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Intuit® Data Protect Backup Failed | Step-by-Step Solution

Intuit Data Protect Backup Failed

Intuit® Data Protect is a subscription-based data backup service offered by intuit® to protect your critical business data from loss, theft, or virus damage. Among several different reasons, improper data protect setup and lack of system resources are the most common reasons that cause the failure of data backup. This article will help you resolve the Intuit® Data Protect Backup Failed error that appears when the file is inaccessible or is open in the application. Follow the complete article until the end for a detailed and step-by-step troubleshooting method to get rid of Intuit® Data Protect incomplete backup error.

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What Does Intuit Data Protect Backup Failure Indicates?

Intuit Data Protect, as we all know, is a service that automatically backs up the company data saved in QuickBooks to Intuit’s online servers. While trying to manually backup data with Intuit Data Protect or at the time of automatic backup, you get an error message that reads ‘Intuit Data Protect Backup Failed: Firewall or connection issue.‘ You might also come to know about this error by an email from Intuit that reads ‘Intuit Data protect Backup Failed: Error # 2229.‘ Both these error messages indicate that Intuit Data Protect can’t take a backup of the data due to some reasons that we will discuss in the next section of this article.

Reasons for “Intuit® Data Protect Backup Incomplete” Error

Data backup can fail because of various reasons, typically when the application cannot access the file that needs to be backed up. Following is the list of all the reasons that cause errors while backing up data with Intuit® data protect:

  1. The company file that you are trying to back up is already opened on some other workstation in the network.
  2. IBuEngHost.exe process is running under the local user on Windows instead of the Admin user.
  3. Your Operating system is using some other file system other than NTFS.

Solution when Intuit® Data Protect is not Backing up Data

Solution 1:  Close QuickBooks Company File on other Workstations

  1. Check out each workstation in the network and close the company file on it.
  2. Open Intuit® Data Protect on your system and right-click the IDP icon from the system tray.
  3. Select Open Intuit® Data Protect and then click Back up Now.
  4. In case you are still getting the Intuit® Data Protect Backup Failed error message, then follow the next troubleshooting step.

IMPORTANT: Before following the next troubleshooting step, we need to make sure that the IBuEngHost.exe process is running on Windows. Press Windows + R and type Services.msc in the Run window, press Enter, and locate the IBuEngHost.exe process in the list of services. If the service is stopped, then right-click the service and select Start.

Solution 2: Verify the User for the IBuEngHost.exe Process

  1. Press the Ctrl + Alt + Del keys together on your keyboard together to open the Task Manager.
  2. Click the Processes tab and locate the IBuEngHost.exe process.
  3. Verify the username under the User Name section of the process.
  4. If the User Name section displays some other user other than System User, then you will require reinstalling QuickBooks using the system administrator account.

Solution 3: Verify the File System of your Local System Drive

  1. Open Windows File Manager and right-click the C Drive.
  2. Select Properties to open the local Disc (C:) properties window.
  3. Next to the File System of the drive, make sure NTFS is listed.
  4. If the file system displays FAT32 or some other file system other than NTFS, then you will be required to change the file system to run IDP on it.
  5. For detailed instructions on changing the file system of your hard drive, follow the article How to Convert a Hard Drive from FAT32 to NTFS.

IMPORTANT: To apply the troubleshooting method mentioned above, you will require a deep understanding of the Windows operating system, and each step must be carried out very cautiously, or else you might damage your hard drive. If you are not confident changing the file system of your hard drive, then contact a Microsoft Professional or call Support for help.

If the problem is still not resolved and you are still unable to take a backup of your data with Intuit® Data Protect, then you can try additional troubleshooting steps mentioned in our article on How to Fix Common Intuit® Data Protect Errors. In case you are looking for help from an expert to walk you through the complete troubleshooting method, then you can reach us at our Number +1- 855 738 2784 for immediate help and assistance.

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