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Qbmapi64 Out of Memory Error in QuickBooks – Windows 10 & 11

Qbmapi64 Out of Memory QuickBooks

The Qbmapi64 Out of Memory Error in QuickBooks emerges out of nowhere while sharing invoices, E-forms, or other financial documents directly via email. Therefore, let’s delve into this blog to learn everything about the error.

Apart from facilitating reliable accounting services and creating extremely credible financial records to date, QuickBooks also gives the convenience of sharing accounting data with authorized users securely through emails. However, despite all the exquisite features, you might sometimes face occasional setbacks in the form of internal errors while using QuickBooks.

We came across many queries regarding QuickBooks out of memory error on several relevant platforms. With attention to that, we decided to create an informative blog to simplify troubleshooting for all QB users. Assuming you are also facing problems sharing emails from your QB Desktop, let’s continue with the blog to figure out the causes of the issue and its effective remedies.

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What is QBmapi64 Error in QuickBooks Desktop?

Qbmapi64 Out of Memory Error in QuickBooks
Qbmapi64 Out of Memory Error in QuickBooks

You might sometimes find yourself in a situation where your QuickBooks fails to send emails or malfunctions while adding a new mailing address. A dialogue box with QuickBooks error code qbmpi64 keeps recurring on the screen every time the email isn’t sent. It is indeed annoying, but you can’t send further emails using QuickBooks until this error is rectified.

There’s no need to be concerned about the financial data as the error has nothing to do with it and it is entirely secure.  Still, you’ll have to take the necessary measures to counter the error and start sending emails from QuickBooks Desktop without any problems. Before moving to the elimination methods for the error, we would like you to acknowledge the reasons it developed to avoid triggering it in the future.

Root Triggers for Qbmapi64 Out of Memory Error in QuickBooks while Emailing

Knowing the primary reasons for occurrence of Qbmapi64 Out of Memory Error in QuickBooks helps you decide the correct troubleshooting approach to eliminate it. Even in your case, learning the exact reasons why your QuickBooks Desktop fails to send emails will significantly help. We dug deep into the matter and came up with some circumstances under which QuickBooks struggles to send emails. Read them thoroughly below-

  • All your PC applications (including QuickBooks Desktop) won’t be able to send emails or messages if the Mapi32.dll file is corrupt or damaged.
  • QuickBooks cannot send emails if the default mailing app on your system is downloaded from an untrusted source and isn’t compatible with the software.
  • QuickBooks will develop issues while connecting with the Internet due to restrictions imposed by the Windows Firewall or antiviruses.
  • Sending emails becomes impossible if your QB struggles to integrate with Windows applications or web services due to an obsolete version of the software or OS.
  • Lousy internet speed or incorrect internet settings on your system can lead to network connectivity issues, which won’t let QB send emails.
  • The latest version of MS Office on your PC is missing, which can cause problems when QB tries to use MS Outlook to send and receive emails.
  • QuickBooks cannot function properly due to internal glitches or damaged program files.
  • Inaccurate system clock can also create problems when QuickBooks establishes a connection with the Intuit servers.

These are the reasons why you cannot send emails from your QB Desktop or add a new mailing address. You must not panic if QuickBooks freezes or crashes inappropriately when it fails to send emails, as it is common for the software to malfunction. This won’t happen for long, as you are now prepared to go through the troubleshooting techniques in the section below.

