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How To Fix QuickBooks Scheduled Backup Not Working Error

Quickbooks Automatic Backup not Working

Many users have reported encountering QuickBooks scheduled backup not working error. It has messed up with their storage system and is causing severe problems and the risk of data loss if not given attention soon. However, here’s a comprehensive guide to help you figure out the ins and outs of this error and how to eliminate it effectively and quickly.

QuickBooks automatic backup is a data backup feature that backs up your crucial QuickBooks files on a regular basis. Utilizing the functionality, you can schedule the backup in such a way that QuickBooks will automatically take the backup of your data even if you forget to do so. Scheduling an automatic backup is the easiest approach to ensure the safety of your QuickBooks data. However, as with other features that empower QuickBooks, the scheduled backup feature also encounters errors. If you are also searching for the “QuickBooks Automatic Backup not Working” error, then follow the article for a detailed troubleshooting method.

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What is meant by QuickBooks Online Backup?

Simply put, QuickBooks online backup is a setting configured in the QB Online version that enables the application to store all the data files and essential folders on a cloud server. Online backing up of data in the cloud enables the data to stay safe in the proper space and can be retrieved whenever necessary. It prevents troubles like data loss or corruption as accurate files are safely stored in a proper location.

QuickBooks users of any version can take QuickBooks enterprise backup. It will store their data in a secure location that you can choose yourself, either cloud or local storage.

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What does QuickBooks Backup Not Responding Error Mean?

QuickBooks backup not responding error emerges when the backup feature doesn’t work as intended. It means that either the automatic backups are not happening or they are pausing and getting interrupted in between. This problem can cause accidental data loss, which may cause severe problems in the future. Various reasons can bring the QuickBooks desktop cloud backup to come to a halt. So, knowing them before time is critical to implement adequate troubleshooting methods.

Some Reasons that Cause “QuickBooks Scheduled Backup not Working” Error

Look for the following triggers when your QuickBooks online data backup doesn’t work:

QuickBooks Scheduled Backup not Working

QuickBooks Scheduled Backup not Working

  1. QuickBooks is set up to run for a different version of Windows. For example – you are using Windows 10, and QuickBooks is configured for Windows XP or Windows Server 2003.
  2. Improper setup of scheduled backups in QuickBooks may cause QuickBooks online backup not working error.
  3. The outdated QuickBooks Desktop application is also one of the reasons automatic backup stops working.
  4. Damage in the QuickBooks company file also triggers errors in scheduling automatic backups in QuickBooks.
  5. The minor causes for the QuickBooks online backup download not working relate to the company file name exceeding the specified limits and not adhering to the standards of the file name.
  6. Having an .ADR extension in the file name can also interrupt the backup procedure in QuickBooks online backup service.
  7. If the size of the company file is more than the standard, i.e., 3 GB, you are in for errors.
  8. Saving the backup to an external flash or hard drive can also trigger problems in QuickBooks auto backup. It can be because the external drive doesn’t have enough space or is virus-infected or corrupt in general.
  9. Compatibility issues between the Windows operations system and QuickBooks can cause problems in the backup.
  10. QuickBooks may not have the required access permissions to create backups in the designated drive or folder.
  11. Improper backup configurations can lead to problems in QuickBooks desktop online backup.
  12. The QB Desktop application might be damaged or corrupt due to various reasons like viruses or improper installation.
  13. Insufficient Windows permissions can also lead to this error.
  14. Backup location availability also impacts the QuickBooks backup failed error. If your backup location is an external device or a network drive, you’ll require adequate access, permissions, and space to save the backup file here. Similarly, if you’ve set cloud storage as the ultimate backup location, you must maintain a steady internet connection because interruptions will restrict backups.
  15. Conflicts with the security and antivirus software may be the culprit of QuickBooks backup failures. These applications can restrict specific actions, considering them a threat to the system.
  16. If sufficient disk space isn’t available on your system, you must alter your backup location or expand your storage space. Otherwise, you’ll keep facing the QuickBooks Backup not working error.

These reasons are adequate to address the problem in QuickBooks remote backup. Therefore, effective troubleshooting solutions are given as follows to fix the issue.

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Signs You’re Experiencing QB Backup Failures

Here are the factors you’ll undergo when QuickBooks scheduled backup not working:

No Backup Files Generated

If you check the designated backup folder or location and find no backup files created, it suggests that the scheduled backup is not functioning correctly.

