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How to Fix QuickBooks Crash Com Error with Experts Tips

Crash com Error in QuickBooks

If you are struggling with QuickBooks Crash Com Error and not able to resolve the problem then there is nothing to worry about. Here in this article we have listed some common step that will help you to fix this error.

QuickBooks crash com error disrupts users’ functioning while they operate the application. If you have already encountered this error, then you know the error message “Com Error” displays in a small Crash window. This error can appear in QuickBooks at any point of operation, like while sending an invoice, running payroll, or opening a company file.

QB users can feel the annoyance and frustration build up within them when all their QuickBooks commands keep crashing or going haywire. However, it shouldn’t be as complicated as it seems because professional help is available within this blog. You need not smack your forehead in worry because our experts have listed all they know to resolve this crash com error in QuickBooks skilfully. For a complete set of instructions on fixing this error, follow the entire article until the end.

If you’re an avid QuickBooks user, encountering glitches like crash-com errors in QB may be a specific phenomenon. However, resolving this problem doesn’t have to consume a significant chunk of your time. You can leave this burden on QB professionals, who will get into your software and eliminate all issues causing the system to crash. Just ring our certified and dedicated team at 1.855.738.2784 and get your problems rectified today

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What is QuickBooks Crash Com Error?

The QuickBooks com error crash arises while the user operates on opening, working, or sending forms in QuickBooks. The error message displays Crash: Com Error. Sending or emailing invoices or documents to clients, suppliers, or other parties becomes challenging when this particular error erupts in your system.

QuickBooks Crash Com Error

QuickBooks Crash Com Error

If your document is unsaved, you will lose it because of this error. The error may arise because Microsoft brought some recent changes. Another cause may be troubles in communication with Microsoft Outlook. However, the list of reasons may be exhaustive, and you may not have one trigger to put the app at fault. Therefore, understanding and analyzing all the causes of the QuickBooks crash com error is a must.

Why Does QuickBooks Encounters Crash Com Error?

These are some of the most common reasons that your QuickBooks displays Crash Com error:

  1. Most probably this error occurs due to Incomplete or Improper Installation of QuickBooks Desktop.
  2. If your  computer is infected with Malware or virus, then your QB show this error.
  3. While working with QuickBooks you have accidentally deleted some important QB installation files.

However, as mentioned above, this trigger list isn’t complete and doesn’t detail everything. We have mentioned explanations of why com error QuickBooks arises as follows:

Software Conflict and Synchronization Issues

Frictions with other software and synchronization problems, especially third-party applications or security software, can occasionally lead to crashes or errors in QuickBooks.

Corrupted Installation

If the QuickBooks installation files are corrupted or incomplete, it can result in a crash com or unexpected errors.

Outdated Software

Compatibility problems and crash-com errors can arise if you never update your QuickBooks application and still lean on old versions.

Damaged Company/ Windows File

A corrupted or damaged company file can cause flux and crashes in QuickBooks. Similarly, critical Windows files may deteriorate, leading to problems within the application. Windows files necessary for QuickBooks operations ensure compatibility and smooth app functioning.

System Resources

Inadequate system resources, such as RAM or processing power, can lead to crashes when QuickBooks attempts to perform resource-intensive tasks.

Windows Updates

Windows Install Updates Now

Incompatibilities with recent Windows updates can sometimes cause issues with QuickBooks.

Data Integrity Issues

Data integrity problems within the QuickBooks company file can cause the QuickBooks com error. You may find refuge in QuickBooks File Doctor in such cases.

Printer or PDF Issues

Printing-related issues or problems generating PDF files from within QuickBooks can also lead to crashes.

Network Issues

Network Issues

Network Issues

If you’re using QuickBooks in a multi-user environment, network problems or issues with the server hosting the company file can cause crashes.

User Account Control (UAC)

Erroneous User Account Control settings on your computer might meddle with QuickBooks’ ability to access necessary files and resources.

