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How To Fix QuickBooks Email Invoices Not Working Experts Guide

QuickBooks Unable to Send Invoices

QuickBooks Email Invoices Not Working is one of the most problematic errors encountered by QuickBooks users. Invoices form a core function of the accounting and bookkeeping department and maintain records of all the sales bills. Further, timely sending an invoice to the other party is critical for several reasons. Thus, when your invoice department undergoes disruptions because the application cannot process invoices, it becomes significant trouble for the people. Here’s a thorough troubleshooting guide on what to do when you can’t send your invoices to the specific parties as required. We are detailing everything you wish to know about this problem, including the numerous consequences and requirements to satisfy before rectifying the situation.

It is common for QuickBooks users to experience issues while sending invoices and statements to their customers. Often when a user sends an invoice or statement through QuickBooks via an email service provider like outlook or yahoo user gets an error message “QuickBooks is unable to send your emails to outlook.” If this is also what you are experiencing, we have curated a complete set of instructions that you can follow to identify the causes and troubleshoot the issue in no time. Follow the complete article for detailed instructions on troubleshooting QuickBooks unable to send invoices error or QuickBooks Not able to send Email invoices.

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What is the Error Not Being Able to Send Invoices in QuickBooks?

Many QuickBooks users have reported about their QuickBooks email invoices not working. The error emerges as a pop-up when a user attempts to send invoices via email to their customers. The QuickBooks program straightaway refuses a user’s attempts and doesn’t let them fulfill this task. This scenario causes severe panic and frustration, especially when none of the troubleshooting methods work.

Error Not Being Able to Send Invoices in QuickBooks

Error Not Being Able to Send Invoices in QuickBooks

Several error messages concerning this situation may pop up, including the following:

“QuickBooks is unable to send your email to Outlook. Close any open Outlook windows and try again.”

“QuickBooks is unable to send your emails.”

Couldn’t Connect to Email Server: We were unable to connect to the email server for your email provider.”

“QuickBooks was unable to send your form for the following reason: QuickBooks was able to connect to the remote server but could not understand the server’s response. Please try again to see if the problem has been corrected on the server.”

Thus, encountering these error messages can infuse threat and panic among QB users who wish to continue functioning without interruptions and chaos. However, until this error is rectified, they won’t be able to run invoices and bills seamlessly. So, we have come forward with in-depth details and solutions about the error you must attempt at all costs.

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Reasons for Getting QuickBooks Email Invoices Not Working Error

  1. You are not using the correct email preferences.
  2. The QuickBooks application is not correctly installed.
  3. Blocked domain admin.
  4. Incorrect security settings from your email service provider.

First of all, make sure that you are using the latest version of the QuickBooks application. If not, then first update the application and proceed with further steps. Sometimes just updating the application works as QuickBooks latest updates provide you with maintenance releases, updated features to fix QuickBooks Email Invoices Not Working issue.

Other Factors Triggering Errors Sending Invoices in QuickBooks

The various other reasons why QuickBooks users may experience problems with invoices not sending in QuickBooks are as follows:

Email settings are not configured correctly

When the email settings are misconfigured, and preferences aren’t set accurately, users encounter issues with QuickBooks invoices not sending. You’ll need to ensure that your email settings in QuickBooks are accurate. For this, double-checking the SMTP server, port number, username, password, and other relevant settings will assist in removing the problem. Incorrect email configuration can prevent QuickBooks from sending invoices.

Internet connection issues

Internet connection issues

Internet connection issues

A frail or unsteady internet connection can disrupt the invoice-sending process. A QuickBooks user will have to ensure having a sturdy internet connection before attempting to send invoices.

Firewall or antivirus blocking QuickBooks

Sometimes, security software or firewalls may block QuickBooks from sending emails. Such circumstances demand that you check your firewall or antivirus settings to ensure that QuickBooks has the necessary permissions to send emails.

Incorrect email client settings

If you use an email client like Outlook or Gmail, verify that the outgoing server (SMTP) settings, port number, and authentication settings are configured correctly. You must ensure that your email client is set up to work seamlessly with QuickBooks.

Spam or junk folder filtering

You need to review your spam or junk folder in your email account. It’s possible that the invoices are being flagged as spam and sent to these folders. Mark the invoices as “not spam” to prevent future filtering issues if you find them here, as they may trigger the QuickBooks won’t send email invoices error.

