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QuickBooks Refresher – Solution to Common QuickBooks Errors

QuickBooks Refresher

Whether you are a business owner or an accountant sometimes things, don’t work quite right and QuickBooks Desktop encounter errors. QuickBooks offers several different tools to cope with such obstacles that arise while running QuickBooks Desktop. Each tool developed by Intuit® serves a different purpose and resolves certain types of faults in the application. QuickBooks refresher tool is specifically designed to resolve errors that appear while opening QuickBooks Desktop on Windows computers. There could be numerous reasons QuickBooks may experience hurdles while running and with QuickBooks Refresher you can get rid of all such errors with just one click. Following the article, you will learn how to use QuickBooks Refresher tool to fix common QuickBooks errors.

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What Errors can be Resolved Using QuickBooks Refresher?

QuickBooks Refresher Tool is effective in resolving the following errors:

  1. When QuickBooks Stopped Working or responding.
  2. The application quits unexpectedly seconds after opening it.
  3. QuickBooks responds sluggishly.
  4. QBRefresher can help you troubleshoot 6XXX series of errors like QuickBooks Error 6129, 0.
  5. QuickBooks installation errors that require repairing QuickBooks Desktop software.

How QuickBooks Refresher Help Fix QuickBooks Errors?

QuickBooks background processes sometimes hinder QuickBooks operations, and QuickBooks refresher tool ends all the QuickBooks background processes that slow down QuickBooks performance and freezes QuickBooks while running. QBRefresher automatically repairs minor faults and failures in the application with few clicks. However, it does not affect the company file in anyways, and you can use QuickBooks File Doctor to repair defects in the company file and the network.

NOTE: If you are dealing with Installation errors, then download and run QuickBooks Install Diagnostics Tool to repair QuickBooks installation.

How to Use QBRefresher Tool?

  1. Follow the link and download QuickBooks Refresher Tool.
  2. Complete any ongoing task in QuickBooks and exit the application.
  3. Open the downloads of your computer and double-click the qbrefresherv1.exe file.
  4. Click Fix my QuickBooks! button.                                                                                                    QBRefresher Tool
  5. Wait until QBRefresher Progress window disappears.                                                         QBRefresher Tool
  6. Once the QBRefresher Tool Complete window appears with “Thank you for running QBRefresher Tool!” message.QuickBooks Refresher Tool Complete
  7. Click OK and open run QuickBooks again.

NOTE: Users dealing with print errors in QuickBooks can utilize QuickBooks Print and PDF Repair Tool.

In case if running QuickBooks Refresher Tool does not resolve the errors you are dealing with then you can reach us at our direct helpline number +1- 855 738 2784 for better help and assistance.

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