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Update Intuit® Data Protect (Step-by-Step Guide)

Update Intuit Data Protect

When you update Intuit Data Protect, you can revamp your backup program that shields your data from accidental losses. Improvements are added to the program occasionally to make it more effective and beneficial for our users. Therefore, we have brought you this thorough blog that covers all how you can update and set IDP.

QuickBooks users often face issues while backing up data using Intuit® Data Protect. Most of the Intuit® Data Protect errors arise when you are not using the latest and most updated version of QuickBooks and IDP, so today, in this article, we will guide you through the update process that will help you avoid common Intuit® Data Protect errors. Before we proceed further with the update instructions, let’s first understand why you should keep your Intuit® Data Protect updated with the latest updates. Follow the complete article for detailed instructions on how to update Intuit® Data Protect.

Intuit Data Protect keeps your critical QB data secure and preserved. So, when you update this program periodically, you can avail yourself of its enhancements and relish in its improvements. But if this updating process troubles you in any way, we urge you to call Support Phone Number +1- 855 738 2784. We’ll help you rectify all the IDP update errors preventing you from accessing better features.

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Table of Contents

What Is Intuit Data Protect?

Intuit Data Protect is a backup and data protection service offered by Intuit, the company behind popular financial software products like QuickBooks, TurboTax, and Mint. The primary design of Intuit Data Protect facilitates small businesses and individuals to safeguard their economic and tax-related data by providing automated backup and recovery services.

Intuit Data Protect

Intuit Data Protect

We have mentioned some critical features and functions of Intuit Data Protect below:

Automatic Data Backups

Automatic Data Backups

Automatic Data Backups

Intuit Data Protect automatically backs up your QuickBooks company files, financial data, and other essential files to a secure offsite server. It ensures your data is safeguarded from loss due to hardware failure, corruption, or other unforeseen events.

Scheduled Backups

Scheduled Backups

Scheduled Backups

Users can set arrangements for regular backups to arise at specific intervals, ensuring their data is continuously backed up without manual intervention.

Data Restoration

Data Restoration

Data Restoration

Intuit Data Protect enables users to restore their data from previous backup points if their system faces data loss or corruption. This feature is crucial for recovering lost or damaged financial records.

Secure Storage

Secure Storage

Secure Storage

The data gets stowed in secure data centers, which helps protect it from physical damage and unauthorized access.
Versioning: Intuit Data Protect typically upholds multiple versions of your backed-up data, allowing you to restore files from different times.

Remote Access

Remote Access

Remote Access

Users can avail of their backed-up data remotely, which can be helpful if they need to work from different locations or devices.


Intuit Data Protect employs encryption and other security actions to protect your data during transmission and storage.



Now that we know what Intuit Data Protect is let’s learn about the updating procedure for the program.

What does it mean to Update Intuit Data Protect?

The Intuit Data Protect update lets you install the latest software updates, patches, or versions of the Intuit Data Protect software. These updates are essential for retaining the backup and data protection service’s security, stability, and functionality.

When you update the IDP program, the following details come to the surface:

Software Updates

From time to time, Intuit issues software updates and patches designed to tackle security vulnerabilities, resolve software glitches, and boost the effectiveness of Intuit Data Protect. Maintaining your software’s current version guarantees you can take advantage of the newest refinements and security measures.


Updates may also be required to maintain agreement between Intuit Data Protect and your operating system, as well as other software applications, especially financial software like QuickBooks, which may have integration with it.

New Features

At times, when you install Intuit Data Protect updates, it brings fresh features or capabilities to the software. Keeping your software current enables you to leverage these enhancements.


Security updates in the IDP program are critical to protect your data. Cyber security threats are constantly evolving, and updating your software helps to patch known vulnerabilities that malicious actors could exploit.

The process of updating Intuit Data Protect involves the following steps explained briefly:

Check for Updates

You can usually check for updates within the Intuit Data Protect software. There may be an option to manually initiate the update process or configure the software to check for updates automatically.

Download and Install

Download and Install

Download and Install

If IDP updates are available, you will be instigated to download and install them. Finish updating via the instructions on the screen and administrative privileges on your computer that regulate the update.

Reboot if Necessary

Some updates may require you to shut down and reboot your gadget for complete effect.

Review Release Notes

It’s a good practice to review release notes or documentation provided with the update to understand what changes have been made and whether any additional steps or considerations are necessary.

