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QuickBooks File Repair With Verify Solutions Like A Pro

Repair Damaged QuickBooks Data

QuickBooks file repair becomes critical when you realize that an issue has caused it to be inaccessible or non-functioning. In such cases, you need to resort to what the experts state and follow troubleshooting under their guidance. That is why we have curated our experts’ recommendations to let you out of this issue as soon as possible.

The data collected in the QuickBooks company file is precious as it stores all the information a business needs to improve its productivity. Losing QuickBooks data can be a terrible disaster if there is no backup present. No matter how the data got damaged, you are always capable of repairing the data using QuickBooks database repair tools. Following the article, you will learn How to Repair a corrupt QuickBooks Company file using QuickBooks data repair tools; for detailed instructions, follow the complete article until the end.

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What does QuickBooks Data Repair mean?

When the QuickBooks data file gets damaged or corrupted due to one or the other reason, it may create a demand for QuickBooks data repair services. Let’s understand what happens when you face such kind of issue.

The QuickBooks file is a huge database without any moving parts or programs. The data gets read correctly by the software when it’s placed in an accurate sequence in the file. A small data file (less than 200 MB) is easier to place and locate when needed to add more data in the future. However, when this size grows, the software begins struggling to maintain the data in order.

This issue can lead to faulty reports, which you can start seeing in the Balance Sheet. When the total assets, liabilities, and equity does not equal per the equation, there’s a problem. Also, when you compare the balances of different accounts, you may notice differences, leading you to look for a QuickBooks repair tool.

A corrupt file isn’t just responsible for incorrect balances and amounts. It may also cause issues with the attached external files and reporting programs. If such programs sync with QuickBooks automatically, there may be a failure in syncing and incorrect reports on these programs.

If these things seem scary and now you need a permanent fix for the issue, read this article till the end. You can repair QuickBooks file using the various tools made available by the application. However, an important thing to note is to keep the file size small (below 200 MB), or you may invite the issue again. Since a corrupt QBW file won’t open until repaired, it’s critical to know the reasons leading to this issue.

What Cause Data Damage in QuickBooks Company File

In the course of time, the QuickBooks company file grows in size as we regularly feed data into the file. Errors arise when the data is not entered correctly, or for some reason, the file gets damaged, prompting the user to utilize the QuickBooks database repair tool. Following are some of the primary reasons that cause data damage in QuickBooks:

  1. Windows Power failure causes QuickBooks to close unexpectedly, causing damage to the company file.
  2. Improper entry in the list data is one of the reasons that corrupt the company file and requires QuickBooks corrupt file repair.
  3. Damaged accounts, items, and names in the company file also cause data corruption.
  4. A computer infection also sometimes damages the company file, leading to QuickBooks company file repair.
  5. Virus attacks where the database is stored can also result in a corrupt QB file.
  6. When the QuickBooks database file size exceeds 200 MB or its healthy limit, these issues are bound to appear, requiring a QuickBooks repair company file.
  7. When no resources like RAM, network interface cards, virtual memory, routers, network cables, etc., are available, QB files may go corrupt.
  8. Sudden system shutdown, power surge or drop, etc., can also lead to a QuickBooks corrupt file.
  9. The areas in the hard drive where the information has started going bad cause a corrupt QB file.
  10. The network environment may not be following the QB requirements.
  11. Third-party import utility may be responsible to fix QuickBooks file.
  12. When you run QuickBooks Rebuild Tool from a client station, this issue may emerge.
  13. Accessing the data file through a wireless connection can also prompt the requirement for QuickBooks corrupt file repair download.

Recognition signs of QB Corrupt File

When QuickBooks file corrupt issue occurs, the following signs and symptoms may emerge on the screen:

  1. On your screen or in the file, you may see the errors stating a problem preventing QB from continuing with the Verify Data Utility or trigger an error message that reads “Verify Target: Values in minor do not match major.”
  2. When you attempt to save or delete a transaction, the QB program shuts down suddenly. You may need QuickBooks data repair services because of this issue.
  3. The Balance Sheet and other financial reports go messy and faulty as the end balances don’t match.
  4. The entries and transactions from the list go missing, prompting you to look for QuickBooks data file repair.
  5. Because the original accounts go missing unexpectedly, QuickBooks puts an asterisk preceding the account names.
  6. Operations take more than normal because the app runs slowly, requiring a QuickBooks repair tool.
  7. You may see the paid bills and invoices as unpaid in the program.
  8. There may be a negative balance in the transaction history to be fixed by the QuickBooks file repair service.
  9. You may see an HTML code when you access Send Feedback Online > Bug Report Window.
  10. The names and numbers might be getting replaced by foreign symbols because of the QuickBooks file corrupted.
  11. The company file opens and, without any notification. closes automatically.

IMPORTANT: Before repairing the data damage in the company file, make sure to take a backup of your company file as if for any reason the file got severely  damaged you can restore it from the backup.

Steps to Repair Damaged QuickBooks Company File

Execute the following solutions to rectify and repair QuickBooks company file:

Step 1: Run QuickBooks Verify / Rebuild Data Utility

For complete info on utilizing QuickBooks verify and rebuild data utility, you can follow our article QuickBooks Verify and Rebuild Data Utility Explained.

