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Fix QuickBooks Error 2002 Payroll Connection & Server Error

QuickBooks Error 2002

Be it a startup or an established business, being unable to process payroll because of QuickBooks error 2002 can be a nightmare. If you are also a QuickBooks user dealing with this frustrating payroll issue, this article crafted by experts will help you clean the mess quickly.

If you’re a QuickBooks user, you know the ease with which your payroll processes every time. Features like direct deposit add to your convenience. However, these functions may see obstacles in the form of QuickBooks message code 2002, which arises while trying to send payroll data or depositing paychecks directly. It occurs with error messages like “Payroll Connection Error” or “Payroll Service Server Error. Please try again later. If this problem persists, please contact Intuit .” With this detailed guide, let’s dig into the reasons and solutions to the 2002 error code.

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Why am I Facing QuickBooks Error Code 2002?

Here is a list of the standard reasons that lead to QB error code 2002. The system firewall or security software might be blocking updates for QuickBooks.

  1. The system’s incorrect date and time settings can also trigger the 2002 error.
  2. If you have an invalid security certificate, the error 2002 will likely arise.
  3. While sending payroll data in multi-user mode, QuickBooks pro 2002 update may arise.
  4. QB Desktop might be unable to access the server because of a network time-out error.
  5. General internet connection problems can also trigger this error.

Step-by-Step Solutions to Resolve Error 2002 in QuickBooks

Amongst various solutions available to resolve payroll error 2002 QB desktop, these are some of the most appropriate and effective ways. Ensure to send payroll after each solution and do it in single-user mode (File > Switch to single-user mode):

Solution 1: Ensure Accurate Date and Time

The foremost thing to resolve the QuickBooks message code 2002 is to ensure the correct date and time settings. If these settings or properties are incorrect, you should correct them. The following steps prevail in this situation:

Fix the Incorrect Date and Time Settings
Verify Time Date Settings
  1. When you reach the Date and Time section in Windows, you can let Windows set the time and zone automatically or arrange for manual settings.
  2. Setting Time and Date on Windows requires going to the Start
  3. Choose Settings, then hit the Time and Language
  4. Now, select Date & Time and configure these settings.

Now, run payroll and try using the direct deposit feature to ensure the message code 2002 QB payroll doesn’t arise.

Solution 2: Download the Latest Tax Table

Outdated tax tables can lead to incorrect calculations and other QuickBooks Payroll and direct deposit errors. So, update these through the following steps in your Desktop version:

Download the Latest Tax Table
Download the Latest Tax Table
  1. Access the Employees section and choose the Get Payroll Updates
  2. You can first verify your tax table version by noting the number next to You are using tax table version: and corresponding it with the latest payroll news and updates. More details about your version of the tax table are available on Payroll Update Info.
  3. Get the latest tax table by clicking the Download Entire Update
  4. Hit the Update option, and an informational wizard indicates the successful end of the download.

Send payroll and direct deposits after this solution and see if the error persists.

Solution 3: Undertake a Reboot

Restart the System
Restart the System

When nothing else works, simply restart your computer from the Start menu > Power icon > Restart (Windows). Send the payroll data and direct deposit paychecks to see if QuickBooks Pro 2002 update is fixed.

Solution 4: Install a New Security Certificate for QuickBooks Desktop

If you encounter QuickBooks pro 2002 because of an invalid security certificate, you need to install a new one through the following steps:

Install a New Security Certificate
Install a New Security Certificate
  1. Navigate to the following directory: C:\Program Files\Intuit\QuickBooks.
  2. Right-clickexe and choose Properties.
  3. Access the Digital Signature tab and affirm that Intuit is selected in the signature list.
  4. Click on Details.
  5. Within the Digital Signature Details window, hit View Certificate.
  6. In the Certificate window, opt for Install Certificate.
  7. Proceed by selecting Next until Finish is visible, then click Finish.
  8. Restart your computer.
  9. Launch QuickBooks.


We must now end our blog on QuickBooks Error 2002. If you find understanding and interpreting the information above challenging and require a professional to support you, call us at 1.855.738.2784 and consult an expert.


What should I do before implementing solutions for QuickBooks error 2002?

Before applying the solutions for QuickBooks error 2002, do as follows:
1. Create a backup of your company file locally using QuickBooks Desktop.
2. Try detecting the causes of the error to ensure adequate troubleshooting.
3. Switch QuickBooks into single-user mode.

Which OS faces error 2002, and what can we do to fix it?

Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8 face QuickBooks error 2002 most commonly. You can fix it by checking your internet connection, date and time settings, tax tables, etc.

Can a quick restart fix QuickBooks error 2002?

A quick reboot from the Start menu can help you rectify QuickBooks error 2002. You can verify if this payroll error arises after sending payroll and direct deposit paychecks.

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