Windows User Profile Corruption

A corrupted Windows user profile can lead to various software issues, including com crashes.

Hardware Issues

Faulty hardware components, such as RAM or hard drives, can cause system and com crashes while using QuickBooks.

Accidental File Deletion

If your QuickBooks files, essential for its operations, go missing or get deleted accidentally, crash-com errors may arise.

Firewall and Antivirus Obstructions

Hindrances may arise while using QuickBooks due to the firewall, antivirus, and other security applications causing crash com errors in QuickBooks.

Damaged Or Missing Components

Whether it’s Microsoft Windows or QuickBooks components, you will encounter problems while emailing invoices if they become damaged or missing.

Communication Failure

Failure in communication servers between the QuickBooks application and email software can result in crash-com errors.

Malicious Attacks

Virus, trojan, or malware attacks may prevent your QB operations from running smoothly.

When you grasp the exact reason for triggering QuickBooks crash com errors in your device, you can quickly safeguard your time and implement relevant troubleshooting.

Symptoms of QuickBooks Crash Com Error

If you’re experiencing issues that result in crashes or errors related to COM (Component Object Model) within QuickBooks Desktop for Windows, you might encounter the following signs and symptoms:

Sudden Application Crashes

QuickBooks unexpectedly closes or crashes while you’re working in the software, opening, editing, or working on forms, often displaying an error message that includes “COM Error.”

Error Messages

You receive error messages containing the phrase “Crash: Com Error” or something similar when you try to perform specific actions, such as opening QuickBooks, running reports, or sending forms.

Unresponsive Interface

QuickBooks becomes unresponsive or freezes while using the software, potentially accompanied by an error message related to a QuickBooks com crash error.

Inability to Perform Tasks

You might be unable to perform specific tasks within QuickBooks due to the error, such as creating invoices, recording transactions, or generating financial reports.

Form Sending Issues

The process might fail or crash if the error occurs when sending forms (such as invoices or reports) through QuickBooks.

Data Integrity Problems

Data integrity issues, such as incorrect balances, missing transactions, or anomalies in your financial records, might accompany this error.

Event Viewer Entries

You observe entries related to QuickBooks crashes or com errors in the Windows Event Viewer, which can provide more detailed information about the issue.

General Instability

The overall stability of QuickBooks might be compromised, with frequent crashes and errors occurring across various functions.

Printer and PDF Problems

If the error involves the COM component responsible for printing or generating PDF files, you might encounter printing and PDF creation issues within QuickBooks.

Impaired Multi-User Access

Multi-User Access

Multi-User Access

If you’re using QuickBooks in a multi-user environment, the error might impact the ability of multiple users to access the company file simultaneously.

Performance Degradation

You notice a significant slowdown in QuickBooks’ performance, such as delays when opening or switching between different features.

Once you’ve witnessed the symptoms of the QB crash com error, let’s investigate the outcomes of this error.

Circumstances When You Encounter Crash Com Error in QB

Here are some potential circumstances where you might experience crashes or COM-related errors in QuickBooks:

Opening or Closing QuickBooks

The QuickBooks 2017 com error might occur when opening or closing the QuickBooks application.

Performing Specific Tasks

Specific actions within QuickBooks, like generating reports, sending forms (invoices, statements), printing checks, or reconciling accounts, could trigger the crash com error.

Working with Forms

The QB crash com error might occur when attempting to email or save forms as PDFs.

Data Entry

Entering or editing transactions, customers, vendors, or items could lead to a crash if there’s a conflict or issue related to the COM components used for these operations.

Switching Between Modules

Switching between modules or areas within QuickBooks (e.g., moving from invoices to expenses) might trigger a crash.

Accessing Company File

Opening a specific company file or switching between company files could lead to an error if there’s a compatibility issue.

Using Multi-User Mode

If you use QuickBooks in multi-user mode, interactions between users and the shared company file might result in a QuickBooks Desktop crash com error.