Step 2: Verify the Errors using QuickBooks QBWin.log File

  1. Go to the QuickBooks installation directory and locate the QBWin.log file.
  2. Make sure Windows is displaying Hidden Files.
  3. Open the file and press Ctrl + F.
  4. Type LVL_ERROR in the search box and click Find.
  5. Look for the error description in the LVL_ERROR line in the text file.
  6. Search for the solution to the specific error online.

Step 3: Run QuickBooks File Doctor

QuickBooks File Doctor is extremely helpful when dealing with data damage issues. File Doctor can be accessed from Tool Hub application that is a all in one QuickBooks troubleshooting utility. The following instructions will guide you on how to download and install QuickBooks Tool Hub to fix data damage using QuickBooks File Doctor tool.

  1. Run QuickBooks and look for QuickBooks Tool Hub option under the Help tab.
  2. If you don’t find it, install the latest QuickBooks updates and Tool Hub option will appear under the Help tab.
  3. Now Click the Tool Hub option and you will be directed to the download page.
  4. Click the Tool Hub download link and it will start downloading on your system.
  5. Once the download completes, run the program setup file named “QuickBooksToolHub.exe” to proceed with the installation.
  6. Select the options as provided by the application installer to finish the installation.
  7. You can now run QuickBooks Tool Hub using its icon that you will find on the desktop.
  8. Now go to the Company File Issues tab and select QuickBooks Tool Hub from the options you see.
  9. Select the option to repair both company file issues and network issues and click Next.
  10. Follow further instructions and repair the company file.

If you are still not able to access your company data because of corruption, follow the next troubleshooting solution.

Step 4: Merge Damaged Items and Accounts

  1. Open QuickBooks and from the List tab select Chart of Accounts.
  2. Press and hold the Ctrl key on your keyboard and choose the account that is damaged.
  3. Click Edit Account and then type an asterisk symbol in the name of the account.
  4. Click Cancel and then press and hold the Ctrl key.
  5. Click New Account and select the type of the account.
  6. Type the name of the account that is damaged and then click OK.
  7. Press and hold the Ctrl key again, select the damaged account and then click OK.
  8. Now on the merge confirmation popup click Yes.
  9. Follow step 1 to 8 but select Item from the Lists section this time to merge the damaged items in the data.

Step 5: Run Quick Fix My File/ QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

Users can also fix QuickBooks data file using a tool known as Quick Fix My File or QuickBooks repair tool. You can find it in the QuickBooks Tool Hub as follows:

  1. Let the QB Tool Hub download and install successfully.
  2. Next, open this program and move your cursor to the Company File Issues section.
  3. Click and proceed to choose Quick Fix My File.
  4. Hit OK and let it run and do its work. When over, check for the error.

Another tool hub component you can rely on as a QuickBooks file repair tool is QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool. This tool helps you eliminate the installation issues in QB. The company file issues are mainly related to the Microsoft .NET Framework, so find their resolution in this solution.

Further, users can also utilize the QuickBooks component repair tool to fix data damage in QuickBooks Desktop. It rectifies errors preventing QB from running. Reboot.bat file is another tool helping users re-register MS Windows components so they can run error-free. So, if the error lies in them, feel free to utilize these option.

Step 6: Update and Back Up QuickBooks

It is crucial for you to take the backup of your company and other essential files beforehand to prevent your data from getting lost or misused. QuickBooks has the option to create a local backup that you can find in the Help menu. Later, after using the QuickBooks company file repair tool, you need to update your QB application, so it has every improvement it needs to run seamlessly. The update option is also available in the File section of QB.

The updating process should be regular. Also, verify and rebuild the data to fix any issues as they arise.

Step 7: Manual repair through rebuilding the data

If none of the above troubleshooting methods help you fix the QB file data damage, consider manually fixing through rebuilding as follows:

  1. Visit the File Menu > Utilities > Verify Data.
  2. Let the tool identify the issues in the data file.
  3. In the Verify Data results screen, choose to Expand all to view all the errors.

This is an effective method that you can use to repair the most common types of data damages in the QuickBooks company file. As there are numerous types of data damages that can occur in the QuickBooks data file, it might be possible that the above-mentioned method will not work for you. In case if you are still dealing with data damage errors in QuickBooks and need the help of a certified expert on How to Repair a corrupt QuickBooks Company file, then you can call our direct support number 1.855.738.2784.

QuickBooks File Repair – FAQs

How can I prevent QB file corruption from happening again so I don’t have to use the QB file repair tool?

Prevent QB file corruption as follows:
1. Shrink your file size using file condensation.
2. Begin with a new QB with opening balances.
However, if the issue is far deeper than the file size, consider the methods in this blog or go to a QB expert for resolution.

How to identify data corruption and the need for QuickBooks file repair?

You may see the need for QB file repair arising when you face troubles running QB, opening company files, etc., seamlessly. Also, when you run the verify and rebuild data utility tool, it highlights the issues affecting your system.

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