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QuickBooks Error 12152: Expert Tips and Solutions

QuickBooks Error 12152

QuickBooks error 12152 causes unsuccessful payroll updates. If you have encountered this error on your system, keep reading the blog till the end. Here, you’ll find the necessary information on why this error emerges and what you can do to get rid of it seamlessly.

Users have recently struggled to download updates for QuickBooks payroll because of one of the many 12XXX series of errors. Error 12152 in QuickBooks occurs while trying to get the latest QuickBooks payroll updates. You can face this error right after clicking the ‘Get Payroll Updates’ or ‘Download Latest Updates’ option in QuickBooks Desktop. This blog focuses on this error in detail and provides you with instructions to erase the same. Read till the end.

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What is Error 12152 in QuickBooks?

QB error code 12152 is a payroll update error. This means that this error can pop up when the user tries to download an update for QB payroll, and it becomes unsuccessful for any reason. An interruption caused by internet connection issues is the primary cause of this error. The error may come up when the update is successful but the application is inaccessible.

Therefore, you can avoid the QuickBooks error message 12152 by checking your internet settings, establishing a robust connection, and permitting the internet to connect to secured websites like Intuit, QuickBooks, etc.

Reasons Why You Are Unable to Open QuickBooks Error 12152

Given below are the root causes of QuickBooks Desktop error 12152. One or all of the below-mentioned reasons could have provoked the error in your program –

  1. Operating Interruptions by Windows Firewall or other security programs installed on the system can restrict QuickBooks from connecting to the update server.
  2. Due to issues in the internet connection settings, QuickBooks can’t connect to the update server.
  3. Security applications installed on the system are restricting the downloaded updates from being installed.
  4. Internet Explorer is not properly configured as a result, QuickBooks and Windows have no internet access.
  5. Not using Internet Explorer as the default internet browser can also trigger in the form of 12XXX series errors.
  6. If the SSL is not properly configured, QuickBooks will face issues downloading the payroll updates and trigger error 12152.

QuickBooks Connection Error 12152 – Best Working Solutions

After understanding the different causes of QB error message 12152, let us move forward to learning the approaches that will cure the issue of its foundation –

Technique 1 – Reconfigure Internet Explorer in Favor of QuickBooks

Downloading updates from a misconfigured network or web browser can lead to faults in all programs. You must correct the configuration by performing these instructions –

Configure the Internet Explorer Settings
Configure the Internet Explorer Settings
  1. Launch Internet Explorer after exiting QuickBooks Desktop, and if you are using Windows 10 or a later version, manually search for Internet settings in the search bar.
  2. Select Tools in Internet Explorer and click Internet Options.
  3. Move to the Security tab and, using the Globe icon, make sure the security settings are set no higher than medium-high.
  4. Now move to the Connections tab and click the option that says Never dial a connection.
  5. Click OK and move to the LAN settings.
  6. Now make sure that the option that says Automatically detect settings is selected and uncheck the box next to Use a Proxy Server is unchecked.
  7. Click OK and now move to the Advanced tab.
  8. Click Restore Advanced Settings, and from the Settings section, look for the option that says TLS 1.2 option.
  9. Click OK to save the changes and close Internet Explorer.
  10. Restart your system and check if you can now install the payroll updates.

Technique 2 – Ensure No Security App or Firewall is Restricting QuickBooks

Disable Firewall
Disable Firewall

As discussed in the reasons, if QuickBooks Desktop is being restricted by a firewall or security app from connecting to the internet or the update server, you will likely face error 12152. Implementing this solution requires you to add QuickBooks to the safe programs list in the security program settings, configure incoming and outgoing ports in the firewall settings, and follow instructions to disable the security app to install the updates temporarily.

Technique 3 – Make the Best Use of QuickBooks Clean Install Tool

QuickBooks installation issues are well fixed by the QB Clean Install Tool inside the QB tool hub. Here are some steps to help you with the process –

QuickBooks Clean Install Tool
QuickBooks Clean Install Tool
  1. Navigate to the Programs and Features window and then select Uninstall a Program.
  2. Locate and choose QuickBooks and then tap on the Uninstall/ Change
  3. Press Next to view a prompt that asks you to choose between Repair and Remove.
  4. Click on the Remove option and follow the uninstallation wizard.
  5. Now, go to Intuit’s website and download the newest version of QuickBooks Tool Hub.
  6. Save the file on your desktop and install the tool by double-clicking on the downloaded file.
  7. Tap on Installation Issues and choose to run the QuickBooks Clean Install Tool.
  8. You must wait for the tool to diagnose and rectify the errors in your program and files.
  9. Later, download and install the required version of QuickBooks on your device and restart it once.

