Most Recent Payroll Tax Table Updates Available for Download

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The latest Payroll updates of Quickbooks desktop offers up to date precise rates and calculations suited as per federal and provincial tax tables, e-file options and payroll tax forms to payroll customers with active subscriptions. For more information regarding Payroll Tax Table Update, Reach Quickbooks Desktop Helpline Number (844)-888-4666 anytime.

Quickbooks Payroll Support Phone Number

How to Check if you are having the Latest Version of Payroll Tax Table and its Features.

As released on Jul 28, 2018 version 108 is the latest version of payroll tax table and is effectual till Dec 31, 2018, from Jul 1, 2018.

Following are the steps to check the version you are using:

  • Under the “Employees” menu in Quickbooks, select “My Payroll Service” and then “Tax Table Information”.
  • Then select “You are using tax table version” tab under “Tax Table Information”, the first three numbers indicate the Tax Table Version, Latest version displays 108 as its first 3 numbers.
  • Till now this update is available in QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Solutions 18.0 and QuickBooks Desktop 2018 so you must need one of them to get the latest updates of tax table. In case you don’t have QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Solutions 18.0 or QuickBooks Desktop 2018 and you are looking to get latest updates you can download them from the links given below:-
    QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Solutions 18.0- Download
    QuickBooks Desktop 2018- Download
    Sometimes a user can face some errors while updating QuickBooks to the versions mentioned-above then the user can get the necessary help by contacting on Quickbooks desktop support phone number.

How to update payroll tax table to the latest version?

A subscribed user of Quickbooks payroll can easily download the latest updates from the internet.

There are 2 approaches to update Quickbooks payroll.

    • If automatic updates are turned on, then Quickbooks will automatically download every update as soon as it is available and it is considered the most convenient way to get the latest updates.
    • You can also get the latest updates manually by selecting the following options in Quickbooks anytime:
      1. Under the Help menu, select “Update Quickbooks”.
      2. Hit “Update Now” tab.
      3. Then hit “Get Updates” to get the latest updates.
      4. Exit application once the download is completed.

Whereas automatic update is the easiest way to update Quickbooks, in manual update user can face Update Error 12007 if advanced connection settings are not correctly configured. In this situation, the easiest way to get advanced connection settings configured is to get help from Quickbooks payroll support contact number.

Diagnosis of some common payroll update issues:

Consider rechecking these points if your TD1 amounts are not updated after updating the tax table to the latest version:

  • Tax table will only be effective after Jul 1, 2018, so if you have updated your tax table before this, it will not show you the updated amounts.
  • You need to start a payroll or restart the Quickbook desktop application after you have updated the tax table on or after Jul 1, 2018.
  • The latest update will not modify any manually updated TD1 amount in the past so you will need to manually update any of the previously updated TD1 amounts of an employee.
  • Access Quickbooks payroll solutions support for latest info and troubleshooting help if you face any issues after performing the above crosschecks.

If the problem persists then at any point in time, the user can get Quickbooks Payroll help by dialing Quickbooks Payroll Support Phone Number (844)-888-4666.

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