Applicable Fixes for QuickBooks Desktop Out of Memory Error

Until you tackle the issues that are stopping you from sending emails, you’ll keep running into a qbmapi64 error in QuickBooks on Windows 10 whenever you try. We have mentioned the best techniques to eliminate this error, and it is recommended that you apply them on your computer for the best results against the issue. Start implementing these techniques on your system to resume mailing from your QB Desktop-

Method 1- Download the Latest Updates

Intuit always suggests that its users download QuickBooks updates whenever they are released by the developer team. This also applies to your Windows 10 & 11 OS and MS Office because incompatibility between the software and OS is a significant reason for issues while sending emails. Downloading the latest updates also adds new features, fixes existing bugs, and enhances the security protocols. Here’s the approach you can take-

Update QuickBooks Desktop

It has been observed that QuickBooks struggles to integrate with OS applications and starts delaying the accounting tasks if you do not install its latest updates. To ensure it doesn’t trigger Qbmapi64 Out of Memory Error in QuickBooks while sending emails, download and install its latest updates using the following steps-

  1. Run your QuickBooks Desktop and click the File menu.
  2. Select the Utilities option from the drop-down and tap Stop hosting multi-user access mode.
  3. Approach QB’s Help menu and hit Update QuickBooks Desktop in the drop-down.
  4. Move under the Update Now tab and single-click the Mark All checkbox.
  5. Click Reset Update to remove all the updates you downloaded earlier and select Get Updates.
  6. Give the software appropriate time to download the update package and reboot your QuickBooks once it is done.
  7. Click Install Now in the prompted window and follow the screen instructions to install the QB Desktop updates.

Tip: You can also update your QuickBooks directly from the web by visiting the Downloads and Updates page on the official QB website.

Update Windows OS

QuickBooks and every other application depend on the OS to run and execute their functions efficiently. You might encounter issues while sending emails if QuickBooks raises compatibility issues with the outdated version of your Windows. Update your Windows using the following steps to instantly fix Qbmapi64 Out of Memory Error in QuickBooks-

  1. Go to the Control Panel window and click the Windows Update option on the left panel.
  2. Proceed with the Check for Updates option to search for the latest Windows version available.
  3. Click the Download and Install option and wait until your system reboots after Windows is updated to the latest version.

Update MS Office

QuickBooks integrates with MS Outlook to send and receive emails. The connection between the two can be affected by compatibility issues due to outdated MS Office versions. You must use the following steps to update your MS Office-

  1. Launch the MS Office on your system and click File on the left.
  2. Tap Accounts (Office Account if you run MS Office directly) and navigate to the Product Information tab.
  3. Click Update Options and select the Update Now option in the drop-down.

If you have purchased your MS Office from a Microsoft store rather than online, the updates can be directly downloaded from the store using these steps-

  1. Close all the MS Office apps and open the Microsoft Store from the taskbar.
  2. Tap Profile and enter the credentials of the Microsoft Account registered while purchasing MS Office.
  3. Select the See More option and click Downloads and Updates in the next window.
  4. Tap Get Updates and wait until the latest MS Office updates are installed on your computer.

Note: You can directly check the MS Office updates on the Microsoft website by clicking this link.

You might come across problems while updating MS Office or running the application after it is updated. You’ll have to run a diagnostic repair using these steps-

Run a Diagnostic Repair

  1. Go to the Programs option in the Control Panel and click the Uninstall a program option.
  2. Select your MS Office version and tap Change.
  3. Click the Quick Repair option and tap Repair to remove internal issues from MS Office.

If you encounter the same error while sending emails after all the updates are installed, move to the next solution.

Method 2- Set MS Outlook/Webmail as Default App in the System Settings and QB Preferences

QuickBooks cannot send or receive emails on its own and uses your system’s default mailing app to deliver them. In case the mailing app set as default on your system or QB preferences is incompatible with the software, sending emails will no longer be a luxury for you. You’ll have to change the system settings and QB preferences to send emails without problems. Refer to these steps-

  1. Launch the Control Panel window and access the Apps option from the left menu.
  2. Click Default Apps and select Mail in the following window.
  3. You must select from MS Outlook or Webmail to set it as the default mailing app on your computer.
  4. Close the Control Panel window after saving the changes.

