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Know all about the QuickBooks 2020 End of Life

QuickBooks Desktop 2016 Discontinuation

Every year on May 31, QuickBooks discontinue one of its versions older than three years. It means that this year QuickBooks 2020 end of life is near. This discontinuation will prevent you from accessing the add-on features of QuickBooks Desktop. QuickBooks will always notify you about such policies beforehand so you can make the necessary changes.

You cannot access online live support and other added services like payroll, credit card processing, and payment network. This article will list all the facts you want to know about QuickBooks Pro 2020 discontinuation. However, you will still be able to use QuickBooks desktop after the product expires, as Intuit® only ends the add-on services for its discontinued versions.

Further, in the article, you will find all the reasons for updating QuickBooks to the latest version and typical user queries like, “is QuickBooks2020 still supported?”

As QuickBooks Pro-Advisors, we suggest you Upgrade QuickBooks to the Latest Version for uninterrupted business operations; however, if you face any issues in understanding the discontinuation policy and implementing the modifications, consider reaching out to us at the Helpline number 1.855.738.2784

What is QuickBooks Service Discontinuation all about?

QuickBooks services discontinuation indicates the services that QuickBooks will no longer support. After the specified period, you won’t be able to access these services. After May 31, 2023, QuickBooks 2020 support will not be available. The add-on services will be discontinued for QuickBooks Desktop for Windows 2020.

Service discontinuation in QuickBooks enterprise 2020 refers to the elimination of the following:

  1. QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Services
  2. Live support for QuickBooks 2020
  3. Online Banking
  4. Online Backup
  5. Other services through QuickBooks desktop 2020

This discontinuation also signifies no critical security updates beginning from June 1, 2023. Thus, users will have to undertake the QuickBooks 2020 update before this date.

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What Versions will be affected After the Discontinuation of QuickBooks 2016?

The following QB versions will get affected by moving from QuickBooks 2020 to QuickBooks online:

  1. QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2020
  2. QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2020 (Contractor, Nonprofit, Retail, General Business, Manufacturing, Wholesale, and Professional Services)
  3. QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 20
  4. QuickBooks Enterprise Accountant 20
  5. QuickBooks Premier Accountant Edition 2020
  6. QuickBooks Desktop for Mac 2020

All the versions of 2020 QuickBooks will have their add-ons discontinued. Your product will continue to function correctly if you do not use any of these add-ons in QuickBooks Desktop 2020. However, a subscription to live or other Intuit services that can be integrated with QuickBooks Desktop won’t be possible. The latest security patches and updates will also not be accessible because of the QuickBooks expiration date, so you need to plan your further moves accordingly.

How Discontinuation Will Affect QuickBooks 2016

If you are subscribed to QuickBooks 2019 add-on services, then discontinuation will terminate your access to any of your subscribed services.  Following is the list of all the services affected after QuickBooks ends support for its 2020 version.

  1. Online Backup Service
  2. Payroll service won’t be available
  3. Data Service Support
  4. Updates and security patches won’t be received after May 31, 2023
  5. Payments Services
  6. Intuit Store exchange service
  7. Time Sheet Service
  8. Mobile Sync feature

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What are the affected QuickBooks 2020 Services?

Due to the discontinuation, you have the following three options:

  1. Transfer QuickBooks 2020 to new computer after upgradation.
  2. Switch to QuickBooks Online to access cloud-based services.
  3. Undertake QuickBooks update 2023 to access the upgraded Pro, Premier, Enterprise, and desktop versions.

The add-on services, features, and live support that won’t be available in the 2020 version but can be accessed in QB Online are as follows:

Payroll Services

The following payroll services won’t be accessible in QB 2020 Desktop versions after QuickBooks Pro 2023 upgrade:

  1. Assisted payroll– QB Desktop 2020 won’t be responsible for automatically calculating accurate payroll taxes after May 31, 2023. There’d be no payroll forms available, and you can’t send payroll data. The subscription will get deactivated, and tax forms won’t get filed on your behalf.
  2. Worker’s Comp Payment Service– Processing Worker’s Comp Payment Service without the 2023 QuickBooks desktop won’t be possible.
  3. Basic, Standard, or Enhanced Payroll– You’ll have to face inaccurate paychecks because of a deactivated subscription and no updates.
  4. QuickBooks Workforce or View My PayCheck– Without an active payroll subscription and supported QuickBooks enterprise gold 2023 version, you and your employees cannot access QB Workforce.

Thus, these payroll services will become inaccessible if you don’t upgrade to QuickBooks premier nonprofit edition 2023.

Credit Card Processing

The following credit card processing services will get suspended with the discontinuation:

  1. Recurring payments– Your recurring payments won’t download in QB 2020. However, these transactions will continue to process.
  2. Payment Processing– After QuickBooks premier contractor edition 2023 upgrade, you won’t be able to process credit card and check transactions through QB Desktop 2020. A notification regarding the service being unavailable will appear. It will involve instructions for processing credit cards and checking transactions outside QB.
  3. E-invoiceeInvoice refers to the email of the invoice with the payment link enabled. It won’t be available after 31 May, 2023. A supported QB version like QuickBooks desktop manufacturing and wholesale 2023 and an active payment subscription will be necessary to run the service.
  4. Merchant Service Deposit (reconciliation)– QuickBooks Desktop 2020 won’t download credit cards and verify information in the product after May 31, 2023.

Thus, upgradation to QuickBooks Pro 2023 desktop will be necessary if you wish to utilize these services.

