or server, consider creating a local copy of the file on the computer running QuickBooks. You’ll learn if the issue is related to the network or the company files.

Understand the Steps

Become acquainted with the troubleshooting procedures advised by QuickBooks support or other trustworthy references for error 6123. Grasping the steps involved can enhance your confidence and accuracy in executing them.

Professional Assistance

If you find yourself uncertain about a particular step or if the error persists even after trying initial problem-solving, contemplate reaching out to QuickBooks support or engaging the assistance of an IT expert.

Hopefully, after practicing these conditions, you won’t reencounter troubles during error 6123 resolution.

Top Solutions to Resolve QuickBooks Problem Connecting to Server Error:- 6123,0

Here are the top solutions you need to undertake to resolve the error 6123 QuickBooks:

Run QuickBooks Desktop Update

QuickBooks Desktop if left outdated not only attract errors but is also responsible for degraded performance. Keeping your QuickBooks updated ensures that it is free from bugs and other issues that can negatively affect the end user experience. For complete information on updating QuickBooks Desktop to the latest released version, follow our article How to Update QuickBooks Desktop to the Latest Released Version. If installing the updates did not help you resolve QuickBooks company file error 6123, then follow the next troubleshooting step.

Install and Run QuickBooks Tools Hub

As you might already be familiar with QuickBooks Tool Hub that it is a collection of different tools that can be used to rectify almost every error that QuickBooks encounters. Quick Fix My Program is a tool that is specifically developed to refresh QuickBooks installation and re-register the installation files that helps eliminate general company file and program errors like error 6123 in QuickBooks Desktop. Follow the instructions given below to download and install QuickBooks Tool Hub to run Quick Fix My Program Tool:

QuickBooks tool hub

QuickBooks tool hub

  1. Click HERE and download QuickBooks Tools Hub.
  2. Close QuickBooks Desktop application by selecting Exit from the File menu.
    Exit QuickBooks Desktop

    Exit QuickBooks Desktop

  3. Open the downloaded setup file QuickBooksToolsHub.exe from the download location.
  4. Follow the prompts on the installation wizard screen to complete the installation.
    QuickBooks Tool Hub Install Shield Wizard

    QuickBooks Tool Hub Install Shield Wizard

  5. Double-click the QuickBooks Tools Hub icon on your Desktop.
  6. Select Program Problems tab from the left pane and then click Quick Fix my Program.
  7. Once the program repairs the application, close the tool and run QuickBooks again.
  8. Try to take the backup of your company file and check if the QuickBooks error 6123, 0 is resolved.

If QuickBooks Desktop error code 6123 continues to bother you, then this indicates damage in the company file that can be resolved by running QuickBooks Desktop File Doctor. Follow the next step for detailed instructions.

Download and Run QuickBooks File Doctor to Repair File Damage

For complete info on downloading and running QuickBooks File Doctor, follow our article How to Fix Damaged Company File or Network using QuickBooks File Doctor.

If you are able to access the company now, then the error is resolved. If you are getting a 6123 error QuickBooks while restoring the company file from an external storage device, follow the next troubleshooting step for a quick fix.

Restore the Backup from Local Storage

  1. Navigate to the QuickBooks backup file folder which is usually located inside the QuickBooks company file folder.
  2. Look for the file with .qbb extension having the same name as your company file.
  3. Copy the backup file to the local storage of your computer.
  4. Now open QuickBooks and restore the company file that you have moved to the local storage.
  5. In case QB error 6123 still persist, then this must be happening because of restoring the company file on a new computer. Follow the next troubleshooting step to get error 6123 fixed while restoring the company file on a new PC.

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Restore the Backup using the Portable Company File

Sometimes, due to security reasons, QuickBooks only allows you to restore the company file on the same device where the backup file was created. If you are trying to restore the backup file .qbb on a new device other than the one where it was created, then you can get QuickBooks 6123. The solution to getting around this issue is to create a portable company file .qbm instead of the regular backup file .qbb. Follow the instructions given below to rectify the issue quickly:

  1. Open QuickBooks on the old device where you created the backup and click the File tab.
  2. Now select Create Copy and choose Create Portable Company File.
    Create Portable Company File

    Create Portable Company File

  3. Click Next and enter a name for the company file.
  4. Select the location where you want to save the company file and click Save and OK.
  5. Now move the portable company file to the new computer where you want to restore the backup.
  6. Open QuickBooks > Click the File tab > Select Restore a Portable File > Hit Next.
  7. Now browse the portable company file with .qbm extension and click Open.
  8. Carefully read the instructions given on the Where do you want to restore the file page.
  9. Finally click Next and click Save before opening the company file.