Understanding what it means to update IDP brings you to the reasons that lead to the need to install them. Let’s assess these factors in the sections below.

Why you should Regularly Update Intuit® Data Protect

Not only does Intuit® Data Protect require regular updates, but every web application that stores users’ information needs to be updated regularly to protect users’ data from online threats. The updated application ensures improved security and performance and safeguards your information from known risks. Following are the benefits of keeping Intuit® Data Protect up to date.

  1. Advanced security to protect your critical information data theft.
  2. Improved performance of the application.
  3. Better stability on different operating systems.
  4. Overall assurance of data safety and protection from data loss.

Other in-depth factors pushing you to learn how to update Intuit Data Protect include:


When you get periodic Intuit Data Protect updates, it often includes patches and resolutions for security defenselessness. Therefore, this critical phase aids you in shielding your sensitive financial data from potential perils and cyber attacks.


Frequent IDP updates allow you to elevate the stability and reliability of the software, thereby eliminating the risk of crashes, data corruption, and other issues that could disrupt your financial processes.


Ensuring your IDP rendition is the contemporary one helps maintain compatibility with your operating system and other software applications, such as accounting software like QuickBooks. You can be stress-free regarding the data being seamlessly backed up and restored without compatibility issues.


Updates may include performance optimizations and bug fixes that can elevate the overall performance of IDP. You can benefit from faster backups and restores, enhancing your workflow efficiency.

New Features

As mentioned earlier, almost all significant updates bring unique features and functionalities that can enrich your data backup and protection experience. Therefore, staying up to date permits you to access and benefit from these new capabilities.

Data Integrity

Frequently keeping IDP up to date is vital for preserving the reliability of your archived data, a critical measure against data loss or corruption, especially when dealing with essential financial records for your business or personal finances.


If you are subject to regulatory adherence requirements or industry standards for data protection, keeping your program up to date can help you satisfy these obligations and avoid potential damages or penalties.

User Experience

Updates can also enhance the user interface and overall user experience, simplifying the management of your data backups and recovery processes for increased convenience and ease of use.

Customer Support

Knowing how to update Intuit Data Protect to the latest version makes receiving and assistance from Intuit’s customer support team easier. Older IDP versions may not be supported or may have limited support options.

Bug Fixes

Intuit Data Protect updates frequently tackle known problems and issues users report. By keeping your program up to date, you can take advantage of these bug removals, guaranteeing the soft functioning of your software.

Now that we know why the Intuit Data Protect update is critical, we’ll delve into the signs that provoke you to get the recent update now.

Signs and Symptoms Wanting You To Get QuickBooks Intuit Data Protect Update

Pinpointing signs and symptoms that indicate the need for an Intuit Data Protect update are crucial to conserving the security and functionality of your data backup solution. Here are some signs and symptoms that may cue you to consider updating IDP:

Security Alerts

If you receive security alerts or notifications indicating potential vulnerabilities in your current IDP version, it’s a strong indicator that you should update to the latest version to address these concerns.

Software Errors

Frequent error messages, crashes, or unexpected behavior within the IDP software may signal bugs or agreement issues that could be resolved with an update.

Performance Issues

Slower backup or restore times, increased resource usage, or decreased overall performance of your computer while using IDP may suggest that an update is needed to optimize performance.

Compatibility Problems

If you start experiencing compatibility issues between IDP and your operating system, accounting software (e.g., QuickBooks), or other applications, updating IDP may resolve these conflicts.

Outdated Features

If your IDP rendition lacks features or functionalities that are present in newer versions, consider updating to benefit from these improvements.

Data Loss or Corruption

Frequent or unexplained data loss or data corruption during the backup or restore process could demonstrate issues with your present IDP version. Mitigating these problems requires updating, which alleviates all such pain points.

Notifications from Intuit

If you obtain a statement from Intuit revealing that a new version of IDP is available, it’s a clear signal that you need to install the update.

Incompatibility Warnings

If you plan to upgrade your operating system or other software and receive warnings that your current IDP version may not be compatible, it strongly implies that you should update IDP before proceeding with the additional revisions.

Lack of Support

If Intuit no longer supports your current IDP version, you should update to a supported version to ensure you can accept assistance and security updates.

Regulatory Compliance

If your business is subject to specific regulatory requirements for data protection, remaining up to date with IDP updates may be necessary to maintain adherence.

Knowing these signs will provoke you to obtain the newest IDP update, and you can’t miss out on this blog to facilitate the process. However, what happens when the update Intuit Data Protect will not update? We have detailed the outcomes of not getting these updates below.