Backup Failure Error Messages or Notifications

QuickBooks Unable to Backup Company File

Backup Failure Error Messages

You may experience error messages or notifications flashing on your screen, suggesting that the scheduled backup process has failed or encountered an issue. The backup failure error messages can provide specific details about the problem, such as an error code or description.

Incomplete or Partial Backups

Sometimes, the scheduled backup process may start but not accomplish. In such cases, you might find incomplete or partial backup files in the backup folder, implying that the backup process was interrupted or failed.

Backup Schedule Not Triggered

If the scheduled backup time comes and goes without any backup activity or progress, the scheduled backup is not triggered at the specified time or frequency.

Backup Log Reports Errors

QuickBooks typically generates log files or reports after the backup process completes. If the log files indicate errors or failures in the backup process, it suggests that the scheduled backup is not working as intended.

Manual Backup Works, but Scheduled Backup Fails

If you can successfully create a backup file manually within QuickBooks, but the scheduled backup does not function, it indicates a problem with the QuickBooks automatic backup not working.

The sample Company File Backup Also Fails

QuickBooks users may experience backup failures for sample company files as well.

Files may not open in multi-user mode

QuickBooks backup files may also encounter trouble opening in multi-user mode, despite having the latest QuickBooks database server manager and other requirements.

Incompatibility with Windows Operating System May Arise

QuickBooks users may experience incompatibility with the Windows operating system, be it ten or other versions. The error messages regarding this problem may state, “Reason: QuickBooks is setting “Configure for” to “Windows Server 2003, Windows XP or Windows 2000”.

Workaround: Manually change and configure for ‘Windows 10.’

Thus, users must consider these consequences and understand the severity of QuickBooks backup not working Windows 10. The subsequent sections deal with the pre-considerations and troubleshooting approaches that will prevent backup failures in QB.

Requirements To Satisfy QuickBooks Scheduled Backup Not Working

We have mentioned some pre-requirements that fulfilled before troubleshooting backup failure will ensure a seamless procedure:

Active QuickBooks subscription

Active QuickBooks subscription

Active QuickBooks subscription

You must affirm to have an active subscription to QuickBooks and ensure your subscription is current. Some features, including scheduled backup, may not be available without an active subscription, triggering issues like backup not working QuickBooks.

Proper scheduled backup configuration

Verify that you have configured the scheduled backup settings correctly within QuickBooks. You can double-check the backup frequency, destination folder, file name, and other relevant settings to ensure your backups planned are set appropriately.

Adequate disk space

Ensure that the destination folder where you are saving the backup has enough disk space to accommodate the backup file. If the destination drive is full, the backup may fail or not run at all.

Sufficient user permissions

QuickBooks Sufficient user permissions

QuickBooks Sufficient user permissions

Make sure that the user account you are using to schedule the backup has sufficient permissions to access the necessary folders and files. The backup process may encounter errors if the user does not have appropriate permissions.

Backup location accessibility

If you are saving the backup file to a network drive or an external storage location, check if you can access that location properly. Your network connection must be stable for cloud storage, whereas the external storage device should be connected and accessible.

Backup software compatibility

If you are using third-party backup software alongside QuickBooks scheduled backup, ensure it is compatible with QuickBooks. Incompatible backup software may interfere with QuickBooks’ backup process, causing QuickBooks backup failed Mac.

Firewall and antivirus settings

Update Now your Firewall Settings

Update Now your Firewall Settings

Suppose you find your firewall or antivirus settings to be interrupting the QuickBooks operations and backup procedures. In that case, you must disable them or add the program as an exception through the ports.

QuickBooks version verification and updates download

QuickBooks users will need to dig into their QuickBooks version and analyze which edition they currently possess. Then, if new updates are necessary, they can get them from the Help tab to ensure compatibility, bug removals, and seamless backup patches.

QuickBooks Performance Issues

QuickBooks users may undergo performance issues with the program, including frequent freezing, crashing, and lagging QuickBooks application.

After all these prerequisites are met, QuickBooks users can set their way to troubleshoot why is my QuickBooks backup failing.

Here’s How to Resolve QuickBooks Scheduled Backup not Working on Windows Problem

Resolve the QuickBooks Scheduled Backup not Working error by implementing the following solutions:

Solution 1: Download and Install QuickBooks Updates

Having your QuickBooks Desktop up to date ensures that there are no bugs present in the application that can cause issues while automatically backing up the QuickBooks data. Follow the instructions below and quickly get the latest updates of your QuickBooks Desktop application installed. Further, you can learn properly how to set up an auto backup in QuickBooks.

