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How to Fix QuickBooks Point of Sale XML Errors

QuickBooks Point of Sale XML Errors

While using QuickBooks Point of Sale, you may occasionally get XML errors, a known error to Intuit® and can easily be rectified with basic troubleshooting. You might get one of the error messages once encountered the error “Error: Process could not access file C:\ Program Data\ Intuit\ Entitlement Client\v(x)\SessionData.xml because it is being used by another process” or “There is an error in XML document (0, 0)”. XML (Extensible Markup Language) files are used by the QuickBooks Desktop application to store data. When QB POS finds any issue with the file or the folder containing the file is corrupt, then QuickBooks POS encounters the XML errors. Further, in this article, you will find detailed troubleshooting instructions to resolve the error along with the causes of the error, so follow the entire article for complete information.

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What Cause XML Errors in QuickBooks Point of Sale

Following are some of the reasons that might cause QuickBooks Point of Sae XML Errors

  1. The file required to save the HTTP session data, SessionData.xml, is damaged or corrupt.
  2. Damaged Desktop Entitlement Client folder of QuickBooks Point of Sale.
  3. Corrupt or incomplete installation of QuickBooks Point of Sale also sometimes triggers XML errors.

Follow the Given Steps Before Troubleshooting XML Errors in QuickBooks POS

Unhide Hidden Files and Folders

By default, crucial program files are hidden on your Windows operating system. However, as we need to change one of these crucial QuickBooks POS hidden files to troubleshoot the error, we must alter Windows settings to view the file.

  1. Press Windows + R keys together to open Windows File Manager on your desktop screen.
  2. Click Organize and then select Folder and Search Options.
  3. Click Show hidden files and folders under the View tab.
  4. Now unmark Hide protected system operating files checkbox.
  5. Click Yes for the confirmation and then select Apply and OK.

Update QuickBooks Point of Sale

Updating can work like a miracle while resolving any error. You automatically get rid of bugs and glitches that are the prime cause of several QuickBooks errors, including XML errors in POS.

  1. Open QuickBooks Point of Sale, and from under the Help tab, select About QuickBooks Point of Sale.
  2. Now check if the installed version is QuickBooks Point of Sale 18.0. If not, then follow the steps below and update the application.
  3. Click the Help menu again, choose Software Updates, and click Check for Updates.
  4. Now click the Update Now option and hit OK.
  5. Once the app is updated and you see the Update Complete window, exit the QuickBooks application and restart Windows.

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Repair QB Point of Sale Application

Often, damage in the program results in several errors that you face using QuickBooks. Fortunately, program damage can easily be repaired using the easy and quick steps below.

  1. Press Windows + R, and once the Run window appears, type appwiz.cpl in the text box.
  2. Press Enter or click OK.
  3. Locate and click QuickBooks Point of Sale from the list and select Uninstall/Change.
  4. Click Next and then select Repair.
  5. Wait until the application is repaired, and then restart your computer.

Troubleshooting Steps to Resolve QuickBooks POS XML Errors

Change the Name of Entitlement Client Folder

Changing the name of the Entitlement Client Folder prompts QuickBooks to create a new one. So if the error was a result of damage in the folder, it would get resolved as QuickBooks will create a new one when you rename it.

  1. Open Windows file manager and navigate to C:\ProgramData\Intuit\ Entitlement Client\ v(xx).
  2. Now change the name of the Version 12.0 folder to V8, Version 2013 to V8, and Version 10.0 to V6.
  3. Try to unhide the hidden system files as instructed above if no folders are displayed.

Change the Name of Session Data File

Changing the name of the Session Data file does the same as it does to the folder. It will prompt QuickBooks to create a new one helping resolve the error.

  1. Press Windows + R and type services.msc in the Run window’s text box.
  2. Hit OK and locate Intuit Entitlement Service.
  3. Right-click the service and select Stop.
  4. Now navigate toC:\ProgramData\Intuit\Entitlement Client\v folder and search SessionData.xml file.
  5. Right-click the file and select Rename, and add OLD in the file name as SessionDataOLD.xml.
  6. Open QuickBooks POS again and check if you are still getting the same QuickBooks XML Error.

Delete Files from the Entitlement Folder

If the error results from damaged files in the Entitlement Client folder, deleting them will prompt QuickBooks to create new files that are free of any issues.

  1. Open Windows File Manager and navigate to C:\ ProgramData\ Intuit\Entitlement Client\v folder.
  2. Press Ctrl + A to select all the files in the folder and press Delete.
  3. Click Yes for confirmation and open QuickBooks again.

You can also call our Point of Sale Support toll-free number +1- 855 738 2784 if you are not feeling comfortable following the troubleshooting steps mentioned above. Our POS support team is available 24/7 to help QuickBooks users with such QuickBooks XML Error and provides an instant solution in the shortest time possible. So don’t wait and call our support number for immediate help and support.

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