Printing and PDF Generation

Generating PDFs of reports, forms, or checks, or printing documents directly from QuickBooks, might lead to crashes if there’s an issue with the underlying COM components responsible for these tasks.

Third-Party Integrations

If you’re using third-party applications or plugins that interact with QuickBooks, compatibility issues between these integrations and QuickBooks could result in com crashes.

Network Interruptions

Network connectivity issues, particularly in multi-user environments, might contribute to crashes or errors when accessing the company file.

You’re most likely to encounter the QB crash com error during these activities.

Consequences of QuickBooks Crash Com Error

The QuickBooks com error desktop bears the following consequences:

Data Loss

Depending on the point at which the crash occurs, there’s a risk of losing unsaved data or having data in the process of being saved become corrupted.

Interrupted Workflows

Crashes disrupt your work processes, potentially causing you to lose progress on tasks, transactions, or reports you were working on.

Time Wasted

Dealing with crashes and errors ingests valuable time, both in terms of diagnosing the issue and waiting for the software to be operational again.

Frustration and Stress

Frequent crashes can lead to frustration and stress, especially when you’re in the midst of essential accounting tasks like invoicing.

Data Integrity Concerns

A crash could lead to data integrity issues within your QuickBooks file, potentially resulting in inaccurate financial records or missing transactions.

Loss of Productivity

Com crash errors in QuickBooks interrupt your workflow and can result in a loss of productivity for you and your team members.

Recovery Efforts

After a crash, you may need to spend time troubleshooting, attempting to recover lost data, or reinstalling and configuring QuickBooks.

Missed Deadlines

If the QuickBooks crash com error message occurs during a critical time, it could lead to missed deadlines for tasks like sending invoices or preparing reports.

Potentially Damaged Files

Frequent crashes increase the risk of damaging your QuickBooks company file, making it difficult to access or recover your financial data.

Confidence Impact

Frequent crashes can erode your confidence in the stability of the software, making you question its reliability for your accounting needs.

If you do not wish to stay stuck with these terrible outcomes, you need to find quick resolutions for the QuickBooks crash com error. Following the steps mentioned below you can avoid the Unexpected Error in QuickBooks

Prerequisites to Rectifying QuickBooks Crash Com Error

Before delving into the in-depth resolutions for QuickBooks 2023 crash com error, satisfy the following:

Backup Data

Any changes to the QuickBooks crash com error resolution require you to form a recent backup of your QuickBooks data. Your financial information stays preserved in case anything gets damaged during resolution.

Update QuickBooks

Update QuickBooks

Update QuickBooks

  1. Employ the latest QB version with the fixes.
  2. Click Help >> Update QB Desktop as a shortcut.

Operating System Updates

  1. Get the latest updates and patches for your Windows Operating System.

Diagnostic Tools

QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

  1. Download and employ the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool.
  2. Recognize and repair issues related to Microsoft components used by QuickBooks.

Data Verification and Rebuilding

  1. Verify and Rebuild your QuickBooks company file to assess possible data integrity issues.
  2. Tap File >> Utilities >> Verify/ Rebuild.
  3. Rebuild data when problems are found.

Windows User Account

  1. If the error seems user-specific, develop a new Windows user account and try running QuickBooks from that account.

Third-Party Add-ons and Plugins

  1. Turn off any third-party add-ons or plugins you’ve installed in QuickBooks.
  2. See if the crash com error persists.

Printer and PDF Issues

  1. Ratify any problems related to printing or generating PDF files from QuickBooks.

Network and Connectivity

  1. Maintain stable network connectivity, especially in multi-user environments.
  2. Uncover any network-related problems that might influence QuickBooks’ performance.

Event Viewer

  1. Use the Windows Event Viewer to identify specific error messages or logs related to QuickBooks crashes.
  2. It can provide insights into the underlying issue.