Get updates QuickBooks desktop

Get updates QuickBooks Desktop

  1. Run QuickBooks and ensure you either have the administrative rights or you are logged in with the administrator account.
  2. Go to the Help tab and select the option that says Update QuickBooks Desktop to proceed further with the update process.
  3. Now move to the Update Now tab and select the Get Updates option and this will prompt QuickBooks to download all the available updates.
  4. Restart QuickBooks, and when prompted to install the updates, click the Install Updates option. It will answer your query, “does QuickBooks backup automatically.”
  5. Retry to set up automatic backup and see if it is working.

Here’s a step-by-step on how to set up automatic backup QuickBooks:

  1. Go to the File menu in the QuickBooks Desktop and hit the Back-Up option.
  2. Next, hit the Schedule a backup tab.
  3. Now, click the option that says Automatically backup when closing every data file.
  4. Ensure to enter the appropriate backup frequency.
  5. Make proper selections in the QuickBooks backup windows.
  6. Click OK and bask in the glory of QuickBooks online backup support.

You can find more detailed instructions on downloading and installing the latest version of QuickBooks Desktop in our article on How to Update QuickBooks Desktop to the Latest Released Version.

Solution 2: Run QuickBooks Verify and Rebuild Data Utility

Verify and Rebuild Data Utility

Verify and Rebuild Data Utility

Damage in the company file data can also be a reason why QuickBooks online backup to desktop. Follow the solution below and repair the damage in the QuickBooks data using QuickBooks Verify and Rebuild Data Utility to fix issues with automatic data backup.

  1. QuickBooks Verify and Rebuild Data Utility is an inbuilt QuickBooks tool that verifies the integrity of QuickBooks company file, and if any damage is found, then it automatically repairs the damage.
  2. Open QuickBooks Desktop, and from under the File tab, keep your mouse cursor over the utility section to resolve the automatic QuickBooks backup error.
  3. Select Verify Data option from the drop-down list.
  4. QuickBooks will now scan the company file for any errors and corruption.
  5. If QuickBooks displays “Your Data has Lost Integrity,” then close the message and click the File tab again.
  6. Move your mouse cursor to the Utilities sections and select Rebuild Data.
  7. Click OK at the Backup Company Data popup window and take a backup of your company file data on your Desktop for a successful QuickBooks desktop backup online.
  8. Click OK, and the QuickBooks Rebuild Data tool will repair the damage in the company file.
  9. Once you see the error message “Rebuild has Completed,” click OK and try to schedule the automatic backups once again.

After running the QB Verify and rebuild utility, look into the question of how to set up automatic backup in QuickBooks desktop and resolve it as follows:

  1. Move to the File menu and choose the Save copy or backup option.
  2. When this window opens, hit the Backup copy option, followed by the Next option.
  3. If you haven’t configured these settings already for the QuickBooks enterprise online backup, do so by clicking Options to set the backup defaults. Here you decide the location for your backup file. Hit next after setting this up.
  4. Next, Choose the change location option or use this location.
  5. Hit next.
  6. Then, click Save it now and schedule future backups or Only schedule future backups, and click Next to facilitate backing up QuickBooks online.
  7. Choose the Save backup copy automatically when I close my company file every [number] times box.
  8. Enter a number in the provided field and click Finish to end the question, “does QuickBooks automatically backup.”

Solution 3: Verify Scheduled Automatic Backup Settings in QuickBooks

In our article Scheduling a Local Backup in QuickBooks Desktop – Explained, we have mentioned a step-by-step method to schedule a local backup in QuickBooks Desktop. Follow the instructions from the article to properly configure QuickBooks enterprise automatic backup.

Solution 4: Run QuickBooks in Compatibility Mode for your Windows Version

Set automatic backup QuickBooks by ensuring compatibility between Windows and QB.

NOTE: To check the version of your Windows, press Windows + R on your keyboard, type the winver command in the Run box, and press Enter. The About Windows popup window will display the Windows version you are using to facilitate QuickBooks schedule backup.

