How to Rectify QuickBooks Error 15102

QuickBooks Desktop Error 15102
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QuickBooks is a robust application designed to serve various business needs, including payroll processing. Errors are quite common while using the app, and most of the errors arise while updating the app and its features. QuickBooks however, notify users to follow the recommended procedure to avoid such error, and when the recommendations are avoided, QuickBooks become vulnerable to errors. One such error that we are going to discuss in this article is QuickBooks Error 15102, which is a payroll update error and appears when a user tries to download or install the latest payroll updates for detailed instructions follow the entire article until the end.

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QuickBooks Payroll Update Error 15102 – Description

QuickBooks Payroll update requires various system resources to complete like proper functioning internet connection, Windows administrative rights, and access to the update file download location. If any of the required components, stop functioning QuickBooks throw errors. Once you encounter payroll update error 15102 QuickBooks will display “Error 15102: Failed to reset update”. Down below, we have listed all the reasons that cause QuickBooks to display error code 15102.

Reasons that Cause QuickBooks Error 15102

  1. You are using an incorrect download location path, or the download location is not available to download the updates.
  2. You are running QuickBooks in Multi-User mode.
  3. QuickBooks Payroll Error 15102 also appears when you are not logged in with an admin account on Windows Vista operating system.

IMPORTANT: Before troubleshooting the error, make sure you have an active QuickBooks Payroll subscription and the Desktop app is updated to the latest released version.

The Solution to Resolve QuickBooks Error 15102

Solution 1: Enable Single User Mode in QuickBooks
  1. If you are using QuickBooks in Multi-User mode, then first log out all the users in the network.
  2. Open QuickBooks on the Workstation that is experiencing the problems during the update.
  3. Click Switch to Single User under the File menu.
  4. Try to Update QuickBooks Payroll once again.
Solution 2: Verify Shared Download Location
  1. Open QuickBooks and from under the Help tab click Product Information.
  2. Note down the location where the file is being downloaded.
  3. Now from under the Help tab click Update QuickBooks.
  4. Now verify the download location under the Options tab.
  5. In case if the location is not correct, then change the location and select Yes for Shared Download and click Save.
Solution 3: Login as an Administrator on Windows
  1. Click the Start button and select Switch User option.
  2. Choose an account that has administrative rights.
  3. Log in using the admin account.
  4. Right-click the QuickBooks icon and select Run as Administrator.
  5. Run payroll updates once again and check if you are still getting the payroll update error 15102.

Some users have reported getting the same error code 15102 ever after applying the suggested troubleshooting method, and if this is also the case with you then you, might need to contact QuickBooks Support for help. We might require to use advanced tools to rectify the error and you can call QuickBooks Direct Helpline Number (844)-888-4666 for immediate help and assistance.

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