Complete Guide to Print W2 Forms in QuickBooks Online Payroll

How to Prepare W2 for Employees using QuickBooks Online Payroll
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QuickBooks Online Payroll service allows small businesses to run payroll from anywhere around the world and helps you calculate taxes and pay your employees online. If you are a subscriber of QuickBooks Online payroll, then you can easily print and file all the necessary tax forms to the state and federal tax authorities online. Every year you are required to submit form W2 if you have employees earning more than $600 in that fiscal year and in this article, we will show you how you can print W2 forms in QuickBooks Online Payroll. Want to learn more about printing W2 forms using QuickBooks Online Payroll? Then follow the complete article until the end.

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What Do We Need Before Printing W2 Forms in QuickBooks Online Payroll

Perforated or Blank Paper

As per the IRS guidelines, you can print copies of your employee’s W2 forms on a plain paper or on a perforated paper that can be easily separated by your employees and gives a professional and clean look to the forms. You can also get the preprinted forms directly from Intuit or any authorized third-party vendor, to order W2 and other tax forms directly from Intuit follow the link to Intuit Marketplace. Make sure to fill these forms with a pen or a typewriter, as the IRS does not accept any forms filled by software.

Print W2 on Perforated Paper
How to Print W2 in QBO

Standard Office/Home Laser and Inkjet Blank Ink

IRS does not require you to print W2 forms using any particular type of ink or a special kind of printer. You can print W2 forms in QuickBooks Online using regular ink that is used in ordinary inkjet or laser printers but make sure that the ink is non-reflective black ink. For more details, you can download the PDF published by the IRS on Paper and Ink Requirements by the IRS.

Steps to Print W2 Forms in QuickBooks Online Payroll

Step 1: Select the Paper for Printing W-2s under Payroll Preferences

  1. Click the Gear icon at the top right corner and select Payroll Settings.
  2. Click the Form Printing link under the Preferences option.
  3. Choose the appropriated option (Plain or Perforated Paper), and click Okay.

Step 2: Print W2 Using QuickBooks Online Payroll

  1. Click Taxes from the left side panel, and select Payroll Tax.
  2. Click Annual Forms link under the Forms field.
  3. Click the drop-down list and choose the name of an employee or select All Employees, if you want to print W-2 for all of your employees.
  4. Click W-2, Copies B, C & 2 link, and you will be navigated to Printable Employee Copies: Form W-2 page from where you can view and print the w2 form.
  5. Select a suitable period by clicking the drop-down list.
  6. Click View to open the form in Adobe Reader.
  7. Press Ctrl + P or click the Print icon from the toolbar and select Print to get the forms printed.

Hope this article helped you understand the requirements and method of printing W2 forms in QuickBooks Online Payroll, in case, if you have made any mistakes while printing W2 in QuickBooks and looking for a way to get a reprint of the forms then you can follow our article on How to Reprint W2 in QuickBooks for detailed instructions. If you need the help of a certified QuickBooks Payroll expert, then you can always reach us at our direct helpline number (844)-888-4666 for quick help and support.

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