Software Conflicts

  1. Turn off or uninstall any third-party software that might be conflicting with QuickBooks.

QuickBooks Repair

  1. If none of the above steps ratify the issue, pick repairing your QuickBooks installation.
  2. Open Control Panel >> Programs and Features >> QuickBooks >> Uninstall/ Change.

Contact QuickBooks Support

  1. If the crash com error in QB persists, contact QuickBooks customer support for specialized assistance.
  2. They might supply detailed solutions based on your situation.

Online Communities and Forums

Engage with the QuickBooks user community and online forums to seek advice from others who might have encountered and solved similar issues.

After ratifying the above steps, it’s time to learn how to fix com error in QuickBooks.

Step by Step Guide to Fix the Crash Com Error

Follow the steps mentioned below in the given order for a quick resolution of the problem and to save your time and efforts.

  • Firstly You need to check if your Outlook is Updated. If Outlook is not updated then follow the steps given below:

* Go to Outlook then click the File Tab> Select Office Account> hit Update Now.

Control Panel> Go to Programs > Default Programs> Select Outlook and then OK.

  • If Problem Persist then Add Another Email Account to Microsoft Outlook.

Go to Outlook> File> Click Add Account

  • Toggle Mail Setting if the Previous Step is not helpful

Go to Control Panel> Microsoft Outlook> Prompt the Profile> toggle the selection> Apply> Ok 

  • Add Window Admin User And try to run QuickBooks if the problem persist then you need to follow the next step.
  • You need to run QuickBooks in compatibility mode.
  • Right Click the QB icon and go to properties
  • Then Go to Compatibility tab and checkmark “Run this Program in Compatibility mode” check box.

Select Window > Checkmark the “Run this program as an Administrator” checkbox.

  • If the steps mentioned above does not help to fix crash com error then you need to Repair Microsoft Office and run Window’s Repair tool

Repair Office: Go to Microsoft

Read Window Update FAQ

Note: If you are not able to Run Repair Microsoft Office and run Window’s Repair tool then you need to handover this issues to an IT Expert.

A Thorough Guide to Repairing QuickBooks Crash Com Error

Now, we’ll look into a step-by-step of different solutions to fix crash com error in QuickBooks Desktop. Attempt these in the sequence mentioned below and keep trying the next if the error persists:

Solution 1: Get the Newly Released QB

The most recent QuickBooks release has had security patches and bug removals that have treated the crash com error and removed instances of it arising again. So, resolve the crash com problem as follows:

Study the Current Version

  1. Open QuickBooks Desktop.
  2. Drive to the top navigation bar.
  3. Pick “Help.”

Update QuickBooks

  1. Pick “Update QuickBooks Desktop.”
  2. The “Update QuickBooks Desktop” window arises.
  3. Hit the “Update Now” switch.

Backup Your Company File

  1. Follow the update only after generating the latest backup company file.
  2. Hit the “File” menu.
  3. Select “Back Up Company.”
  4. Heed the prompts to assemble a backup.

Choose Update Options

  1. Navigate the “Update Now” window.
  2. Explore the “Automatic Updates” and “Share Download” buttons.
  3. Hit “Automatic Updates” if you want QuickBooks to download updates automatically when known.
  4. Prefer “Share Download” if you want to download and share the update on your network for multiple users.

Update Download

  1. Avail of the “Get Updates” button to trigger the download.
  2. QuickBooks will set the pedal on downloading the latest updates.
  3. Ensure a high internet connection throughout the update download for quicker results.

Install Updates

  1. The download process concludes.
  2. A message requesting updates to install arises.
  3. Desire the “Install Now” button to activate the installation process.

Restart QuickBooks

  1. Finish installing the updates.
  2. Close QuickBooks.
  3. Reopen QuickBooks.
  4. See if the refresh happens seamlessly.

Confirm Update

  1. Affirm that the update was successful.
  2. Try this by repeating the first step to check your QuickBooks version.
  3. Verify the QuickBooks Desktop com error and proceed to the following solution on persistence.