Outdated version of QuickBooks

Using an old QuickBooks version is the major culprit behind several QuickBooks errors, including those causing trouble sending invoices. Thus, ensuring that you utilize the latest version of QuickBooks will assist in preventing this error. Further, the updates often include bug fixes and improvements that can resolve issues with sending invoices. So, you must verify the system for any current updates and install them as soon as possible.

Email service provider issues

Occasionally, the problem may be with your email service provider. They might have temporary issues or limitations that prevent QuickBooks from sending invoices. You can reach your email service provider to verify any restrictions or matters known and see if that is why you’re facing the QuickBooks not sending invoices error.

QuickBooks company file issues

Occasionally, issues with the QuickBooks company file can interfere with sending invoices. You should verify and rebuild data from your company file to discover and resolve errors.

Blockages to the Google account

Your Google or email account may be blocked by something, causing interruptions in accessing and using it to send invoices.

Damaged QuickBooks Installation

Your QuickBooks installation files might be damaged, or the procedure might have hampered the files, causing the QuickBooks invoice not sending issue.

Corrupt MAPI32.dll files

Corrupt MAPI32.dll files

Corrupt MAPI32.dll files

The MAPI32.dll files supporting QuickBooks and invoice processing and sending might be damaged.

Incorrect Outlook installation

The Outlook application may not be installed correctly, leading to issues while sending invoices.

Conflicting apps in the background

You may have conflicting applications running in the background, including Outlook being open while you send invoices via software.

All these reasons may trigger errors related to QuickBooks won’t email invoices. QuickBooks users will look for sufficient troubleshooting resolutions to ensure the free flow of invoices again.

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Signs Experienced During QuickBooks Not Sending Invoices Issue

Here’s what people have experienced when they couldn’t email invoices to their respective clients:

No email confirmation or error message

After attempting to send an invoice, if you don’t receive any email confirmation or encounter an error message indicating a problem with sending the invoice, it suggests that QuickBooks is not successfully delivering the invoices.

Invoices stuck in the Outbox

Suppose you use an email client integrated with QuickBooks, such as Outlook, and you notice that the invoices remain in the Outbox folder without being sent. In that case, it indicates that the sending process is not completed successfully.

Customers not receiving invoices

If your customers report not receiving invoices via email, despite you sending them through QuickBooks, it implies that the invoices are not reaching their intended recipients. Thus, resolving the customers not receiving QuickBooks invoices issue is critical.

Failed attempts to send test emails

When you attempt to send a test email from QuickBooks to verify the email settings, but the test emails fail to be delivered, it suggests an issue with the email functionality. You’ll need to fix the QuickBooks emails not sending cases.

Missing sent emails in the Sent folder

If you check your email client’s Sent folder and find that the sent invoices are not present, it indicates that QuickBooks is not successfully sending the emails.

Error messages related to email configuration

QuickBooks may display error messages specifically related to email settings or email configuration issues when you try to send invoices. These error messages can indicate that there is a problem with the email setup in QuickBooks.

Lagging QuickBooks and invoice deliveries

QuickBooks users encounter performance problems with QuickBooks and email applications used to send invoices. QuickBooks invoice delivery issue becomes a significant hassle due to these signs.

Automatic crashes and freezing apps

QuickBooks users experience frequent application crashing, freezing, and other issues, causing invoices to encounter troubles. Even if you keep pressing the mouse and keyboard, you don’t get any response to the commands.

Thus, all these signals require quick addressal so QuickBooks users can continue utilizing their QuickBooks program and invoice feature without hassle.

Pre-requirements to Meet Before Troubleshooting QuickBooks Not Sending Invoices Error

Here are some pre-considerations you must meet before troubleshooting QuickBooks not emailing invoices issue:

Ensure a steady internet connection

Ensure a steady internet connection

Ensure a steady internet connection

While sending invoices through emails to clients, maintaining a sturdy internet connection is necessary. If your internet connection becomes rough anywhere, you’ll encounter trouble emailing clients. Therefore, verify your network cables, routers, internet speed, etc., and enhance your connection strength.

Updated QuickBooks version

Update QuickBooks

Update QuickBooks

Do not forget that an up-to-date QuickBooks release can fix a lot of your problems and bugs, which may pounce while you perform specific functions. So, whenever you encounter any error, including QuickBooks desktop not attaching invoice to email, you must attempt to upgrade it via the Help menu and Update QB Desktop option.

