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Effective Solution to Resolve QuickBooks Error 6143

QuickBooks Error 6143

Corruption in the QuickBooks company file can provoke many errors during different operations in QuickBooks Desktop. One such error that emerges due to faults in the company file is QuickBooks Error 6143. Sometimes basic troubleshooting alone is not enough to get rid of company file-related errors, and you might need to repair the company file using the advanced file repair tools to get the issues fixed. QuickBooks verify and rebuild data tool repairs company file damage, but the major challenge when running verify/rebuild data also triggers error 6143 in QuickBooks. Further, in the article, you will find all the reasons that cause QuickBooks Error 6143, along with a detailed troubleshooting method. For complete info, follow the entire article until the end.

Getting Error Message “We are sorry, QuickBooks encountered an error. Error codes: 6143”! Call Support Number +1- 855 738 2784 for Help

QuickBooks Desktop Error 6143 – Description

Error 6143 in QuickBooks is related to the company file and might appear while accessing the company file or performing any other task with the company file, like running the QuickBooks verify/rebuild data tool. QuickBooks Desktop error 6143 mainly occurs when there is damage in the company file. It may also appear when the company file name has spaces at the end before the file’s extension. A few other reasons cause error 6143 in the QuickBooks desktop, like an outdated QuickBooks or unreachable company file.

IMPORTANT: Before applying the troubleshooting method listed below, make sure to Update QuickBooks Desktop to the latest version and turn off the hosting on every computer in the network except the server that is hosting the company file.

Solutions to Resolve QuickBooks Error 6143

Solution 1: Download and Run QuickBooks File Doctor

  1. For detailed instructions on downloading and running QuickBooks File Doctor to clear common file damage and network issues, follow our article How to Fix Damaged Company File or Network using QuickBooks File Doctor.

Solution 2: Remove any Spaces from the Company File Name

  1. Log out and exit QuickBooks on every workstation and server in the network.
  2. Open the QuickBooks installation folder on the server where the QuickBooks company file is saved.
  3. Usually, the file is located at C:\Users \Public\ Public Documents\ Intuit\QuickBooks\ Company Files.
  4. Right-click the company file and select Rename.
  5. Now remove any spaces in the company file name and the company file extension.
  6. Open QuickBooks and perform the same operation that prompted the error earlier.
  7. In case if you are still getting the QuickBooks Error message 6143, follow the next troubleshooting step.

Solution 3: Copy the Company File to the Workstation

  1. Open the QuickBooks installation folder on the server and copy the company file to a removable storage device.
  2. Plug-in the USB drive on the workstation that is experiencing the error.
  3. Paste the company file into the system and open QuickBooks.
  4. Now open the company file from the local storage of the computer.

NOTE: Sometimes, Windows security programs and firewalls consider QuickBooks connection with the network as a security threat and block QuickBooks from connecting with other workstations in the network. Make sure to Add QuickBooks to the Exclusion list of your firewall application to avoid such company file errors.

We understand that dealing with data damage in QuickBooks is serious trouble. Once you get any company file-related error, you might be worried about the crucial information that your company file retains. If following the troubleshooting does not help and error message 6143 is still appearing in QuickBooks, you can reach us at our Helpline Number +1- 855 738 2784 for immediate help and assistance.

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