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How Windows 7 Discontinuation will Affect QuickBooks Desktop?

Windows 7 Discontinuation will Affect QuickBooks

Finally, for Windows 7/Server 2008 users, it is time to say goodbye to Windows 7 operating system. The big news from Microsoft for this year is that starting January 14, 2020, Microsoft will discontinue Windows 7. By discontinuation, we do not mean that Windows 7 or Server 2008 won’t run, but Microsoft will not provide support for it. There won’t be any support on security or updates for users who are hung to Windows 7. Therefore, the applications installed on Windows 7 are at equal risk as they store the data locally on the OS. For QuickBooks users, the question arises if Intuit® is Discontinuing QuickBooks on Windows 7? This and many more questions, we have answered them for you. Read on the blog to get insight into all the changes Windows 7 Discontinuation will bring to QuickBooks Desktop users.

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What Microsoft meant by support ending for Windows 7/Windows Server 2008?

windows 7 end of life

QuickBooks Message “Microsoft is ending support for windows 7”

When the support ends for Windows 7, the PC will be prone to security risks and viruses. To counterfeit the risks, it is highly recommended that you upgrade to Windows 10. Windows 7 released in the year 2009 came with a 10-year support commitment from Windows. Keeping up that, Microsoft is focused on bringing about new, better technologies. Windows 7 will no longer have security protection and will be out of compliance. The major security compliance requirements (MA Data Security Law, HIPAA, etc.) won’t fit for Windows 7. Hence, there has been QuickBooks Alert to upgrade to the latest edition of Windows. To know about which version of Windows are you currently relying on, follow the steps below:

  • In the Windows click on the Start button, and type Computer in the text box to search.
  • Right click on Computer and select Properties.
  • Right under the Windows Edition on the screen, you can check the Operating System you are using.

Listing the facts about, Intuit® QuickBooks Discontinued on Windows 7?

QuickBooks provides customers with top-notch security. It is, at the same time important because it has the accounting data of the company. Intuit® does its part to avoid malware into the company file. At the same time, it is the local computer which plays an equal part.  Now that windows 7 will have no Microsoft support, the data is likely to be secure with just Intuit® working on security. This does not mean that Intuit® is Discontinuing QuickBooks on Windows 7.

  1. QuickBooks 2020 will still be available for installation Windows 7. But, the wiser choice will be to upgrade to Windows 10. Users now and then come across QuickBooks alert to upgrade to Windows 10. Before installing your QuickBooks version, check the system requirements. The requirements are checked in the product description.

  2. The QuickBooks hosting versions will experience the upgrade via hosting providers. The hosting providers would be upgrading their servers. To know more about the future perspective of your hosting provider, you can call them and get answers to your queries.

  3. Upgrading your Windows 7 to Windows 10 will not mean that you repurchase your QuickBooks. Once upgraded, the current QuickBooks you are subscribed to will work fine.

  4. QuickBooks 2020 can be installed on Windows 7 without any issue. When Intuit® releases QB 2021 release all previous QuickBooks versions will cease on Windows 7.

FAQ’s on Microsoft to discontinue windows 7

Q: After upgradation to Windows 10, do I have to purchase QuickBooks Software yet again?

Answer: The QuickBooks Software once bought with a particular license, can be used on upgraded windows as well. There is no need to purchase it again.

Note: You need to check that the QuickBooks version you are going to install is compatible with Windows you have upgraded to.

Q: What is the course of action for Extended Security Updates?

Answer: With Extended Security Update, you are bind to get important security updates for Windows 7 from Microsoft for up to three more years. This is applicable even after Windows 7 support will end. The notifications are unable to distinguish between who have ESU and who do not. Therefore, you are coming across notices for the upgradation even after you have Extended Security Updates.

Q: Is it required that I uninstall QuickBooks before moving on to Windows 7 upgrade?

Answer: There isn’t any need to uninstall QuickBooks before upgrading your windows. What we suggest is backing up your QuickBooks company Data on an external storage device before going on for the upgradation.

There isn’t much information on how QuickBooks will act with support being taken away from Windows 7. The reason being cases would come up once it comes into effect on January 14, 2020. But, a lot of technical details need to be followed when you migrate for the same. We suggest that instead of going about on your own and making such internal changes, contact technical team. They are just a call away on 1.855.738.2784. Contacting the professionals will ensure that you aren’t responsible for your data loss. Instead, the right people can upgrade your QuickBooks with Microsoft to discontinue Windows 7.

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