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Quickbooks Search Not Working! Here’s How to Fix it

Quickbooks Search Not Working! Here’s How to Fix it

QuickBooks users sometimes come across a strange type of error where the QuickBooks search function suddenly stops working, and users are only left with an option to search for a solution online of QuickBooks search not working error. After analyzing the error and its causes, here in this article, we have mentioned all the critical steps that you need to take to get rid of QuickBooks search not working error. Along with the troubleshooting instructions, you will also find the root causes of the error so that you can avoid getting QuickBooks search not functioning error in the future. Follow the entire article until the end for more detailed info and a complete solution.

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What Exactly is Quickbooks Search Not Working Error?

QuickBooks Desktop and Online app have several features that one can utilize to reduce the efforts put into managing daily bookkeeping tasks. One of such features is the QuickBooks search feature that you can use to search for any transaction, client, company file, and any type of desired data. After you search, QuickBooks will instantly return with the results you are looking for. Sometimes after updating the QuickBooks Desktop application, you might face an error where QuickBooks Search will not show any results, and you get a QuickBooks search not working error.

What Cause Quickbooks Search Not Working Error?

Most of the time, the QuickBooks search not working error arises after updating the QuickBooks Desktop application to its latest release. This happens when the updates are not correctly installed after the download. Some other reasons that can trigger this error in the QuickBooks search feature are listed below.

  1. Registry error in Windows operating system.
  2. Windows firewall or a third-party firewall is interrupting QuickBooks.
  3. Outdated version of QuickBooks Desktop.
  4. Damaged QuickBooks Search Index file.

NOTE: Before applying, the troubleshooting solutions, make sure to perform an update of your QuickBooks Desktop app if you are using an outdated version of QuickBooks.

Solutions to Fix Quickbooks Search Not Working Error

Solution 1: Rename QuickBooks Search Index File

Corruption in the Search Index file is the most common cause of the issue we are discussing in this article. Renaming the file will force QuickBooks to create a new file which can help rectify the problem.

  1. Open QuickBooks and exit the company file.
  2. Press the Windows Start button and type *.SearchIndex in the Search Programs and Files search box.
  3. Press Enter, and Windows will take you to C:\ Users\ UserName\Public \Documents\Intuit\ QuickBooks\Company File\ Companyfilename.QBW folder.
  4. Now locate qbw.SearchIndex Folder and type .OLD at the end of the folder name.
  5. Now open your QuickBooks Company File again.
  6. From the top left corner of the Window, click the Search/Magnified Glass tab.
  7. Now from the left side panel, click the Update Search Information option.
  8. Once you see the update in progress please wait notification click OK.
  9. After the update completes, try using the search feature. If you are still not able to use the search feature of QuickBooks, then follow the next troubleshooting step.

Solution 2: Turn-off Firewall Protection

  1. If you are using an inbuilt firewall, turn off the firewall temporarily from under the control panel and try using the search feature.
  2. Open Control Panel and go to the System and Security section. From here, you can select Windows Firewall to open its settings.
  3. Checkmark the Turn off Windows Defender Firewall option and click OK to save the changes.
  4. In case if you have installed a third-party firewall, you can find instructions to turn off that particular firewall on its website.

Solution 3: Restart your Operating System

Whether you are using QuickBooks Online or Desktop, restarting the operating system QuickBooks is running on can sometimes do wonders. Restarting the operating system restarts the QuickBooks program and other crucial services that help QuickBooks, and its features function correctly. If you are using QuickBooks Online, restarting will refresh the browser and related processes to help resolve the issue.

To implement this troubleshooting step, just restart your operating system, whether Mac or Windows. Now try to use the QuickBooks search feature once again. In case if QuickBooks search is still not working, then follow the next troubleshooting solution of this article.

Solution 4: Repair Windows Registry

  1. This troubleshooting step requires a deep understanding of the Windows operating system. If you are not much familiar with editing registries, then contact your IT admin or get in touch with us at our Support Number 1.855.738.2784.


If you are still getting the same error and the Search button is not working in the QuickBooks Desktop application, we might need to look at the error on the user’s end. Sometimes some lesser-known or unknown reasons trigger the error in the QuickBooks search function. You can always reach us at 1.855.738.2784 to get in touch with one of our QuickBooks experts, who will help you resolve the error instantly.

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