  1. Right-click the QuickBooks icon on your Desktop and select Properties.
  2. Go to the Compatibility tab and checkmark the “Run this program in compatibility mode for” checkbox.
  3. Click the drop-down list and select the Windows version you are using.
  4. Click Apply and then hit OK for QuickBooks scheduled backup.
  5. Check if you can fix the problem with this solution.
  6. For more detailed instructions on running an application in Windows-compatible mode, follow the article Make Older Apps or Programs Compatible with Windows 10.
  7. In case the QuickBooks pro online backup  is still not working in QuickBooks then you might need to reinstall the QuickBooks Desktop application using the QuickBooks Clean Install Tool.

Solution 5: Repair the QuickBooks application

If your QuickBooks application is damaged, it might cause problems in online backup for QuickBooks desktop. Resolve it by repairing the app as follows:

Repair the QuickBooks application

Repair the QuickBooks application

  1. Go to the Control Panel on your system.
  2. Select the Programs and Features option.
  3. Hit the Uninstall/ Change a program option.
  4. From the list of currently installed programs, select QuickBooks Desktop to automatic backup QuickBooks desktop.
  5. Hit the Change option in place of uninstall.
  6. Further, choose the repair option and follow the on-screen wizard to undertake this procedure successfully.
  7. Once the repair procedure finishes, you will be error-free in no time. Check does QuickBooks online automatically backup after doing so.

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Solution 6: Modify the name of the QB Company file

Maybe, a company file name which is too long or has special characters is causing the problems that do not let you automate QuickBooks backup. In such situations, rename the company file as follows:

  1. Begin by getting the product information from QB by pressing the F2 key in QB. Note down the company file location from the product information window accessible through the F2 key or Ctrl + 1 keys.
  2. Now, navigate to this location to locate the company file.
  3. Right-click the company file once you locate it and choose the rename option to enable QuickBooks backup automatically.
  4. Change the name and save the changes by confirming the modifications.
  5. Once done, you’re good to go.

Solution 7: Use QuickBooks Tool Hub Utilities

QuickBooks Tool Hub Program Problems

QuickBooks Tool Hub

QuickBooks Tool Hub is a spectacular program with an extended variety of tools and resources that can fix program errors effortlessly with a few touches. Several sections and tools are available in the hub to cater to a specific issue. So, when you encounter QuickBooks cloud backup problems, utilizing a few exceptional tools from the hub will be beneficial. Let’s assess this situation and procedure in detail:

Step 1: Carry out the QuickBooks Tool Hub Download:

The primary action to utilize QB tool hub involves downloading it into your system through the following actions:

  1. You’ll need to fill in the address of the genuine Intuit website in your browser search.
  2. Once you reach the authentic Intuit website, you must steer the mouse to search for “QuickBooks Tool Hub,” among other Intuit products.
  3. When the QB Tool Hub search results yield and emerge on the screen, your job is to navigate the screen for the download link for this utility.
  4. After finding the download link, tap the Download button, and the installation file of the tool hub will commence loading.
  5. As the download procedure begins, you may be requested to pick a place for the installer package storage. You can let it be the default storage location (Downloads folder) or let the browse button take you to other accessible and convenient places on the computer.

Step 2: Carry Out the QuickBooks Tool Hub Installation

Once the tool hub download is over for QuickBooks desktop cloud backup configuration, run the installer package as follows:

  1. The installation commences with access to the folder where you downloaded the QuickBooks Tool Hub package.
  2. As you locate the pack that facilitates installation, double-hit the QuickBooksToolHub.exe file.
  3. Double-clicking it will begin a series of wizards and instructions that flood your screen.
  4. While you respond to them appropriately, do not forget to review the QB Tool Hub license agreement’s terms and conditions.
  5. The installation will finally conclude once you end the wizards through correct responses. Then, a QuickBooks Tool hub icon will find its place on your desktop, and the program will be added for commencement whenever needed.

Step 3: Employ Quick Fix My Program

After installation terminates and an icon finds a permanent spot on the desktop, QuickBooks users can rely on the different tools within the hub to resolve the QuickBooks won’t backup problem. Currently, we are discussing Quick Fix My Program, a well-known QB utility that fixes issues with the performance of the program, especially when the app lags, freezes, and fails to back up critical files:

  1. If you can see the QB Tool Hub program icon or its name in the programs list on the Start menu, open it.
  2. Since we’ve to use Quick Fix My Program, accessing the Program Problems section will bring you to your destination.
  3. Tap “Quick Fix my Program.”
  4. The tool will run and linger as you hit it until the necessary issues are repaired.
  5. When the results emerge on the screen, you can close all functioning programs, then hit the Restart computer option to implement the effects.

