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November 2019

Install QuickBooks on a Terminal Server

Here’s How to Install QuickBooks on a Terminal Server

The terminal server setup allows the applications to be installed on a central server. This central server has other computers linked to it, and they access the applications of the terminal server. The advantage is that the applications are not installed on the hard drive of individual computers. With QuickBooks on terminal server, multiple users can access the company file on a remote computer. With this guide to Install QuickBooks Desktop on a Terminal Server, we discuss the system requirements as well. Go through the article completely to properly setup QB on terminal server.

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QuickBooks 1099 Wizard

QuickBooks 1099 Wizard | Easily Prepare & File 1099 Forms

The IRS has a 1099-MISC form, that reports the non-salary income. Such income is earned from self-employment, independent contractors, or others in the same category. You are very well aware that tax forms are to be provided to your employees. Similarly, as stated by the IRS, copies of 1099-MISC forms are to be submitted to your hired contractors. In this article, we talk about the QuickBooks 1099 wizard. It will guide you into generating 1099 information. Once that is done, preparing 1099-MISC and 1096 forms for printing or e-filing can be carried out.

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Comprehensive Guide to QuickBooks Desktop

A Comprehensive Guide to QuickBooks Desktop 2020

Are you all set to experience the latest QuickBooks Desktop 2020 release by Intuit®! QuickBooks 2020 Release Date is set to be September 16th, 2019. The QuickBooks Desktop 2020 has released with new and enhanced features to benefit the users in the long run. Additionally, the user experience is enhanced with the underlying benefit of time-saving. The article comprehensively lists the QuickBooks 2020 features. The features are discussed for Windows as well as Mac and different versions incorporated in them. The latest release has claimed to increase business productivity and take it to the zenith. Let us look, will it do what it claims to!

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Windows 7 Discontinuation will Affect QuickBooks

How Windows 7 Discontinuation will Affect QuickBooks Desktop?

Finally, for Windows 7/Server 2008 users, it is time to say goodbye to Windows 7 operating system. The big news from Microsoft for this year is that starting January 14, 2020, Microsoft will discontinue Windows 7. By discontinuation, we do not mean that Windows 7 or Server 2008 won’t run, but Microsoft will not provide support for it. There won’t be any support on security or updates for users who are hung to Windows 7. Therefore, the applications installed on Windows 7 are at equal risk as they store the data locally on the OS. For QuickBooks users, the question arises if Intuit® is Discontinuing QuickBooks on Windows 7? This and many more questions, we have answered them for you. Read on the blog to get insight into all the changes Windows 7 Discontinuation will bring to QuickBooks Desktop users.

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QuickBooks Delivery Server Down

How to Tackle QuickBooks Delivery Server Down Error

The QB Online users have commonly reported QuickBooks Delivery Server Down Error. The issue pops up at times when a user tries to send invoices. In this blog, we will discuss the methods to deal with QuickBooks delivery server down error. The issue has been linked to the attachments on your transactions or just the way you might have set up your company email information. We have described the best ways to tackle QuickBooks Online Delivery Server Down error with the steps listed in this blog.

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QuickBooks Error Printing Paychecks

Fix QuickBooks Error Printing Paychecks, Forms and Pay Stubs

QuickBooks Online Payroll Full Service/Intuit® Full Service Payroll provides users with the features to handwrite checks. Also, you can print checks and pay stubs for your employees and contractors with the site. Are you able to view forms or paychecks, but QuickBooks Error Printing Paychecks pops up? Then, there is also a possibility that they are not visible when you try to view them. In this blog, we shall discuss the troubleshooting ways to fix QuickBooks Errors Printing paycheck, Paystubs, and forms. The following steps work out for the QuickBooks Online Payroll. Follow the entire article until the end for detailed instructions on resolving Print Paycheck Error in QuickBooks.

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