Correct email settings

Whenever your invoices encounter troubles in getting mailed to clients, you must review and validate your email settings in QuickBooks. For this, you’ll need to affirm that the SMTP server, port number, username, password, and other email configuration details are accurate. If your email settings are misconfigured, your QuickBooks program will be restricted from sending invoices.

Get a working email account

QuickBooks users must ensure that their email account to send invoices functions properly. They can check it by sending and receiving emails using the same account through other means, like a web browser or email client. If there are any issues with the email account and QuickBooks can’t send email invoice, addressing them before troubleshooting QuickBooks will be helpful.

Unblock antivirus and firewall settings

QB users must review their antivirus software and firewall settings and ensure they are not blocking QuickBooks from sending emails. For this, security software requires configuration to allow QuickBooks access to the must-have ports and permissions essential for email communication.

Get a backup for critical files

Backing up your crucial QuickBooks files is critical while you troubleshoot the unable to send invoices in QuickBooks desktop error. Assembling a local backup requires navigating the QuickBooks File menu and backup options.

Once you have satisfied all the considerations that make QuickBooks invoice not sending easier and seamless, we can jump into the troubleshooting section of the QuickBooks Desktop application.

Troubleshooting Steps to Fix Error Sending Invoices from QuickBooks

Finally, we have arrived at the troubleshooting solutions for QuickBooks not sending emails. Let’s look into the different options available for you to attempt and remove these issues:

Solution 1: Change Email Preferences in QuickBooks

Modifying QuickBooks email preferences will assist in setting the record straight with QuickBooks invoices:

  1. From the menu bar at the top, click “Edit.”
  2. Select “Preferences.”
  3. From the panel on the left side, click “My Preferences.”
  4. Now you need to click “Edit.”
  5. Then select “Default.”
  6. Now make sure that your email provider server name matches “Server
  7. Name” field in the application.
  8. Change server name ( for outlook to (
  9. Also, ensure that the Use Enhanced Security option is selected.

Make sure you use the correct password for your webmail, or you will get an error that you are using an incorrect password.

Now to check whether the error is fixed or not, you can run a test

  • Under the “File” menu, select “Close Company.”
  • Click “Open a Sample File” in the “No Company Open” window.
  • Choose the sample company file that you want to open.
  • Setup your email service provider settings in QuickBooks desktop and send the email once again.

NOTE: One less common reason to face issues while sending invoices is having an outdated QuickBooks Desktop program. So we suggest you download and install the most recent updates of QuickBooks before retrying to send invoices.

Solution 2: Fix QuickBooks Desktop Installation Issues using the Install Diagnostic Tool

QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool is considered one of the best tools to repair the damage in the QuickBooks installation. Follow the instructions below to run the QB Install Diagnostic Tool to fix QuickBooks installation errors.

QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

  1. Download and install QuickBooks Tool Hub as you can only access Install Diagnostic Tool from it.
  2. Launch QuickBooks Tool Hub using the shortcut icon on your desktop screen and move to the Installation Issues tab.
  3. Click QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool and wait till it repairs every QB program installation issue.
  4. Once the QuickBooks Desktop is repaired, retry to send invoices and check if the error is resolved.

Solution 3: Revise the Admin Privileges

QuickBooks users must dig into their admin privilege settings and ensure the application is not automatically set to run as administrator as follows:

  1. Exit your open QuickBooks Desktop app.
  2. Move forward to resolve QuickBooks can’t email invoices via the Start menu.
  3. Since the Start menu has a search option, typing QuickBooks there will get you straight to the QB icon.
  4. Here, you must right-hit the QB icon and tap the Open File Location button.
  5. When the Open File Location wizard hits the screen, look for the QuickBooks.exe file in the folder and proceed with the Properties option.
  6. Then, you must pick the Compatibility tab if you can’t email from QuickBooks.
  7. You’ll find checkboxes with one saying, “Run this program as administrator.” Your task is to unmark this box.
  8. Sometimes, you might not see this option due to some settings. However, you can get this by tapping the Show Settings for All Users.
  9. Finally, you can validate all these modifications by clicking Apply and OK.

After you’ve tried these steps, access your QB program, and test-send an email or transaction. If the QuickBooks delivery issue persists, attempt the following solution.

