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All You Need to Know About FreshBooks Time Tracking Feature

FreshBooks Time Tracking Feature

FreshBooks is a cloud-based accounting software that has made accounting solutions for small businesses relatively simple. With all its features and functionality FreshBooks has become an essential for every business. One such feature that you’ll see in this blog today is the FreshBooks Time Tracking Feature. You’ll discover the benefits and the basics of this tool and what makes it so essential for a business.

You can certainly contact FreshBooks support if you feel you require additional support or professional assistance at any time

What is Time Tracking and Why You Need it?

Time Tracking is an essential tool in FreshBooks that allows you to conveniently log, organize and manage time working on projects. The time tracker is used for a variety of purposes and in multiple ways. Some of the ways are discussed below:

  1. Standard Timer: The basic timer can be implemented through the Day sub-tab. You can click on the stopwatch icon next to the New Entry button.
  2. Day Sub-Tab: The Day sub-tab will show the days with today’s date highlighted in a Week sub-tab. This week sub-tab runs from Sunday to Saturday. The entries for the day are now displayed as a list that includes the details of your time tracked, clients, projects, services, or any other notice. You will also see the grand total of the time logged for the day from the bottom right corner of the Day sub-tab.
  3. Week Sub-Tab: With FreshBooks, you can now log time on a weekly basis. This approach is ideal if you log on the same hours every day. You can tap on the New Row option and you can add hours from Sunday to Saturday. Each project can get its own line, and FreshBooks will display the weekly total at the right-most column. Also, as a pro tip you can copy over all rows from the recent timesheet if you login the same information every week.
  4. Month Sub-Tab: You can use the Month sub-tab view if you prefer to log your time in a calendar view. This monthly total gets displayed at the bottom of the calendar and is displayed as a total for each week. Hence, this functionality allows you to see how much you’ve logged weekly or monthly briefly. You can quickly add time by clicking on the +button above any day and can also fill in your entry details accordingly.


FreshBooks Time Tracking Feature allows you to accomplish numerous activities or projects in the required time. You can optimize this feature as per your needs or according to projects. Using this tool perfectly is a great addition to your workplace productivity and can increase focus and efficiency when required. Time tracking with FreshBooks automates your business management and time management process by a long margin and can help you work on projects more effectively.

You can also reach out to the FreshBooks support if you can’t follow any of the steps mentioned in this blog.

Edward Martin

Edward Martin

Edward Martin is a Technical Content Writer for our leading Accounting firm. He has over 10 years of experience in QuickBooks and Xero. He has also worked with Sage, FreshBooks, and many other software platforms. Edward’s passion for clarity, accuracy, and innovation is evident in his writing. He is well versed in how to simplify complex technical concepts and turn them into easy-to-understand content for our readers.

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