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how to change font size in QuickBooks 2020

QuickBooks Font too Small

QuickBooks Font too Small! Here’s How to Fix it

Most of the errors that are made on the sheets or reports concerning accountancy of a small business occur due to the bad reception of the information by the person-in-charge. If we dig a little more, we will find that the root cause of why employees make such mistakes are the uncommon fonts that are used in the reports and their smaller sizes. Similarly, numerous users complain of the characters being virtually unperceivable in QuickBooks due to its small font. So today, we will discuss the popular user query of “Why QuickBooks Font too small?” below in the blog. Follow till the end to find out appropriate solutions.

In a recent study, a fact has emerged that a user-friendly font with readable size can reduce almost 84% of the human errors that are traditionally made in a report. So, if your QuickBooks is displaying tiny fonts as well, you can seek extra help from experts on the issue by dialing +1- 855 738 2784 anytimeRead More »QuickBooks Font too Small! Here’s How to Fix it