Solution 2: Update Microsoft Outlook

QuickBooks users lean on Microsoft Outlook to email invoices to different parties. So, if this add-on isn’t functioning appropriately, the possibilities of errors in the procedure multiply twofold. In such circumstances, ensuring and acquiring the most recent updates is critical. The newest version resolves any bugs in the old edition and refreshes it as follows:

Update Microsoft Outlook

Update Microsoft Outlook

  1. Access “Microsoft Outlook.”
  2. Pick “File.”
  3. Choose the “Office Account” option.
  4. Tap “Update Options.”
  5. Prefer “Update Now.”

You shall now be able to access QB Desktop’s invoicing operations using Microsoft Outlook without errors. If not, jump onto the following rectification approach.

Solution 3: Make Microsoft Outlook the Default Mail App

Sometimes, the QuickBooks crash com error might emerge because the Microsoft Outlook option you use to send forms and invoices to your partners does not have the required permissions. It implies that you’re using the app as an option, which may trigger problems within the program. However, this case can be reversed if you make MS Outlook your default choice for mailing as follows:

  1. Avail of your “Control Panel.”
  2. Pick “Programs.”
  3. Opt for “Default Programs.”
  4. Prefer the “Set your default programs” button.
  5. Tap “Mail.”
  6. Favor “Outlook.”

Attempt the following solution if this fails to repair the com error in QuickBooks Desktop.

Solution 4: Add an Email Account to MS Outlook

If you haven’t already, ensure to add an email account to your MS Outlook mail option. It’ll allow you to utilize the feature without errors and help in receiving or sending essential emails, invoices, forms, and other formal communication channels:

  1. Access “Microsoft Outlook.”
  2. Pick “File.”
  3. Tap “Info.”
  4. Hit “Add Account” to begin setup.
  5. Input your necessary email IDs for communication.
  6. Hit “Next.”
  7. Linger for MS Outlook to pick the server.
  8. Press “Connect.”
  9. Put the passwords for the corresponding email IDs in the next section.
  10. Select “OK.”
  11. Hit “OK” again for setup completion.

If QuickBooks can’t locate Microsoft Outlook, pursue the following sequence to notice if it’s one of the email options:

  1. Unlock QB.
  2. Tap Edit.
  3. Pick Preferences.
  4. Choose Send Forms.
  5. Favor My Preferences.

Usually, when MS Outlook isn’t visible, you can reboot your device and repair QB to make it visible again. A new Windows user profile may also be necessary.

Solution 5: Toggle Mail Settings

Ensuring your mail settings are appropriately configured for your system can help fix QuickBooks 2017 com error. You can arrange them as follows:

  1. Extend your Control Panel.
  2. Tap User Account.
  3. Hit Mail.
  4. Then, pick Microsoft Outlook.
  5. Move to Profile.
  6. Navigate to select Show Profile.
  7. Hit Outlook.
  8. See if Already use this profile box is marked already.
  9. In such a case, hit Prompt for a profile to be used.
  10. Hit Apply.
  11. Access the Always use this profile option.
  12. Finally, click Apply.
  13. Finish with an OK.

Hopefully, the crash com error will stop persisting. Otherwise, attempt the following crash-com QB resolution.

Solution 6: Form a New MS Outlook Email Profile

Your current MS Outlook profile might be damaged or corrupted. Ideally, it may not have its settings arranged to run QB seamlessly. Else, other issues may surround your current Outlook profile and prompt you to create a new one. So, we have detailed the procedure for forming a new MS Outlook email profile as follows:

  1. Exit Microsoft Outlook.
  2. Unlock the Control Panel.
  3. Pick User Account.
  4. Hit Mail.
  5. Access the Mail Setup window.
  6. Avail of Show Profiles.
  7. Select Add.
  8. See the Profile Name field.
  9. Enter a name.
  10. Tap OK.
  11. Add an email account via the on-screen guide.
  12. Hit Apply.
  13. Click OK.
  14. Don’t worry; your existing Outlook profile won’t be removed.