If you still can’t access the company file due to 6123 0 QuickBooks, the actual reason might be hidden deep in the installation of QuickBooks Desktop. Such issues can only be resolved by installing a fresh copy of QuickBooks Desktop after completely getting rid of all the traces of current installation. You can run QuickBooks Clean Install Tool to reinstall QuickBooks completely. Then, check QuickBooks error 6123 resolve QuickBooks 2023.

Fix the Damaged Data Files

It’s possible that your .nd Network Data and .tlg Transaction Log Files are damaged or corrupt. They may lead to QuickBooks error 6123 after update, causing you trouble accessing the application. Changing the name of the file can create a new error-free file. So, fix the damaged data files as follows:

  1. Go to the Windows Start button and search Explore.
  2. Visit the location of your company file and right-click the company file with the .nd extension. It would be companyfilename.qbw.nd.
  3. Right-click this file and choose the Rename option.
  4. Add the .old to the QuickBooks .nd file, making it companyfilename.qbw.nd.old.
  5. Press Enter to save these changes, and now check if you have learned how to fix QuickBooks error 6123 0.

Utilize the Verify and Rebuild Data Utility

The in-built QuickBooks utility to verify the company data for any errors and rebuilding the file to repair these issues is quite useful. Users can utilize this method to resolve QuickBooks error 6123. The following steps need to be taken for the same:

QuickBooks Verify and Rebuild Data Utility

QuickBooks Verify and Rebuild Data Utility

  1. Launch QuickBooks Desktop.
  2. Access the File menu.
  3. Check the Utilities option.
  4. Click the Verify Data option.
  5. The process will yield errors affecting the QuickBooks file.
  6. After doing so, you need to follow the steps to rebuild the data.
  7. To do so, go back to the File menu.
  8. Opt for the Utilities option.
  9. Choose Rebuild Data utility.
  10. Run it and let all your errors dissolve.

Modify QB Hosting Settings

The next solution you can implement is changing the hosting settings of the QuickBooks application to resolve error 6123 QuickBooks Desktop. The following steps are essential for this method:

  1. Go to the QuickBooks Desktop app and open your company file.
  2. Move to the file tab.
  3. Switch the file to single-user mode if it is in multi-user mode.
  4. Alternatively, go to the File menu, opt for the Utilities option, and choose the Stop hosting multi-user access option.
  5. Now, again host the multi-user access by going to the File menu, opting for the Utilities option, and choosing the option that says host multi-user access.
  6. Hit Yes when a dialog box asking to switch to multi-user access hosting appears.
  7. End by going to the File menu and switching to the multi-user mode from the single-user mode.

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Transfer QB files to a new location

The next method involves moving QuickBooks files to a new location to check if the error lies with the location of the company file or the file itself. Do so as follows:

  1. Right-click on your desktop screen and choose the option named New, succeeded by Folder.
  2. After creating the new folder (give it any suitable name), go to the folder where your company files are saved.
  3. Copy these files from this location through the Ctrl + C keys or Right-click > Copy.
  4. Now go back to the new folder you created and press Ctrl + V or Right-click > Paste.
  5. Now, attempt to open the company file through the new location. It will let you know the root origin of the QuickBooks Error -6123, 0

Form a new Windows user

If the current Windows user is not running on admin credentials or is facing trouble running with the admin privileges, a new Windows user account needs to be created. You can do so as follows:

  1. Go to the Control Panel and hit the Create a New User option in the User icon.
  2. Set the user type to Administrator.
  3. After doing so, log out of the existing user account.
  4. Reboot your system.
  5. Log back in with the new user account that you created.
  6. Move the company files to the desktop.
  7. Open QuickBooks and try accessing the company file and see if QuickBooks error 6123, 0 persists.