Step 4: Operate QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

After running the Quick Fix My Program tool and rebooting your device, you’ll first check how this utility works. You’ll need to review if your issues have been resolved, and you can continue the backup QuickBooks desktop. If the problem still attacks, you must direct your attention to QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool as follows:

QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

  1. Re-access the QuickBooks Tool Hub for the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool this time.
  2. Once you reach the tool hub menu, picking the “Installation Issues” tab will get you to your destination.
  3. Hit “QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool.”
  4. All the QuickBooks installation-related issues will be relieved with the running of this program; however, patience needs to be practiced.
  5. After ending the installation tool’s running, rebooting your system is a must to implement whatever fixes were applied by the instrument. Once done, you must recheck the backup position and see if QuickBooks online backup not working.

Solution 8: Maintain Compatibility by Setting Windows OS to Windows 10

QuickBooks users encounter the QuickBooks backup not responding error when their settings are not arranged to be compatible with Windows 10. This most effective fix runs through the following measures:

  1. This solution requires you to access the Task Scheduler in Windows 10.
  2. After searching and opening the Task Scheduler box, hit the Task Scheduler library.
  3. You’ll need to keep scrolling until you locate the QuickBooks backup task.
  4. Then, right-tap this backup task and navigate to the Properties button.
  5. The task properties window will now launch.
  6. Get your mouse to the General section.
  7. Point to the Configure option.
  8. When you click it, and a drop-down emerges, opt for Windows 10 or your OS version.

After accessing and configuring these settings, some users have reported QuickBooks backup failures. There may be an error with the QBBackup.log file. The error message may say, “QuickBooks encountered a problem attempting to backup C:\DATABASES\QB_XXXXXXX\XXXXXXX.qbw – Drive specified could not be accessed. Error ID 202: Last System Error: The system cannot find the path specified.”

This problem can be fixed by hitting the “Run only when a user is logged in” option.

Solution 9: Consider File Verification

The QuickBooks program file needs to meet specific standards and guidelines that ensure the file doesn’t contain issues. For instance, an extended file name, meaning one that exceeds 65 characters, needs to be avoided. You’ll need to rename the file to prevent this matter. It may also emerge when several spaces, underscores, and special characters surround the file name.

Similarly, if the file is too big, i.e., bigger than 3GB, the backup won’t be able to complete, whether scheduled or manual. Therefore, file limitations need to be kept in mind before backups are scheduled on the application.

Solution 10: Investigate the IBuEngHost.exe file

You’ll need to ensure the IBuEngHost.exe file runs as a system user:

  1. Right-tap the taskbar.
  2. Open Task Manager. Or, shove Ctrl, Alt, and Esc keys together for the same effect.
  3. Identify the IBuEngHost.exe process.
  4. Detect the user listed in the user name column.
  5. Hit Show Processes from all users to notice the IBuEngHost.exe file.
  6. Ensure QBIDP.exe service has been initiated.
  7. Reboot the system.
  8. Verify QBIDP.exe service has begun by launching the Service Console via the Windows Run (Windows + R) wizard >> Services.msc>> Enter.
  9. Review the drive file system and ensure it’s NFTS.

Check if you still encounter problems with QuickBooks desktop automatic backup.

Some users might find the above-mentioned troubleshooting method complicated as it involves reconfiguring Windows features. If you are also one of the users who is unable to resolve the “QuickBooks Scheduled Backup Not Working” error, then reach us at our Customer Service Number +1- 855 738 2784 for help and quick assistance.


Does QuickBooks save automatically?

Yes, the answer to does QuickBooks save automatically is positive, considering you have configured the settings to do so.

Does QuickBooks Online backup my data?

Yes, the answer to does QuickBooks online backup my data is positive. You can check in the QB online settings to enable backing up your essential files and schedule them at appropriate times.

What to do if QB backup doesn’t respond?

If your QuickBooks backup not responding, you need to undertake all the solutions mentioned above in the article. Further, you need to ensure not to exceed the company file size or name by compressing the files and changing the name. Ensure to have proper extensions and not set up excessively frequent backups. Further, if the QuickBooks backup schedule is still not working perfectly, you need to connect with the QuickBooks experts at the +1- 855 738 2784.

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