What If I Don’t Avail Of The Latest QuickBooks Intuit Data Protect Update?

If you don’t get the newest Intuit Data Protect rendition, the following consequences may arise:

Security Susceptibilities

Any outdated app you use elevates the exposure to security vulnerabilities. If you do not revamp IDP, you may be at a heightened risk of data breaches, cyber attacks, and unauthorized access to your financial and sensitive information.

Data Loss

The lack of the latest IDP updates may cause you to lose critical data due to software glitches, bugs, or agreement issues. It could cause losses in essential financial records and vital business data.

Data Corruption

Outdated IDP software may not effectively contain data corruption. Corrupted backups could render your data unusable, which can be particularly problematic for financial records and important documents.


An outdated IDP may become discordant with your environment as other software and operating systems evolve. Because of this issue, you may experience errors, crashes, and difficulties in managing your backups.

Reduced Performance

More aged versions of IDP may not benefit from performance optimizations and bug fixes found in updates. It can lead to slower backup and restore processes, potentially impacting productivity.

Loss of Features

You may omit new features and functionalities introduced in updated versions of IDP. These features could boost your data backup and recovery processes and enhance your user experience.

Compliance Issues

If your business is subject to regulatory provisions regarding data preservation and security, failing to update IDP may result in non-compliance, potentially directing to fines and legal consequences.

Limited Support

As software versions age, they may receive reduced or no support from the software provider. It means you might not have access to customer support, troubleshooting assistance, or bug fixes.

Missed Bug Fixes

Frequently, updates contain solutions for recognized problems and glitches. Failing to update IDP means you forego the chance to address these issues, potentially affecting the dependability of your data backups.

Risk to Business Continuity

For businesses, outdated IDP can pose a threat to business continuity. In the event of data loss, corruption, or a security breach, recovering without up-to-date backup solutions may be challenging.

Thus, you can’t overlook the Intuit Data Protect update and access it instantly after it becomes available.

Prerequisites To Updating Intuit Data Protect

You can undertake the Intuit QuickBooks update after fulfilling the following conditions for a seamless process:

Active Subscription

You may not be able to access the newest IDP updates due to an expired subscription to the program. So, reactivating or maintaining its activation status will help you ensure the app stays the same.

Internet Connection

Downloading and installing IDP updates is only possible with a consistent, error-free Internet connection.

Administrator Rights

You must carry administrative privileges on the computer where IDP is installed that authorize you to modify your software and apply updates.

Compatible Operating System

Another thing you must check is the compatibility between the computer’s operating system and the IDP version you intend to acquire. IDP may have specific requirements for the operating system version and service packs.

Sufficient Disk Space

Since updates require holding a particular amount of space to store the files, ensuring enough free disk space on your computer becomes critical.

Backup Data

As a precaution, we’d like you to back up your important data before performing any software updates, including IDP updates. It prevents losing your vital files because a copy of your up-to-date data remains available.

Compatibility with Other Software

If IDP is integrated with other software like QuickBooks, ensure all the renditions are compatible. Updating one software application without considering agreement with others can lead to issues.

System Requirements

Check the system requirements specified by Intuit (we have mentioned them below) for the IDP update you plan to install. Hardware specifications, such as processor and RAM requirements, are a part of such prerequisites you should meet.

Access to Secure Sites

You should ensure your gadget possesses access to secure websites and that any firewall or security software does not impede access to the Intuit Data Protect update servers.

Up-to-date Software

Another thing to assure yourself of is that the existing IDP version is up to date with any previous updates before attempting to install the latest update. Skipping updates may snowball into different problems that restrict your updates from being installed seamlessly.

Network Connectivity

If your IDP setup involves network drives or servers, ensure that network connectivity is sturdy and that any mapped network drives are attainable during the update process.

Data Backup Plan

Finally, you should have a data backup plan to prevent anything from going wrong during the update. This plan should retain a recent backup of your essential files and configurations.

Once you’ve positioned all these points, the procedure of how to update Intuit Data Protect becomes simplified.