Change QuickBooks Preferences

After configuring the system settings, you must also set MS Outlook as the default mailing application in QuickBooks Preferences. The software might ask for your Username, Password, Incoming email server address, incoming email server type, and Outgoing email server address. Contact your email/Internet provider for the details (if required) and use the following steps to connect the email to your QB Desktop-

  1. Launch your QuickBooks Desktop and access its Edit menu from the top.
  2. Tap Preferences and click the Send Forms option.
  3. Select Outlook from the list and tap Add to set it as default.
  4. Choose your provider and enter your email address.
  5. Single-click the Use enhanced security checkbox to mark it and click OK afterwards.
  6. You might have to enter your QB admin account info if the software prompts.

If you encounter problems with emails after configuring the system settings and QB preferences, check out the next solution.

Method 3- Repair the Corrupt Mapi32.dll File

The Mapi32.dll file is a critical component of the Messaging Application Programming Interface (MAPI) used to connect QuickBooks and all the PC applications with the email clients (Webmail, MS Outlook). A QBmapi64 out of memory error on Windows 11 develops instantly when the Mapi32.dll file gets damaged and fails to run when you try sending emails. You must repair the Mapi32.dll file as shown in the following steps-

  1. Open the File Explorer (Windows + E) and tap the View option at the top.
  2. Ensure the Hidden items checkbox is marked and go to the search bar in the File Explorer.
  3. Type ‘fixmapi’ and go to its location using the search results.
  4. Find Fixmapi.exe from the list and double-click it to run the application.
  5. Perform all the steps instructed by the application and wait until the Mapi32.dll file is completely repaired.
  6. Open your QuickBooks and try setting up or sending emails.

If the error is still not fixed, you must proceed to the next method.

Method 4- Check the Internet Speed and Configure the SSL Settings

A lousy internet speed threatens tasks in QuickBooks Desktop requiring an internet connection, like downloading updates, sending emails, etc. You must ensure that the Internet speed delivered by your service provider complies with the QB requirements of 3Mbps on average and a minimum of 1.5Mbps. Here’s a quick way to run the Internet Speed Test-

  1. Access Google’s homepage on your web browser and search for ‘Internet speed test.’
  2. Click the first link to open the online tool and tap Start to run the Internet Test.
  3. Wait for it to complete and compare the results with the QB requirements.

If the Internet speed is satisfactory, you can proceed to configure your SSL settings. However, if it is too low for QB to run smoothly, you must try turning the router On and Off, check for cable damage, or change your network service provider.

Adjust the SSL Settings on your Windows

Secure Sockets Layer or SSL is a security protocol Windows OS uses to establish an encrypted link between the servers and your web browser. This ensures data exchange without the risks of unauthorized access or malware. Unfortunately, QuickBooks won’t be able to send emails if the SSL settings on your Windows aren’t correctly configured and stop the software from accessing the internet. Configure the SSL settings using the following steps-

  1. Launch the Internet Properties window through the Control Panel or directly using the ‘inetcpl.cpl’ command in the Run window.
  2. Navigate to the Advanced tab and look for SSL settings checkboxes in the list (located at the bottom).
  3. Only mark the Use SSL 3.0 checkbox among the SSL settings checkboxes and move to the Content tab.
  4. Tap Clear SSL state and close the settings window after saving the changes.
  5. Launch your QB Desktop and try setting up emails again.

If you cannot send or set up emails in your QuickBooks, jump to the next solution.

Method 5- Change the QuickBooks Folder Permissions

QuickBooks out of memory error while emailing can also emerge if the software fails to access the location of its program files. You’ll also see an error message on the screen or experience a lag in the software when you select a file to send through email and QuickBooks fails to access it due to a lack of folder permissions. If you are facing problems while sending some specific files through email, use the following steps to configure the QB folder permissions and use the same steps on the folder containing the files you want to send through email-

  1. Right-click on the QuickBooks folder in C: Users\Public\PublicDocuments\AppData\Intuit\QuickBooks20XX and go for the Properties option in the list.
  2. Move to the Security tab and click your Account in the list.
  3. Tap Change Settings (if the option is available) and single-click the Full Control checkbox in the window.
  4. Save the changes by clicking Apply and try sending emails from your QB Desktop again.