Reboot the system in Safe mode

Third-party interferences in accessing QuickBooks application and company files can lead to 6123 QuickBooks. In such cases, switching to the Safe mode can assist users in eliminating the problems created by these applications or parties. You can do so by

Reboot the system in Safe mode

Reboot the system in Safe mode

  1. Reboot your system.
  2. While restarting, constantly press the F8 key.
  3. You will see options regarding switching to Safe mode.
  4. Choose Safe Mode with Networking option and start running the system in this mode.
  5. Hopefully, you won’t see the error when you prevent the other parties from creating problems.

Disable antivirus and firewall

firewall and antivirus settings

firewall and antivirus settings

Another way to eliminate error 6123 QuickBooks is by disabling the antivirus and Windows Firewall applications. However, ensure to use this method for a temporary period until your problem resolves, and you are able to open, upgrade, or restore your company file. You can also remove the blockages created by the error by configuring the Windows Firewall port settings.

Clean Install QuickBooks

Reinstall QuickBooks using QuickBooks Clean Install Tool

Reinstall QuickBooks using QuickBooks Clean Install Tool

When no other solution can defeat QuickBooks error 6123, you need to fix the installation problems by removing and obtaining a fresh QuickBooks installation package. This step ensures no QuickBooks error stands a chance of infecting users’ functioning:

Stage 1: Back Up Your Data

Before starting the clean installation process, you must back up all your company files, data, templates, and other relevant information. It safeguards your valuable information throughout the installation.

Stage 2: Uninstall QuickBooks

Begin by uninstalling your existing QuickBooks software.

  1. Visit your device’s Control Panel.
  2. Detect “Programs and Features.”
  3. Discover QuickBooks in the installed apps list.
  4. Right-hit and uninstall it.

Stage 3: Download the Installation Files

  1. Transfer to the official QuickBooks website.
  2. Alternatively, use your installation CD.
  3. Download the most recent QB Desktop version.
  4. Make sure you download the version that matches your product and edition.

Stage 4: Close Background Applications

Before proceeding, close all background applications and processes on your computer. It helps ensure a smooth installation process without any interference.

Stage 5: Install QuickBooks

  1. Employ the downloaded QuickBooks installation file.
  2. Execute the on-screen instructions.
  3. Choose the installation type (typically “Express” for most users).
  4. Agree to the license terms.
  5. Select your installation location.
  6. Let the installation process conclude.

Stage 6: Enter Your Product and License Data

  1. When stimulated, input your QuickBooks product and license details.
  2. It is essential to activate and validate your software.

Stage 7: Choose Installation Options

  1. Pick any additional components or features you want to install alongside QuickBooks.
  2. You might want to install only the necessary ingredients for a clean install.

Stage 8: Set Up Preferences and Settings

  1. Review QuickBooks settings and preferences to configure the software according to your business needs.
  2. It includes setting up users, company information, a chart of accounts, and any custom preferences.

Stage 9: Install Add-Ons and Plugins

  1. If you use any third-party add-ons or plugins with QuickBooks, reinstall them as needed.
  2. Ensure compatibility between these components and your QuickBooks version.

If you are still facing issues/difficulties resolving QuickBooks error 6123, 0, then contact our support team by giving us a call at +1- 855 738 2784. Our support team will immediately look into the matter and will resolve it for you completely in the shortest time.


While configuring the firewall settings, what programs can you add to manage error 6123?

You need to add the following programs to your firewall settings to release any blockage:

  1. AutoBackupExe.exe
  2. DBManagerExe.exe
  3. QBUpdate.exe
  4. QBCFMonitorService.exe
  5. QBDBMgrN.exe
  6. QBServerUtilityMgr.exe

What else can you do to resolve QuickBooks Error 6123?

You can resolve QB error 6123 by doing the following:

  1. Remove the special characters from your file name to ensure it adheres to the prescribed limits.
  2. Using QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery (.adr) file can also help fix error 6123.
  3. End background tasks on the Task Manager by right-clicking and choosing the End Task button.
  4. Restart all the QuickBooks database services.

What are the pre-requisites to remember while troubleshooting QuickBooks error 6123?

The following prerequisites need to be run when you need to troubleshoot QuickBooks error 6123:

  1. You need to update your QuickBooks Desktop application to the latest version.
  2. Restart your computer once before you begin with the troubleshooting solution.
  3. When the QB company file is hosted on the server, check if the QuickBooksDBXX service is running.
  4. Update Windows/ Mac before running the application.

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