Minimum System Requirements for Installing Intuit® Data Protect

Operating Systems

  1. Windows 7
  2. Windows 8.1
  3. Windows 10
  4. Windows Server 2012 R2
  5. Windows Server 2016
  6. Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1
  7. Windows Server 2011, Standard and Essentials


  1. Internet Explorer 11

System Hardware

  1. 4 GB RAM
  2. 4 GHz Processor
  3. 5 GB of free disk space
  4. 4X DVD-ROM drive (if installing from a CD)
  5. 1280 x 1024 screen resolution of the display

Steps to Update Intuit® Data Protect Inbuilt with QuickBooks Desktop

  1. Open QuickBooks Desktop and click Update QuickBooks under the Help tab.
  2. Now, under the Update Now tab, make sure the Data Protect option is check marked.
  3. Click Get Updates.
  4. After the updates are downloaded, restart QuickBooks to install the updates.
  5. Now, the next step is to update the external Intuit® Data Protect.

Steps to Update Intuit® Data Protect Installed on Windows

  1. Click the arrow at the bottom right side of the taskbar and right-click the green IDP icon.
  2. Now click the About Intuit® Data Protect option.
  3. Make sure you are using either QuickBooks 2016, 2017 or 2018 version.
  4. Click Update and wait until the Update Intuit® Data Protect window appears.
  5. Click OK and open QuickBooks.

IMPORTANT: In case you get an error while updating IDP, which is quite common, then make sure to follow our article on How to Fix Intuit® Data Protect Errors for troubleshooting common IDP errors.

Steps To Set Up Intuit Data Protect

Prior to learning how to update Intuit Data Protect, you should consider signing up and setting up this program on your gadget. While you can log into this feature through the accessible links, the setup procedure has been explained below for a seamless update run.

Intuit Data Protect System Requirements To Fulfill

Before setting up Intuit Data Protect, ensure compatibility with IDP’s needs for a smoother activation as follows:

Operating System Compatibility

The Windows operating system should be Windows 10 or a higher version for Intuit Data Protect manual update.

Administrator Privileges

The Windows user responsible for arranging Intuit Data Protect backdrops should have local admin rights on the computer, with full access to all folders.

QuickBooks Desktop Installation

You should install the full version of QuickBooks Desktop on the server or the computer where you intend to set up Intuit Data Protect.

Local Area Network Storage

Local Area Network Storage

Local Area Network Storage

Your files should find storage on your local area network. However, it would help if you didn’t lean on cloud storage services like Box, Google Sheets, and OneDrive, as they are not backed.

Local File Path

Further, you should utilize a local file path on the computer for data storage. Intuit Data Protect does not support network drives that you map.

Certificate Update for Security

It’d be best to update the Norton LifeLock certificate every six months to enhance security. Then, log out of Intuit Data Protect to log back in later.

Access to Secure Sites

Add a pass to secure websites associated with Intuit Data Protect in Internet Explorer by following these steps:

  1. Unplug the Windows Start menu.
  2. Input “Internet Options.”
  3. Pick the “Security” tab.
  4. Tap “Trusted sites.”
  5. Choose “Sites.”
  6. Add secure websites referencing Intuit Data Protect.
  7. Hit “Close.”

Set Up IDP

After signing up with the Intuit Data Protect program, you can set it up where your other files are stowed:

  1. Launch QuickBooks on the gadget or server where your QuickBooks file is stored.
  2. If you’re unsure where that is, press the F2 key within QuickBooks to locate it.
  3. Usher in the direction of the “File” menu.
  4. Then, choose “Back Up Company.”
  5. Finally, tap “Set Up/Activate Online Backup.”
  6. Sign in using the email address you used during registration (note that this is different from your QuickBooks login).
  7. Click “Continue.”
  8. Pick your QuickBooks company file.
  9. Then click “Continue.”
  10. If you have the entire PC plan, choose the folders you wish to include in the backup.
  11. Then, click “Continue.”
  12. Fill the blank square saying “Back up local selected documents.”
  13. Hit “Continue.”
  14. Extract the specific files and folders you want to include in the backup.
  15. Tap “Continue.”
  16. Establish the schedule for your daily backups.
  17. Hit “Continue.”
  18. Configure your notification preferences.
  19. Tap “Continue.”
  20. Remember that the initial backup may take several hours, depending on your files’ number and size.
  21. Subsequent backups will be much faster, typically taking only a few minutes.

What If I Can’t Update Intuit Data Protect?

If problems occur while you update Intuit Data Protect or try backing up your files, you should try the following resolution methods:

Solution 1: Ensure that the Windows firewall is not obstructing Intuit Data Protect

To allow Intuit Data Protect access through your firewall, you need to corroborate your firewall settings to ensure that essential files are permitted.

