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Correct Payment Date on IRS Form 941

Form 941 in QuickBooks

Change Payment Date on Schedule B Form 941 in QuickBooks

First and foremost to answer if it is possible to change the payment date on schedule B form 941, yes it is. The key point to remember is the changes to Schedule B must follow the tax payment schedule as listed down by the IRS. This helps to avoid penalties in the future.  The schedule B form lays down the 941 tax liabilities that are applicable for each paycheck date. Your liability in schedule B of 941 form includes:

  • The federal income tax you withheld from your employees’ pay, and
  • Both employee and employer social security and Medicare taxes.
Note: Schedule form is actually not useful when listing your federal tax deposits.

In this blog we talk about the simple steps involved to change the Payment Date on Schedule B Form 941.Read More »Change Payment Date on Schedule B Form 941 in QuickBooks

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