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Solution 4: Revise the Email Preferences in QuickBooks

Editing the email preferences in QB can allow for effective QuickBooks invoices not emailing troubleshooting. Here are the process details you must attempt:

  1. When accessing the QuickBooks program, head to the Edit tab.
  2. Pick Preferences.
  3. Before you proceed further, Microsoft Outlook with Microsoft Exchange Server users must sign in to Outlook.
  4. Tap the Send Forms option from the Edit menu.
  5. Re-access the My Preferences section.
  6. QuickBooks users must pick My Outlook as their email option.
  7. Then, hit OK.

After attempting this solution, try to send an email as a test. If you can’t send invoices in QuickBooks desktop after this solution, you must toggle your preferences as follows:

  1. Access the QB Edit menu and hover over the Preferences section.
  2. Tap Send Forms from Edit.
  3. Move to My Preferences.
  4. You should choose QuickBooks Email or WebMail and confirm this with an OK.
  5. Your preferences will be toggled off with this step.
  6. Now, you’ll have to repeat your steps and return to My Preferences.
  7. Choose Outlook and confirm with an OK button.
  8. Finally, you can exit all your open tabs, QB Desktop programs, and other running applications, then restart your device.

Toggling these settings should also be followed by sending a test email or transaction and verifying the QuickBooks error sending email invoice.

Solution 5: Dig Into Internet Explorer Email Preferences

Another key to attempt if you encounter troubles while sending invoices via email is configuring the Internet Explorer email preferences. When the QB program runs web services in the background, it uses Internet Explorer. Thus, resetting your email preferences will assist in this solution:

  1. Shut down QuickBooks and access Internet Explorer in its place.
  2. Then, pick the Tools option.
  3. Choose the Settings menu herein.
  4. Then, hit Internet Options.
  5. Opt for the Programs tab.
  6. Pick the Set Programs option.
  7. Prefer the Set your default programs option.
  8. Now, you can pick the email service you wish to use while you navigate through the problem of can’t email invoices from QuickBooks.
  9. Validate these actions with Apply and OK buttons, then exit Internet Explorer.
  10. You can test and see if the emails and invoices get sent without errors.

Solution 6: Fix Your MAPI32.dll File

If you wish to continue the path to fixing the QuickBooks email invoice not working error, you can attempt this procedure. However, it’s better if only a QuickBooks and IT expert, a professional, a confident computer user, or a techie tries these steps.

Before you try to fix the MAPI32.dll file, try running a test to cap the QuickBooks Email Invoices Not Working Issue:

  1. Reboot your device.
  2. Access Microsoft Word.
  3. Assemble a new document.
  4. Opt for the File menu.
  5. Tap Send.
  6. Lastly, click Send Email as a PDF attachment.

Now, you can attempt sending a test email, and if you can’t do so via Microsoft Word, you must reach the Microsoft Help and Support team. The Outlook or Office Suite issues may trigger errors resulting in can’t email invoices from QuickBooks desktop.

On the other hand, if you’re able to send an email from Microsoft Word but not through QuickBooks, the following sequence can assist in rectifying the MAPI32.dll:

  1. Commence the resolution by shutting down all programs and QuickBooks.
  2. Avail of the Start menu in Windows.
  3. Since the Start menu highlights a search bar, you must type “File Explorer,” enter, and open this folder.
  4. Again, the File Explorer will have a search field where you must type C:\Windows\System32.
  5. Further, you need to opt for the Fixmapi.exe file.
  6. Now, the repair procedure can begin after carefully following the commands on the screen.
  7. Reboot your device once you have finished the repair procedure for issues with can’t email invoices in QuickBooks desktop.

End this solution by testing and seeing if the invoice gets emailed without an issue. If you can run this error-free, you’re free to operate the application without problems. Else, try other active solutions.

Solution 7: Reinstall QuickBooks Program

If you can’t eliminate the QuickBooks cannot send invoices via email error, it’ll be best if you delete and reinstall the QuickBooks program:

Step 1: Undertake QuickBooks Deletion

For QuickBooks removal from the system, you need to undertake the following measures:

  1. You’ll need to access the Control Panel to resolve the QuickBooks cannot email invoices error.
  2. When you reach the CP window, you must pick the “Programs” or “Programs and Features” option from the Control Panel main menu.
  3. As you scroll through the installed programs list that emerges from the Programs tab, uncover QuickBooks in this checklist.
  4. Right-tap QB and hit Uninstall.
  5. Once you do that, you can track the prompts to terminate the uninstallation process and remove the origin of the QuickBooks won’t send invoices error.