Check for QuickBooks update error 12152; if it persists, move forward with the following solution.

Technique 4: Configure the Date and Time Settings

When the system’s date and time settings do not align, it causes incompatibility issues with accessing the internet for QuickBooks updates. Let’s look into how you can correct these problems and prevent error 12152:

Fix the Incorrect Date and Time Settings
Verify Time Date Settings
  1. Check the date and time on your system at the bottom right corner. If they are incorrect, proceed further.
  2. Right-click and choose to adjust the date and time.
  3. Make changes manually and click OK.
  4. End by restarting the QuickBooks software and verifying if the error persists.

Technique 5: Uninstall, Reinstall, Repair QB Desktop

If the QuickBooks error code 12152 keeps troubling you, undertake the following actions:

Repair the QuickBooks application
Repair the QuickBooks application
  1. Go to the Control Panel from the desktop or the Start menu, whichever is easier.
  2. Click Programs and Features in the Control Panel Window and choose to uninstall a program.
  3. Select the current QuickBooks version from the list and remove it. (Ensure to back up your files beforehand to avoid losing any essential data.)
  4. It’s time to reinstall through any official source or an authentic CD.
  5. Go where you have downloaded the QuickBooks file and choose the exe option.
  6. Double-click, follow the instructions, and keep clicking Next to read the software licensing agreements and proceed.
  7. Enter the information related to the Product key and License number and click Next.
  8. Next, choose the scan option to run a complete scan and diagnose all the errors.
  9. End by selecting the Repair All option to rectify the issues.

Technique 6: Reset the QuickBooks Desktop Updates and Retry Getting Payroll Updates

You might get errors during payroll updates if your QuickBooks Desktop application is missing the latest updates. To avoid and resolve this issue, you will first need to reset and install the QuickBooks Desktop updates and then retry to get the payroll updates. This is how it can be done.

Update QuickBooks Desktop
Update QuickBooks Desktop
  1. Launch QuickBooks Desktop and move to the Help tab.
  2. Click the Update QuickBooks Desktop option and move to the Update Now tab.
  3. Now, put a checkmark next to the Reset Updates checkbox and click the Get Updates option to prompt QuickBooks to download all the updates at once.
  4. Retry to download and install the QuickBooks Desktop updates to check if QuickBooks error 12152 is resolved.

It is time for us to conclude our comprehensive blog on QuickBooks Error 12152. We gave our best efforts in curating information that is not only factual but also helpful in understanding and resolving the error. If you have followed all the steps given above and still face error 12152, it is time for a deep check-up. Reach out to our certified specialists at 1.855.738.2784 for prompt help.


Will the error 12152 QuickBooks get fixed by restoring the backup?

Yes, you should restore the latest backup and let things roll as they were before. You can restore it as follows:
1. Go to the QuickBooks application and launch it.
2. Navigate to the File Menu.
3. Choose the option that says Open or Restore Company File.
4. Select the backup file you want to restore and proceed further.

Is QuickBooks Tool Hub of any use in fixing QB error 12152?

QuickBooks Tool Hub is excellent in resolving QuickBooks error code 12152. Run the tool and try fixing the annoying error. Download it from official sources, complete the installation agreement, and access the tool. The application has various tools, like Quick Fix My Program, QuickBooks File Doctor, etc. Run the one that suits your problem.

Will the QuickBooks error 12152 resolve if I restart the system?

Yes, restarting the system refreshes it so any error persisting can go away. When it is not refreshed, it may cause errors. Check if the error persists after restarting. If you still see the error, get in touch with a QB expert or try other solutions.

What are the Symptoms of QuickBooks Update Error 12152?

Before understanding the methods that will help us in eradicating QuickBooks error message 12152, you must first be sure about the occurrence of the same. If your computer or program shows any or all of the signs, go through the instructions given further in the blog –
1. QuickBooks or Windows may become unresponsive or freeze suddenly.
2. The computer may shut down to prevent damage transfer to other applications.
3. QB does not work well after downloading the latest updates.
4. The user may be unable to click on the buttons or tabs in the QB program.
5. The screen works fine and then stops working, and this process is repetitive.

What if I don’t have Internet Explorer to configure Internet settings?

With the discontinuation of Windows 7, Internet Explorer can no longer be accessed in later versions of Windows operating systems. To fix QuickBooks error 12152, you can access the internet settings by manually searching them using the Windows search.

What is a quick hack to resolve any 12XXX series of errors?

To quickly resolve any 12XXX series of errors, you can use TLS 1.2 Utility. Developed by Microsoft TLS 1.2 Readiness Tool automatically configures TLS settings to make them compliant with QuickBooks so that it can easily download any updates without any issues.

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