Run QuickBooks Desktop as Administrator

Rather than changing the folder permissions individually, you can also grant admin rights to your QB Desktop. Running the program as an administrator allows it to access all the system files without interruption and prevents it from Windows Firewall restrictions. You can either assign admin privileges to QuickBooks or sign in with your Windows admin account. Here’s how-

  1. Go to the QuickBooks folder and right-click QuickBooks.exe (Software launch icon) inside it.
  2.  Click the Compatibility tab and single-click the Run this program as Administrator checkbox to run it as administrator.


Sign in as a Windows Admin User

You can also sign in with your Windows admin account to make things easier. Your QB will be safeguarded from antiviruses and Windows Firewall restrictions that can also trigger qbmapi64 out of memory error on Windows 10 by blocking the software’s executable files. Use these steps to sign in as an administrator-

  1. Go to the Windows Start menu and single-click on your username.
  2. Select the Sign-Out option and sign in again with your admin account mentioned on the login screen.
  3. You might have to manually enter the admin account credentials if the account isn’t pre-available on the list.

If QuickBooks fails to deliver emails running in administrator mode, move to the next solution.

Method 6- Fix your QuickBooks Desktop using the Tool Hub

QuickBooks Tool Hub is a platform that provides various tools designed to counter everyday issues that can emerge in the software. We advise repairing your QB Desktop to ensure it functions correctly while sending emails due to technical snags or other internal issues. Follow these steps to install QB Tool Hub on your computer-

  1. Open your web browser to access the Downloads and updates page on the official QuickBooks website.
  2. Enter the details of your QB product asked on the website and download the latest QB Tool Hub version ( on your computer.
  3. Let it completely download, and then open the QuickBooksToolHub.exe file.
  4. Accept the Software License Agreement and install QB Tool Hub using the instructions mentioned on the screen.

Utilize the Quick Fix My Program Tool

The Quick Fix My Program Tool helps to diagnose and sort the internal issues in QuickBooks to remove the possibility of glitches occurring while sending emails. Refer to these steps-

  1. Run the QuickBooks Tool Hub program on your computer and navigate to the Program Problems menu.
  2. Select the Quick Fix My Program option in the drop-down and run the tool using the on-screen instructions.
  3. Wait until your QuickBooks Desktop is internally repaired, and try sending emails afterwards.


This blog provides in-depth details of qbmapi64 out of memory QuickBooks error that emerges while sending or setting up emails in the software. We have clarified the causes of this error in the blog accompanying the troubleshooting methods recommended by industry experts. Still, if you have any queries about the issue or if it recurs after applying the techniques, speak directly to our team of QB professionals at 1.855.738.2784 for consultation and further troubleshooting assistance.


What is QuickBooks out of memory error?

QuickBooks out of memory error doesn’t let you share emails through the software or set up your email address in the software. It mainly develops due to issues in the connection between QuickBooks and the default mailing app on your Windows. However, the error has also emerged in some cases due to network connectivity issues or damaged mapi32.dll file.

Is QuickBooks Tool Hub effective against the qbmapi 64 out of memory error?

QBmapi 64 out of memory error while sending QB emails can also occur due to internal issues in the software. In that case, you can use the QB Install Diagnostic Tool and the Quick Fix My Program tool to repair the software. This helps to remove the glitches that can hinder the connection between QB and the mailing applications.

How to stop qbmapi64 error from developing in QuickBooks?

The QBmapi64 error completely prevents you from sharing PDF documents, E-forms, Account Reports, etc., via email. To fix it quickly, you must begin by running QuickBooks in admin mode and downloading its latest updates, followed by Windows OS updates. You must then run the Fixmapi.exe application to repair the mapi32.dll file and remove all the network connectivity issues from your system.

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