How to Convert and Use QuickBooks Online File in QuickBooks Desktop

How to Convert QB Online to Desktop
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Do you have a QuickBooks Online File that you want to convert and use in the Desktop application of QuickBooks? One common question that has been asked many times over the internet is converting a QuickBooks Online file to Desktop, and fortunately, we have found a solution for this. There are different methods of file conversion for different versions of QuickBooks, and this article is intended to show you the file conversion method for QuickBooks Desktop Pro and Premier.

For effortlessly converting, QuickBooks Online file to Desktop follow the complete article for a step-by-step tutorial or call QuickBooks Technical Support Number (844)-888-4666.

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Benefits of Using QuickBooks Desktop over QuickBooks Online

It entirely depends upon the needs of a business that what version of QuickBooks works best for them and why one should go with the Desktop version instead of the Online version. Here we have listed some of the pros that you that you will adore much about QuickBooks Desktop:

  1. QuickBooks Desktop allows you to use customized apps for different jobs.
  2. Large-scale businesses can efficiently manage inventories and job costing.
  3. It is safer as the company data is kept on your computer instead of the cloud.
  4. You can avoid paying QuickBooks Online monthly charges.

Points to Consider before File Conversion:

  1. You can only convert QuickBooks Online file to the Desktop if you are using the US version of QuickBooks Online.
  2. You are required to have the Admin level access to export file from the online app.
  3. Internet Explorer 10 or updated version is required for conversion.
  4. You must be using a supported version of QB Desktop application on your Windows computer and make sure your it is not a 64 bit Windows, as it is currently not supported for using the file export feature.
  5. You will need to install ActiveX installed on your computer.

Steps to Export Data File from QuickBooks Online to QuickBooks Desktop:

Setting up Internet Explorer to Export the file:
  1. On your Windows computer, open Internet Explorer.
  2. From the top right corner click Tools and select Internet Options.
  3. Under the Security tab select Trusted Sites and click the Sites button.
  4. Make sure to uncheck Require server verification for all sites in this zone check box.
  5. Now in the Add field box type * and click Add.
  6. Hit the Close button and uncheck the Enable Protect Mode.
  7. Now hit Apply, then select Okay, and exit Internet Explorer.
  8. Right click QuickBooks Desktop icon and select Run as Administrator.
  9. Repeat step 8 for Internet Explorer and run it as an administrator.
Steps to Prepare Data to Export from QuickBooks Online:
  1. From the QuickBooks Online dashboard click the Gear icon at the top and under the Tools list, select Export Data.
  2. Click Get Started in the Export Overview
  3. Click the Install button in Step 1: Prepare to export window and then click Install ActiveX Control Now button for the installation to start.
  4. After the installation completes click Continue.
  5. Now select the data type you want to export and click Continue.
  6. Under Step 3: Request your data window click Continue
  7. Now provide the app with your contact info, and within next 1 to 2 hours, you will receive an email from Intuit along with the steps to export file.
Steps to Export Data from QuickBooks Online:
  1. Open QuickBooks Online application and click the Gear icon.
  2. Now under the Tools list click Export Data.
  3. Now click Get Started and then hit Continue.
  4. Now choose the data that you want to export and click Continue.
  5. Click Continue to Download button in the next window.
  6. Hit Download and select a location on your computer to save the file.
  7. Once the file is download click Convert Now.
  8. Now under the Create new QuickBooks File pop up, give this file a name and save it on the desktop.
  9. Hit Finished after the export process completes.

Once you have successfully converted and exported QuickBooks Online file on your desktop, now open your QuickBooks Desktop application and under the File tab, select Open or Restore Company and click Open a Company File, now select the company file from the desktop and click Next to import it into the Desktop application. For many users converting QuickBooks data file might be a complicated task and such users can call QuickBooks Helpline Number (844)-888-4666 for quick assistance.

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