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How to Quickly Eliminate QuickBooks Error 2000?

QuickBooks Error 2000

Most QuickBooks users face issues while doing online banking in QuickBooks that arise because of the faults made by users while setting up banking and QuickBooks on Windows. QuickBooks Error 2000 is one such error that appears while accessing online banking in QuickBooks and can appear in both versions of QuickBooks, i.e., QuickBooks Desktop and Online. Sometimes error 2000 also occurs while opening the company file in QuickBooks Desktop and displays an error message “QuickBooks is unable to verify the financial institution information for this download.” Following the troubleshooting instructions mentioned in this article, you can quickly eliminate the error without risking your crucial QB data. For complete info, follow the entire article until the end.

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What is QuickBooks Error 2000?

QuickBooks error 2000 is a banking error in QuickBooks that might trigger error messages like:

"Sign-on was rejected," 

"The problem to a bank account is not active and you tried to transmit data. Solution verifies your bank account and then resubmit your request" 

"Problem uploading data to service,"

"Additional information from the payroll service"

All the above error messages are triggered by corruption in some crucial QuickBooks program files or issues with the server and remote network. Next, in this article, we will analyze the root causes of the error and solutions that can resolve the issue in the shortest time possible.

Reasons that Cause QuickBooks Desktop Error 2000

Following are the reasons responsible for triggering QuickBooks Desktop Error 2000 while accessing the company file and online banking in QuickBooks:

  1. The login credentials you are using to access your online banking account in QuickBooks are incorrect.
  2. Online banking servers are not responding to your request to access the data stored on the banking servers.
  3. For some reason, your online banking account has been deactivated, and QuickBooks cannot verify the authenticity of your online banking account.
  4. QuickBooks needs to re-verify your online banking credentials.
  5. QuickBooks Desktop is not having the latest updates.
  6. Damaged QuickBooks .ini files also cause QB Error 2000.

Solutions to Get Rid of QuickBooks Error 2000

Solution 1: Verify your Banking Login Credentials

  1. Visit your online baking website and try to sign in using your login credentials.
  2. If you get an error stating your login credentials are incorrect, open a text file and type your login credentials.
  3. Ensure that you are typing your login credentials correctly, and also make sure Caps Lock is turned off.
  4. Even after entering the proper login credentials, if you get the error, click the forgot login id/password link and try to reset your password.
  5. After resetting the login id and password, try to access the online banking in QuickBooks using the new credentials.

Solution 2: Verify that your Online Banking is still active

  1. Login to your banking account from the browser and check for the notifications.
  2. If you see any notification asking to submit additional information to continue using online banking, provide the necessary information and re-activate your online banking.
  3. Open QuickBooks and try to access the company file data. In case if you are still getting the QB Error 2000, follow the next troubleshooting step.

Solution 3: Recreate QuickBooks .ini File

  1. Open Windows File Manager by pressing Windows + E keys on your computer’s desktop screen.
  2. Go to the c drive and navigate to the QuickBooks Folder.
  3. Make sure to change Windows settings to Show Hidden Windows Files.
  4. Locate the file with the name QBWUSER.ini.
  5. Right-click the file and add .OLD at the end of the file name.
  6. Repeat the same steps for DataStore.ecml file.
  7. Try rerunning QuickBooks.

Solution 4: Update QuickBooks Desktop Application

  1. For detailed instructions on updating QuickBooks, follow our article How to Update QuickBooks Desktop.

We hope the troubleshooting methods mentioned above will help you resolve QuickBooks error 2000. However, if the error is not fixed and you are still getting QB Online Error 2000, you can reach us at our customer Service Number+1- 855 738 2784 for instant help and support.

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