How to convert a QuickBooks file to CSV format

QuickBooks export to CSV
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CSV (Comma Separated Values) is a file format that can be processed by almost all applications like Notepad, Excel, or any other text editor. This standard format of data in tabular format is widely used to transfer large data files between different programs. QuickBooks stores financial data in the form of .QBW file format that can only be opened in Intuit’s QuickBooks software, which creates the need of converting QuickBooks Desktop file to CSV format that can be easily edited by any text editor. The purpose of this article is to show users an effortless technique of exporting QuickBooks Desktop file to CSV format.

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What type of Data can be Exported from QuickBooks to CSV Format

If your question is How to open a QuickBooks file in CSV format? Or How to Export all QuickBooks data to CSV format? Then you must first need to know what type of QuickBooks data can be converted or exported in CSV format using QuickBooks. QuickBooks Desktop allows you to export all type of List data to CSV format, but it cannot convert Web Connect File (.qbo), General Journal Entries (.qbj), or Template (.des) files to CSV format, however, you can use third-party applications for converting some of these formats.

How to Export Data from QuickBooks Desktop to CSV Format

To open QuickBooks in CSV format follow the instructions given below that we have listed for 3 different types of data in QuickBooks:

Steps for Exporting Customers and Vendors List

  1. From QuickBooks Desktop application, open Customer/Vendor Center.
  2. Click the Excel drop down menu and select Export Customer / Vendor List for exporting data like balance, contact info, and names.
  3. Select Export Transactions for exporting transactions by name or transactions type.
  4. Click Create a comma separated values (.CSV) file under Export window.
  5. Click Export and select a location to save the file.
  6. Give this file a name and click Save.

Steps for Exporting Items List Data

  1. Click Item List under the Lists tab.
  2. Click Export all Items from the Excel drop down list.
  3. Click Create a comma separated values (.CSV) file in the Export window.
  4. Click Export and select a location to save the file.

Steps for Exporting Reports

  1. Access Reports from the QuickBooks Desktop dashboard.
  2. Click the Excel drop down list from the top.
  3. Click Create a New Worksheet.
  4. Click Create a Comma Separated Value (.CSV) file from the Send Report to Excel window.
  5. Click Export and choose a location to save the file on Windows.

Using this method, you can easily open QuickBooks file in CSV format and edit it using any text editor. After editing, you can also import the CSV file back into QuickBooks Desktop using QuickBooks Import Excel and CSV toolkit. Sometimes a user might face issues while exporting QuickBooks transactions to CSV format like registry errors, comma at end of line error, and file not exporting error, users can contact QuickBooks Error Support Team at (844)-888-4666 for help related such errors.

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