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Filed Incorrect W-2 Form? Here’s How to Get it Fixed

Filed Incorrect W-2 Form

In a number of cases, taxpayers fill incorrect information or amount in their tax forms. If you have also filed a tax form with incorrect information, then you will need to fill another form with the corrected information also known as an amended form. To correct the information entered in a W-2 form, taxpayers are required to file W-2 C form before the deadline. In this article, we will show you how to correct the incorrect info entered on a W-2 form and what else you are required to do in case of incorrect W-2 form filed. Follow the IRS guidelines to see what info can be corrected on a W-2 C and W-3 C form.

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Case 1: You have already sent incorrect forms to your employees, but the company has not yet filed the W-2 forms those have mistakes

  1. Process all the W-2 forms along with a W-3 form once again with the right information.
  2. Once the forms are filled with the corrected information and amount, you can file them to the IRS.
  3. Now you need to provide a new copy of the W-2 form to the employees who have received the incorrect form last time.
  4. Make sure to write “Corrected” at the top of every reissued form.
  5. In case the employees have already filed the incorrect W-2 with the government then they have to file a 1040X along with the corrected W-2 form. (Follow the link to find out How to File your Tax Returns with Form 1040X)
  6. If your employee is still waiting to file the tax return, then they can use the correct W-2 for filing purpose and discard the incorrect one.

Case 2: You have sent incorrect forms to your employees, and the incorrect W-2 forms are filed with the IRS by your company

  1. Create W-2 C forms for those employees who have received incorrect W-2 forms. You will also require filing form W-3 C along with the W-2 C for making the correction in the previously filed incorrect W-2 form.
  2. From under the Employees menu in QuickBooks Desktop application, click Payroll Center.
  3. Now choose Annual Form W-2c / W-3c – corrected Wage and Tax Statement and once you select the form click the Create Form option.
  4. Select all the employees that needs the corrected form under Process W-2s for option.
  5. Make sure the correct period is selected under the Select Filing Period section.
  6. Click OK and select the employees who need the W-2 C under the Select Employees for Form W-2 / W-3 section.
  7. Click Review / Edit and answer the questions that appear on the screen.
  8. After carefully analyzing, the pages click Next on each page.
  9. Checkmark the Check if this is a W-2c (corrected W-2) checkbox under the Employer’s Name section on the Form W-2 C Worksheet window.
  10. Carefully enter the correct information in the columns for Previously Reported and Correct Information.
  11. Skip any information that was correct and don’t require any changes by right-clicking the information and selecting Override.

After you have successfully created both Previously Reported and Corrected Amounts W-2 forms, you can provide the forms to the employees who need them. If the employee has already filled the correct form, then they are not required to file W-2 C. Make sure your employee submit both form W-2 and W-2 C to make changes to the incorrectly filed tax information. One more important point to remember is that the form 1040X is also required to be filed if your employee has already filed an incorrect W-2 with the IRS along with the W-2 C.


In case if you have filled incorrect W-2 with a local agency or with the state, then you need to file the amended forms with the same authority. Follow the link to know about the filing requirements of your states.  You can easily print form W-2c and W-3c using QuickBooks for manual filing is not available. If you need help correcting and filing W-2 forms, you can reach us at our Payroll Support Number 1.855.738.2784.

Edward Martin

Edward Martin

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