Verify the presence of QuickBooks Desktop crash com error and try the following if persisting.

Solution 7: Operate QB in Compatibility Mode

Your QuickBooks Desktop application should be employed in compatibility mode, ensuring all Windows operating system programs run without issues. You can set up your Windows OS for a compatibility mode run as follows:

  1. Right-hit QB on your desktop.
  2. Pick Properties.
  3. Access the Compatibility tab.
  4. Pick the choice ” Run this program in compatibility mode for.”
  5. Locate the dropdown.
  6. Tap Windows 7.
  7. Pick the mark box “Run this program as an administrator.”
  8. Click Apply.
  9. Follow with OK.

See the presence of QuickBooks Desktop crash com error.

Solution 8: Add Windows Admin User

As a final straw to QuickBooks Desktop crash com error message, forming a new Windows admin user will help. This solution will remove the existing profile, which may be damaged, full, or unable to accommodate QB procedures of sending, opening, and editing invoices and forms. The Windows user profile may not have sufficient permissions or need a new admin for rectification. The solution goes as follows:

  1. Develop the latest Windows user with admin privileges.
  2. Sign into Windows with new admin user rights.
  3. Re-access QB.

The new admin user development process in Windows goes as follows:

Open User Accounts Settings

  1. Access the Start menu.
  2. Type “Settings.”
  3. Press Enter to unfurl the Settings app.
  4. Tap “Accounts” in the Settings window.

Add a Family & Other Users

  1. Visit the Accounts settings.
  2. Go to the left-hand menu.
  3. Tap “Family & other users.”

Add a User

  1. See beneath “Other users.”
  2. Unlock the “Add someone else to this PC” button.

Create a Microsoft Account

  1. Arrive at the next screen.
  2. You’ll be prodded to sign in with a Microsoft account.
  3. Creating a local admin account requires hitting the “I don’t have this person’s sign-in information” connection at the bottom.

Add a User Without a Microsoft Account

  1. Jump to the next window.
  2. Depress the “Add a user without a Microsoft account” link.

Create an Account

  1. You’ll be goaded to create a new account by entering a username and password.
  2. Make sure to designate the account type as “Administrator.”

Complete Setup

  1. Pursue the on-screen prompts to conclude the setup of the new user account.

Confirm the New Account

  1. Once the account is created, it is listed under “Other users” in the Accounts settings.

Switch to the New Account

  1. Switch to the new admin account.
  2. Previously, log out of your current user account.
  3. Get the Windows login screen.
  4. Tap your new account’s name and enter the password.

Test and Troubleshoot

  1. Use the new admin account to test if the crash com issues you were encountering persist.
  2. If the issues are resolved in the new account, the problem might be specific to your original user profile.

There are many Solutions but we suggest some simple steps which can help you to fix QuickBooks Crash Com Error, if  the above mentioned steps are not helpful then you need to speak with QB Experts so they will find the exact concern and fix this problem. Our team of proficient experts are well aware of this ongoing issue and provides quick solutions to the users in the shortest time possible.


Why does QuickBooks crash when sending forms like invoices or reports?

Crashes when sending forms could be due to issues related to printing or generating PDFs. Ensure your printer drivers are the latest versions and that there are no issues with the PDF generation process within QuickBooks.

How often should I update QuickBooks to avoid crash-com errors?

Updating QuickBooks whenever one is available is recommended to ascertain you have the latest bug fixes (like for the crash com error) and improvements. It would be best to inspect for updates at least once a month or whenever new updates are released.

Can a corrupted company file cause crashes?

Yes, a corrupted or damaged company file can lead to com crashes or unexpected behavior in QuickBooks. Running the verify and rebuild data utilities can help address crash com issues related to data integrity.

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