Other Services

Other miscellaneous services unavailable after QB Desktop 2020 are as follows:

  1. QuickBooks Time– You won’t be able to access QuickBooks Time within QB 2020. So syncing QB Time Data with QuickBooks desktop premier 2023 will be possible by moving to QB Online or using a web connector.
  2. Contributed reports– This feature won’t be accessible in QB Desktop 2020.
  3. Online Banking– If you download QuickBooks 2020 Pro, you won’t be able to download transactions, send online payments, or transfers, etc. When you perform these operations, error messages will fill your screen, depending on the download method. An illustration of this error can be as follows, “QuickBooks Desktop is unable to verify the Financial Institution Information for this Download.” In fact, uploading transactions will also not be possible.
  4. Multi-currency/ Exchange Rate– Using or turning on this feature to assign specific currency types to your profiles and accounts in QB Desktop won’t be possible without QuickBooks desktop Pro 2023 upgrade.
  5. Accountant Copy Transfer Service– Sending accountant copies in QB Desktop using this service isn’t available.

What to do when services get discontinued?

Check the QuickBooks 2023 release date and move to QuickBooks Online when the add-on services of QB Desktop 2020 get suspended after May 31, 2023.

Switch to QuickBooks Online and enjoy a seamless experience. QB Online provides features like automatic bank account updates, access to books anywhere with the internet, etc. Check the subscription features and access them if they suit your needs.

You can switch to QB Online easily. Follow the steps given in the move QB Desktop file to QB Online section for more details. You can even access support from QB professionals for the same.

Switching to QB Online and transferring your files can take less than an hour. However, it largely depends on the size of the company file.

Your QuickBooks Desktop file doesn’t change when you move to QuickBooks Desktop 2023. While the migration is going on, you can continue maintaining your books in the QB Desktop until the setup in the QB Online finishes.

However, if you’d like to stay in the desktop version, you should consider upgrading your Pro, Premier, and Enterprise versions.

Common User Queries Related to the Discontinuation of QuickBooks 2020

Here are some common queries regarding QuickBooks 2013 Windows 10 discontinuation:

Question 1: When will QuickBooks 2016 Expire?

Answer: As per Intuit’s® announcement, QuickBooks 2013 Windows 11 will expire on May 31, 2023.

Question 2: Is QuickBooks 2016 still supported?

Answer: You can access all the online services QuickBooks 2020 Windows 10 offers until  May 31, 2023. After the product discontinues, you will no longer get live support and security updates, and all the online services like payroll and online banking will be ended.

Question 3: How often do you have to upgrade QuickBooks?

Answer: Upgrade to QuickBooks 2023, the most recent version, which ensures all the latest features and added services become available. We suggest you install the newest version just after its release.

Question 4: What are the system requirements to install the newest version of QuickBooks?

Answer: Read about QuickBooks System Requirements in our article on How to set up email service with QB. Learn all about QuickBooks for Mac 2023 system requirements.

Question 5: How long is QuickBooks good for?

Answer: Any version of QuickBooks, including QuickBooks 2020 price, is suitable for three years from the launch date. However, you can still use the software after it expires, but you can’t access the add-on services available with QB servers.

Question 6: How do I check my QuickBooks version?

Answer: You can press the F2 key on your keyboard to open the Product Information windows that will display the version of QuickBooks 2020 Windows 11 you are using.

Question 7: How much does it cost to upgrade to QuickBooks 2019?

Answer: QuickBooks Pro and Pro Plus cost $299.95.

QuickBooks Premier and Premier Plus cost $499.95.

Three different plans are available for QuickBooks Enterprise: The silver plan is for $1,100, the Gold for $1,430, and the Platinum plan is for $1,760.

Question 8: How long does it take to upgrade QuickBooks to the latest version?

Answer: Usually, it takes around an hour to upgrade QuickBooks desktop 2020 to 2023 and the company file. Upgrade time also depends on your company file size; the larger your company files, the more time it will take to upgrade.

Question 9: What is the best QuickBooks software?

Answer: There are so many versions of QuickBooks desktop 2023 software, each suitable for a specific business type. As Intuit® offers a 60-Day Guarantee on QuickBooks, we suggest you get any version you like, and if you don’t like it, you can return it any time within the next 60 days of the purchase.

Question 10: What’s new in QuickBooks Desktop 2019?

Answer: Learn more about QuickBooks 2019 Features in our article on QuickBooks 2019 Update FAQs and Features.

Question 11: Is QuickBooks discontinuing desktop?

Answer: QuickBooks discontinued its QuickBooks Desktop 2018 officially in 2021. However, for the QuickBooks 2020 Mac download, no discontinuation has been reported for the desktop version, and only the add-on services for QuickBooks 2020 will be suspended. Further, QuickBooks Desktop will be discontinued only in the UK from June 1, 2023.

Question 12: Is QuickBooks desktop 2023 being phased out?

Answer: With QuickBooks 2020 add-ons suspended after May 31, 2023, QuickBooks 2023 download will become inevitable. Since the security patches won’t be available for the 2020 version, you must consider other secure options, like upgrading to the 2023 version or moving to QB Online.

Question 13: Why does QuickBooks discontinue its products?

The discontinuation of QuickBooks happens because they wish to develop and offer accessible and straightforward financial tools that help you and let you grow. However, since it is a balancing act to make QB better and easier to use while supporting the older versions, some versions are discontinued.

Question 14: How do I know if I am affected by the suspension of the services?

QuickBooks will send you emails, alerts, and messages about their services discontinuation policy beforehand so you can make appropriate changes. So, if you use QB Desktop 2020, you won’t be able to use Intuit services and subscribe to live . Moving your data to the upgraded versions will be the solution.

Hopefully, this article has provided you some insight on the discontinuation of QuickBooks 2016 and has answered all common user queries regarding the sunset of QuickBooks 2016. If you have more questions or need help upgrading QuickBooks to the latest released version, then you can reach us at our  Desktop Support Number 1.855.738.2784.

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