How to Fix QuickBooks Unable to Backup Company File Error

Unable to Backup QuickBooks Company File
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Data is considered to be the most crucial aspect of a business and QuickBooks stores all this critical data on the local storage of your computer. Failure of the hardware device or attack of a malicious infection can damage data. Thus it is essential to regularly take a backup of your data to avoid such troubles. QuickBooks provides a convenient way to back up the company file with few clicks, and you can also set up automatic backup to create the backup of your company file data at regular intervals, but problems arise when backing up data trigger errors in QuickBooks. If you find that your QuickBooks is unable to backup company file, then follow the steps mentioned in this article to quickly troubleshoot the error.

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Reasons that Cause Unable to Backup Company File Error

  1. The primary cause of the error is the unavailability of the storage device that stores the backup file. For example, The external storage device where QuickBooks creates the backup is no longer connected to the computer.
  2. Damage in the company file data is also a reason that causes failure to back up the data in QuickBooks.
  3. Setting up a wrong backup path can cause QuickBooks to freeze or display backup failed error to the user.

The Solution to Resolve QuickBooks Company File Backup Error

Solution 1: Verify and Rebuild QuickBooks Company File

Run QuickBooks Verify and Rebuild Data Tool to resolve damage in the QuickBooks Company File Data.

Solution 2: Verify the Backup Directory in QuickBooks

  1. Open QuickBooks Desktop and navigate to the Preferences section.
  2. Check the backup directory you have selected in QuickBooks.
  3. Make sure QuickBooks has a valid path to create the backup file.

Solution 3:  Rename QuickBooks Network Data (.ND) File

  1. Exit QuickBooks Desktop software and open Windows File Manager.
  2. Navigate to C:\ Users\ Public\ Public Documents\ Intuit\ QuickBooks\ and locate the network data file.
  3. The file will have the same name as your company file but with .ND extension.
  4. Right click the file and select Rename.
  5. Add .OLDFILE at the end of the file name and save the file.
  6. Try to create a backup of the company file once again.

In case if you are still facing problem backing up QuickBooks Company file, then this indicates unrecoverable damage in the company file and you will require to restore the most recent backup of the company file before taking the backup. If you need help restoring your data or repairing the damaged company file, then you can get in touch with us at our QuickBooks Desktop Technical Helpline Number (844)-888-4666.

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