Step 2: Obtain the QuickBooks installer

Once you’ve deleted the QuickBooks application from your system, you’ll need to reinstall it from authentic sources for a fresh beginning. The procedure to get the latest QuickBooks app is as follows:

  1. Navigate your internet browser to uncover the official QuickBooks or Intuit website.
  2. Then, attempt to find the download page for QuickBooks.
  3. You must ensure to opt for the correct version and edition of QuickBooks you want to install to resolve the QuickBooks email not working error.
  4. Finally, initiate the QuickBooks installer download through the download link.

Step 3: Let the Installer loose

After the QuickBooks program downloads without hassle and errors, you must attempt its installation with a reliable internet connection and system requirement satisfaction. The QuickBooks installer can be let loose through the following steps:

  1. Begin by finding the QuickBooks installer file, usually stored in your computer’s Downloads folder, to resolve the QuickBooks invoice undelivered issue.
  2. Double-tapping the QuickBooks installation program will let it loose and unleash a few wizards for you to accept.
  3. Further, if you get prompted, you must consent to critical permissions to the installer and let the modifications run in your system.

Step 4: Execute the QuickBooks installation wizard

Running the QuickBooks installer will get you to the installation wizards that will guide you through the procedure. It also includes a license agreement you must review and consent to move forward without issues. Then, you must opt for the installation location from the Browse button or use the default site, then pick any additional components or features you wish to install to continue emailing invoices from QuickBooks desktop. Finally, follow any remaining on-screen instructions and deliver the necessary information when prompted.

Step 5: Provide license and product details

You may be asked to enter your QuickBooks license and product details during the installation. You need to ensure you have this information handy while reinstalling QuickBooks to fix the QuickBooks won’t send emails error. For reinstallation of the QB Desktop, know and enter your license key when prompted. Similarly, if you reinstall QuickBooks Online, you may need to sign in with your Intuit account.

Step 6: Finalize the QuickBooks installation

After offering all the critical information for QuickBooks reinstallation, the installer will proceed to install QuickBooks on your device. Although the installation procedure consumes a bit of your time, you can reboot your device after the task. Restarting will assist in affecting the modifications and verify if the QuickBooks unable to send invoices error.

Step 7: Update QuickBooks

After reinstalling QuickBooks, updating it to the latest version is essential. You must access the QuickBooks program and study for any available updates. If you find any QuickBooks updates, do not linger; get them as soon as possible. Hopefully, you will not be questioning why are my QuickBooks invoices not sending.

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Solution 8: Upgrade the QuickBooks Program

A user constantly irritated by the QuickBooks invoice delivery error must attempt to upgrade their QuickBooks program. QuickBooks and Intuit experts recommend you upgrade if you’re on a QuickBooks Desktop subscription and a 2022 version or earlier.

The QuickBooks 2023 version already has an update with bug fixes and security patches that facilitate seamless QuickBooks Email use. Upgrading your QB product to the latest version requires executing the following commands:

  1. Log into
  2. Access QuickBooks Desktop 2023 lying in the Products and Services list.
  3. Choose Details.
  4. Hit Download.
  5. Undertake QuickBooks installation, which may resolve the QuickBooks undelivered invoice error.

Hopefully, this will sort out the issue, and you will be able to send invoices to your customers once again. However, don’t worry if this troubleshooting does not help you resolve the QuickBooks unable to send invoices error Or QuickBooks Email Invoices Not Working. You can always contact support at  +1- 855 738 2784 as we are always ready to help you out in such situations.


What should I do if invoices are stuck in the Outbox in QuickBooks?

If invoices are stuck in the Outbox, it may be due to email configuration or communication issues. You can try reconfiguring your email settings, checking the email client for any problems, or contacting QuickBooks support for further assistance.

Why are my customers not receiving invoices from QuickBooks?

If customers are not receiving invoices sent through QuickBooks, it could be due to email delivery issues, incorrect email addresses, or the invoices being marked as spam. Check the email settings, ensure correct recipient information, and ask customers to check their spam or junk folders.

Should I update QuickBooks to resolve the invoices not sending issue?

Updating QuickBooks to the latest version is recommended, as the newest releases often have error resolutions and improvements that can address known issues. It may help resolve the problem of QuickBooks not sending invoices.

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