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Don’t Panic! 3 Ways to Fix “MYOB Error 9004”

MYOB Error 9004

MYOB is a business tool that lets its users create and manage payroll, accounting, POS, and tax operations. Users often confront technical bugs when operating the application. “MYOB Error 9004” occurs while a user tries to run the accounting data in MYOB. The text that usually appears with the error code is: ‘Error 9004 was encountered when opening the M-Powered Services Centre data file. Please contact MYOB M-Powered Services Support for details’.

The error code generally appears on the grounds when the MYOB installation was incomplete due to some obstruction during the process. However, other reasons could contribute to the error code, you will get to explore those along with its preventive measures to tackle the error “MYOB Error 9004” in the subsequent topics of the post.

It is commonly believed that you can fix the error code “MYOB Error 9004” by yourself without any specific skill sets. Nonetheless, if the problem persists and you are unable to work things out on your own, you may always reach to us by placing getting in touch with MYOB support

Causes behind the “MYOB Error 9004”

The possible reasons why the error code “MYOB Error 9004” occurs are mentioned here-

  1. A program was not appropriately uninstalled from the system.
  2. Improperly turning-off of the PC, such as direct removal of the plug from the power socket board.
  3. Partially completed installation of a program.
  4. The process of file deletion got interrupted
  5. Attack of a virus or worm on the operating system of the user’s PC.

We have taken a tour of the possible grounds on which the error code “MYOB Error 9004” occurs. In the next subheading, we will discover the preventive remedies which shall be adopted to uproot the error.

Solutions to Fix the Error Code “MYOB Error 9004”

Below is a curated list of possible solutions that helps in weeding out the error code “MYOB Error 9004”-

Solution-1: Reinstallation of MYOB Account

You need to download MYOB AccountRight from the official website of MYOB then access the download page. It is advised that you use ‘Google Chrome’. As in other web browsers ‘.exe’ file extension is replaced or removed, which impairs the setup. The installation process is described in the steps below-

  1. ‘Sign out’ of the current user profile and ‘Sign-in’ twice as administrator.
  2. Go to the folder where you saved the setup file.
  3. Right-click to ‘Open’ the setup. The installation will begin as soon as the setup runs.
  4. Go through the installation procedure, and agree to the ‘terms and conditions’.
  5. Once finished with the installation of ‘MYOB Account Right’, reboot the PC.

Solution-2: Repair MYOB Account Right Installation

The Repair option will reinstall all the software components you specified during the original installation process, but you won’t have the opportunity to add or remove specific components in the process. This process may be used, for example, if asked to do so by MYOB .

  1. ‘Sign out’ of the current user profile and ‘Sign-in’ twice as administrator.
  2. Disable all the security software (firewall or antivirus) for a while.
  3. Go to ‘StartMenu’. Search for ‘Programs and Features’ in the search bar.
  4. Select the appropriate ‘MYOB Account Right version’ to repair. Click ‘Changeor Modify’.
  5. Click ‘Next’ to proceed with the repair setup.
  6. Reboot PC.

Solution 3: Contact Support

In case if none of the solutions mentioned above helped you resolve the error, then the only option left is to contact the official support.

We now conclude our blog. We hope that we were able to save you time and effort by giving the best advice on the error code “MYOB Error 9004”. We believe that our endeavor helped you access the right tools to overcome the error in no time. And that all the queries were responded to in the post.

However, if you still got more questions concerning the error code “MYOB Error 9004”, you might rely on the best technical assistance, by contacting MYOB Support.

Edward Martin

Edward Martin

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