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QuickBooks Online 2021: Everything New & Nice Explained!

Latest QuickBooks Online version

QuickBooks rolls out a software upgrade every year, and it is always exciting to see the new feet of advancements it brings along. QuickBooks is pushing its online version to the existing users for quite some time as it offers a safer storage option to the users for their company data – Cloud servers, and the common recurring issues of the Desktop versions are non-existing in it. Besides, it would take a load of responsibilities off Intuit in terms of providing to Desktop users. However, QuickBooks Online still lags far behind Enterprise versions in the real world, and that’s why Intuit is expanding its capabilities by every passing year. So, let’s discuss the features of the newly introduced QuickBooks Online 2021 in the blog below.

If you are thinking of migrating to QuickBooks Online 2021 from your old version, you may need assistance from an expert to set up the files and ready the company data for migration. Get one on the line by dialing the toll-free number 1.855.738.2784 anytime

New Features brought by the QuickBooks Online 2021

With the inception of the latest QuickBooks Online version, Intuit has added a number of services and features capable of touching new horizons in digital bookkeeping. These features are as followed.

Two-tab Dashboard Structure

The dashboard is formatted into two main tabs in the 2021 version of QuickBooks Online to fasten task completion by providing a clear view of the user priorities. They are:

  1. Get things done – It gives the user quick access to setup, banking, discover more, and new payroll health and shortcut links.
  2. Business Overview – Insight categories like cash flow, P+L, invoicing, expenses, banking, etc., are easily trackable through this tab.

Cost-free E-filing of 1099 form

QuickBooks Online Payroll Core, Premium, and Elite users can e-file their 1099 forms at the end of the year without any additional cost. Until now, they had to pay for every 1099 form filed from QuickBooks the Online Payroll service.

Add New Roles for Sales Users by Location

The QuickBooks Online Advanced users can now impart sales form duties to sales users by their location. The sales reps can create receipts, invoices, estimates, credit memos, refunds, etc., directly from QuickBooks Online.

Batch Edit Invoices along with Custom Fields

The QuickBooks Online users can not edit custom fields while reviewing or editing the invoices in batch mode. It can save you tons of data entry time by verifying that the reporting data aligns with the changes done during the batch editing of invoices.

Automated Overtime Suggestions in Payroll

The QuickBooks Online Payroll users will get a recommendation for a correction with an explanation if they enter the wrong number of overtime hours while running the payroll of an employee.

Edit Work Locations within QuickBooks Payroll

Earkier, the work location of an employee can only be changed by contacting to the QuickBooks support team. With the new QuickBooks Online, you can do so easily by yourself for both new and existing employees.

Directly Import data from Google Sheets

Just like with Excel, the QuickBooks Online users can now import all the list data, including customers, vendors, chart of accounts, products, and services from the Google Sheets.

Autopay, Schedule Pay opitons for Business Clients

The QuickBooks Online users can now offer their clients the vantage of setting up automatic payments for future dates. They can either enable the auto-payments or schedule them in advance for a specific date.

Additions in Cash Flow Center

The QuickBooks Online users can view credit card and loan balances in the Cash Flow Center to keep a check on the business finances. They can also check overdue invoices, upcoming invoices, paid invoices that are not deposited, estimates, and unbilled time activity in the new Money-in section of QuickBooks Cash. Besides that, a Money-out section is also introduced that will show the upcoming and overdue bills and taxes of the user.

Auto-Import the Wells Fargo Statements

The users can now add their Wells Fargo account to the list of banks they want under the statement auto-import feature. It will save enormous time and effort from the user end during reconciliation.

“Master admin” is now “Primary Admin”

The term “Master admin” is being replaced with “Primary admin” across the QuickBooks products. However, it shall not bear any change in the user permissions or experience.

Introduction to Efficient Time Workspace

The time tracking tools are now transferred to a single-source and convenient Time workspace. The users can review and edit the timesheet data and use it to perform other chores like invoicing, payroll, and job costing.

Set Customized Reminders in Workflows

The QuickBooks Online Advanced users are now free to customize automated reminders with no limitations. They can either use the existing templates or create one for themselves by going with the “if-this-then-that” logic.

Integration of DocuSign

The QuickBooks Online Advanced users can now easily sign, send, and manage their digital documents directly from their accounts. It will help the users expedite the quote to cash cycle and the tracking of invoices without managing a paper trail.

This is all for the exclusive list of features of QuickBooks Online 2021. It is solely your responsibility now to choose the most efficient QuickBooks version that covers all of your business needs and easily fits into your budget. However, if you have some questions not addressed in the above post, feel free to ask them from a QB expert by dialing the helpline number 1.855.738.2784 anytime.

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