Action 1: Include crucial files in the Windows firewall

  1. Shove the key with the Windows icon on your keyboard.
  2. Input “Firewall” in the Start menu’s search domain.
  3. Click “Allow an app through Windows Firewall.”
  4. Next, hit “Allow another app.”
  5. Click “Browse.”
  6. Move to Program Files(x86)\Common Files\Intuit\Data Protect.
  7. Choose “QBIDPservice.exe.”
  8. Beat “Open.”
  9. Specify the network type.
  10. Tick the “Private” checkbox.
  11. Click “Add.”
  12. Replicate steps 4 and 5 for the files “IBUenghost.exe” and “IntuitDataProtect.exe.”
  13. You are all set if you receive a message revealing the files already exist.

Note: Third-party antivirus software on your gadget may also intercept these crucial files. Allowing these files thus becomes critical. Your software manufacturer can be consulted if you don’t know about the steps entailed in permitting the files.

Action 2: Add Intuit Data Protect to your Trusted Sites

  1. Ensure to designate Intuit websites as trusted sites in Internet Options.
  2. Depress the keyboard’s Windows key.
  3. Input “Internet options” in the search meadow.
  4. Select “Security.”
  5. Then, pick “Trusted sites.”
  6. Click “Sites.”
  7. Add the following websites.
  8. You can either copy-paste or manually type them.
  9. Then, pound “Add” for each site:
    • *
    • *
    • *
    • *
    • (the latest trusted site that revamps your Intuit Data Protect certificates)
  10. Untick “Require server verification (https: )” referring to all websites in this vicinity.
  11. Hit “Close.”
  12. Then, “OK.”
  13. Verify that you can access the Intuit Data Protect certificate site.
  14. It is essential to avoid backup errors.
  15. Attempt to execute a backup with Intuit Data Protect.
  16. If the IDP backup issue persists, proceed to the next solution.

Solution 2: Confirm that IBuEngHost.exe is not running as a Windows user

The IBuEngHost.exe file must run as a System user to authorize Intuit Data Protect to function correctly.

  1. Inspect if the file is running as System:
    • Right-tap your Windows taskbar.
    • Hit “Start Task Manager.”
    • Prefer the “Details” tab.
    • Uncover IBuEngHost.exe.
    • Affirm that it exhibits “System” as the User name and “running” as the Status.
    • You can find the file path at the lid of the Explorer window.
  2. If IBuEngHost.exe is not running as a System, follow these steps:
    • Load a new installer for your QuickBooks version.
    • Retain the installer file in an easily attainable location.
    • Discover the saved installer file.
    • Right-beat the installer.
    • Choose “Run as Administrator.”
    • Roll with the reinstallation.
    • After installation, recheck Task Manager for IBuEngHost.exe.
    • Affirm that the status is “running” and the User name is “System.”
  3. Endeavor to use Intuit Data Protect for backup creations.

You might get errors while updating IDP on Windows or Mac operating systems, even after following all the guidelines and verifying the minimum system requirements. In this situation, we suggest you call the Support Team at +1- 855 738 2784 for quick help and assistance.


Is it necessary to update Intuit Data Protect if it’s working fine for me?

Yes, we recommend updating IDP even if it’s working well for you. Updates often include security enhancements that protect your data from evolving threats. Delaying IDP updates could expose your data to vulnerabilities.

Can I update Intuit Data Protect manually?

Yes, you can often initiate manual updates from within the IDP software. This blog has laid down instructions on how to update IDP manually.

Do I need to pay for updates to Intuit Data Protect?

The availability of free updates can contrast depending on your subscription and the version of IDP you are using. Minor updates with bug fixes and security patches are typically free, while significant version upgrades may require a paid subscription or license.

What should I do before updating Intuit Data Protect?

Before updating IDP, you shouldn’t resist backing up your data securely, ensure you have administrative rights on your computer, and prove that your system satisfies the software’s requirements. Additionally, check for any specific update instructions from Intuit so that the procedure goes smoothly.

Can I update Intuit Data Protect on multiple devices with one subscription?

The ability to update IDP on multiple devices can depend on your subscription type and the terms of your agreement with Intuit. Reviewing your subscription details or contacting Intuit’s customer support for clarification will help.

How often should I update Intuit Data Protect?

It’s advisable to keep IDP updated by inspecting for updates regularly, mainly when prompted by the software. Software providers, aka Intuit, release updates periodically, which may include critical security fixes.

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